Title: You and Me and Baby Makes Three

Authors: Dark Nuriko and Mayhem

Disclaimers: Neither one of us own anybody or anything from Gravitation. We only wish too.

Warnings: Shonen-ai, yaoi. Right from the flipping start. Cause we're just that awesome.

Summary: The sequel you've been waiting for! Ryu and Tats talk adoption, but can they really handle a baby? Well, at least they have Mika and Tohma's angel to practice with.

Notes: We know you've been waiting ages for this...and we apologize. Mayhem's been busy, or hasn't wanted to write in the last... few months (is shot), so she's mostly to blame (she's also the one writing this, are we feeling bad or what?). Nuriko keeps getting shut down it seems, but HOPEFULLY Mayhem will devote more time and attention to her now, as she deserves. Cause it also means you get attention too! And then she does, with reviews! YAY! One happy circle! Okay, I'm done. Please enjoy! We're soooo happy you love Ryu's New Assistant, please love this too!

-x- Mayhem

Chapter One

A year after all that, all the anxiety of being with the one he loved, being separated from that love, and from having that love torn apart in the tabloids and magazines all across Japan; Ryuichi Sakuma found himself in an entirely different situation.

Standing in the kitchen of his home that he shared with his lover, he held the baby of his lover's sister, while reading over several printouts on adoption. A little over a year ago, Tatsuha Usegei had asked him if they could adopt, the day the little one in his arms had been born.

He'd hesitated. He knew he wasn't ready for it, but further questioning proved that Tatsuha was. Had been for a long while. Ryuichi sighed, adjusting his reading glasses as well as the sleeping baby. Now, he was thinking a lot more about it, and could definitely see the merits. He smiled and kissed the little one's head. Besides, he wasn't getting any younger, now would be the best time. True, Tatsuha was much younger, having turned 21 a couple months before, but Ryuichi was... well, he was definitely over 30 for sure. Ugh. Didn't that just make him feel wonderful?

The baby, Gabriel, shifted in his little nook, and made soft baby noises before settling back into sleep. Sighing again, Ryuichi dropped the papers onto the counter, unable to concentrate on them at the moment.

Tatsuha smiled as he came in the door. "I'm home! And I brought diapers and more wipes as well," he called, glad that they were on babysitting duty for the weekend while Mika and Tohma were off in the US. "How's my little one?" he asked softly, whispering into Gabriel's little ear once he got close.

"Great. I think he needs a change soon. And don't, you'll wake him up." Ryuichi said, talking lowly so he wasn't contradicting himself.

He frowned. "If he needs to be changed, then I need to change him."

"Oh. Right." He sighed. This wasn't easy. Especially since Tatsuha knew what he was doing and he didn't have a clue. He handed the baby over to his lover.

Tatsuha took Gabriel, or little Gabe as he liked to call him, and moved him over to the changing table. Laying him down gently, he managed to change the diaper without causing any trouble or waking the little one up. Once he was done, he picked him up, holding him gently. "Well, Gabe... your parents will be home tomorrow. I'm gonna miss you little one. Although, you're getting so big."

Ryuichi watched quietly, and found himself thinking even more how perfect a parent Tatsuha would be. It made his lacking skills even more apparent. He could deal with just about anything, but children seem to be one of those enigmas trapped in a...a... well, he couldn't remember the second part, but the understanding got across. He would be a terrible parent. Maybe Tatsuha would have to leave him if he wanted children. He sighed, and put his head in his hands. Negative thinking was not the way to go about this.

Tatsuha put the little boy down to sleep before coming back into the living room. Seeing his lover seem so sad, he came over and knelt before him, kissing the top of his head. "What's the matter, Ryu? You look so sad."

"You're the perfect parent, you know that? Everything you do with him is exactly right, and anything I do... is wrong. I have no idea what I'm doing with him, beyond the most basic of things. You want us to adopt, and I want to do it too, but..." He gestured vaguely to the papers laid out before him. "Everything I do is incorrect, they'd never let me care for a child." He looked up, into Tatsuha's dark eyes. "I just wanted to make you happy."

He smiled softly, leaning close to kiss him softly. "Stop it, Ryu. You just aren't used to it. When you begin to learn, you'll become better at it. I know you. You love children as much as I do."

Ryuichi returned the gentle kiss before pulling away again. "I'm sure you love them more. Although, you do get attached to them after a while."

He smiled, kissing him gently. "Yes... I know... but I honestly believe you would love any child we could adopt as if they were your own. And that's what matters."

"Of course I would. It would be impossible not to, because it would be my own."

Tatsuha grinned at those words. "That is all a child needs. Because no parent is ever born knowing everything. They learn by trial and error."

"I suppose you're right. And there have been worse parents than me in the world."

"Of course."

Ryuichi smiled. "All right. I get it, I'm not a terrible at taking care of Gabriel, and I'd do fine taking care of our own." He looked down at the scattered papers again. "I think it would be a good time to look for an agency to help us."

Tatsuha was so stunned by those words that he almost fell over. "Re... really?"

He nodded, "Really. It's about time don't you think?"

Tatsuha felt his eyes fill with tears. "I... I... well yes, if you believe so."

"I believe so." He smiled gently, brushing away the tears that were starting in his lover's eyes.

He smiled. "I love you, very much, Ryuichi," he whispered.

The singer smiled. "I love you too, Tatsuha." He kissed him gently, putting the warmth of his love into it.

He sighed, cuddling close to him, enjoying the feeling of being so close to the one he loved.

Ryuichi pulled him down onto his lap, nuzzling against the sensitive skin of his neck. He kissed him there, gently teasing, since nothing could happen while they had Gabriel to take care of. He gasped, a sudden thought flooding his mind. "If we adopt a child, does that mean no more sex? Ever?"

Tatsuha laughed. "Of course it doesn't. There will be times we can't be together. But there will also be times we can. Remember, babies to sleep. Besides, who is to say we can get a baby?"

"True, on both things. Though I'm kind of hoping that maybe we get a baby, that way we can develop him or her into a loving child that doesn't mind having two fathers."

"That's true... but we can also care for an older child and show them that they are loved as well."

"I know we can. And it wouldn't matter whether we got a baby or an older child. We would love them just the same. But, I'm happy to know that our sex life won't completely die out."

He smiled. "I refuse to allow our love life to fade just because of a child."

"Good. Does that include right now, and Gabriel as well?"

Tatsuha grinned. "Of course. He's sleeping now, isn't he?"

"I hope so. Maybe we should check first?" He grinned back; glad his idea was a good one.

Tatsuha grinned. "You just want to see him again, don't you?"

"Maybe just a little." Ryuichi grinned back, pecking him lightly on the lips before dragging him up and to the guest room that they only ever used for Gabriel.

Tatsuha laughed softly and let his lover lead him to the room. Once there, he looked over to make certain all was well with Gabriel. The little one was sleeping, perfectly innocent.

"See," Ryuichi whispered. "Sleeping like a little angel. Just like we predicted." He wrapped his arms around his lover's waist.

Tatsuha moaned softly, pressing closer to Ryuichi's body, so that they were flush against one another. "Hm... I like that. Now it means I can be a little devil with you," he whispered into his ear.

Ryuichi smiled, leaning in and nipping his lover's ear before running his tongue over it. "You can be a little devil with me anytime... but definitely right now."

He groaned. "Then take me to our room, Ryu... before you-know-who decides to wake up."

"Best suggestion you've had all day." Ryuichi grinned, checking a final time on the baby before taking Tatsuha away to their room.

Tatsuha willingly followed until they were in their room. Once there, he swiftly pinned his lover to the wall and kissed him deeply, passionately.

Breath stolen from him, he gasped in another as he kissed back hungrily. He really enjoyed when Tatsuha was dominate. Too bad it had taken him so long to find that out.

Tatsuha groaned and moaned, even as he ground his hips against Ryuichi's, wanting him to know exactly what he wanted.

Ryuichi moved against him, knowing what he wanted and willing to give it. His lips left Tatsuha's, trailing over his jaw to his neck, sucking gently at the sensitive skin. His hands ran down over his lover's arms, bringing them down to his waist, brushing his fingers tantalizingly over the front of his crotch while he worked on undoing the belt.

"Mm... Ryu... I can't wait. It feels like it's been forever since we've been together... and even longer since I claimed you... I just want to take you right here, against the door," Tatsuha purred, even as he moaned and pressed flush to his lover, letting him know just how much he needs him.

"Not... stopping... you." Ryuichi moaned, finally getting Tatsuha's pants undone, and reaching inside. Grasping the hot flesh, he ran his fingers lightly, teasingly over it. He suddenly slipped from the circle of Tatsuha's arms, kneeling before him. Long fingers slid around the base of his cock, stroking it gently as his tongue worked just the tip, licking up the precum with small flicks of his tongue.

Tatsuha groaned, tossing his head back, even as he felt pleasure at the teasing touches from Ryuichi's tongue and the feeling of his warm hands on his length. He merely allowed his lover to mess with his length, letting him do what he wanted.

The singer continued to work his lover, taking as much pleasure in it as he was. Small swirling movements, soft, delicate touches, all guaranteed to drive his lover crazy.

Tatsuha groaned and was soon using light pressure at the back of Ryu's head to urge him to move up and down his length, wanting to feel his moist heat all around him.

Ryuichi went with the urgings for a moment, giving in to what Tatsuha wanted. Finishing before his lover could, he moved back up on his feet, kissing his mouth again, sharing the taste of his lover's cum with him. Bucking against Tatsuha, he belatedly realized he was still wearing his pants. Ending the kiss, he breathed deeply, running his hands over the planes of Tatsuha's chest. "You're getting behind..." He murmured. "I'm still dressed. A little hard to take me against the door like that."

Tatsuha smirked at those words and without further ado, he undid Ryuichi's pants and pulled then down, leaving him bared to his hot gaze. One hand caressed over his thighs before trailing his nails over his lover's length.

Ryuichi gasped, his lover's nails pricking at his sensitive skin. He grasped at his shoulder's, holding him close as he soaked in the passionate heat of his lover. "Nnnhh!... More! Touch me!" He begged, thrusting into his hand.

Tatsuha smiled and continued to tease his cock, before letting his fingers trail backward so that he could tease the hidden pucker that was between his firm cheeks.

Begging having worked, he moaned in pleasure, his head going back and hitting the wall. His legs spread further, giving Tatsuha more room to work with, and gods he hoped he would work him.

Tatsuha made certain his fingers would slide and he began to tease over the passage, working it over with care and soon pressing into it with a single digit.

His body shook and trembled, wanting this more than anything, and wishing Tatsuha would move this along. "Stop the teasing. I want you...now."

"Oh, but I have to prepare you, my love," he purred in a throaty voice, even as he licked at Ryuichi's throat and began working two fingers into the stretching entrance.

"Then do it faster," Ryuichi said, leaning his head to the side for easier access. He felt more fingers enter him and groaned in pleasure. Much better.

Tatsuha did what he needed to, teasing his lover with slow, sweet movements, acting as if this was to be their first time. Once he was certain Ryuichi could handle him, Tatsuha moved to lube up his cock. Having done that, he picked the older man up and shifted so the tip brushed against his passage, urging him to wrap his legs around his waist as he pushed his back against the door.

Ryuichi wrapped himself around his lover, holding tight with his legs as he felt him barely enter his body. He was enjoying the sweet tender treatment of himself, even though he did want it to go faster, it lasted longer this way. And he would always want Tatsuha, so the longer this lasted, the better it was. Focusing on the now, he settled himself, pressing his back into the wall and sliding down further onto Tatsuha when he knew he was ready.

Tatsuha groaned, arching up into his lover, nipping at his throat and beginning to move really slowly.

Ryuichi move upon him, his movements faster than Tatsuha's. He had to slow them though, unable to find a comfortable rhythm that way. Matching his motions with Tatsuha's, he found a rhythm that worked and went with it, arching into his lover and getting lost in it.

Tatsuha gasped and moaned, finding pleasure in the motions of his lover. He knew Ryuichi wanted to go faster, but since he wasn't certain when the next time he would get to be top would be, he wanted to take his time and savor the moment.

The room was silent but for their heavy breathes and slapping skin. It was exactly perfect, how he liked it to be. Only caught in the moment and feel of sex, of one against the other. It was beautiful; it was bliss.

Tatsuha nipped at one of Ryuichi's nipples, even as he shifted his lover so that he could move deeper into his lover, wanting to give him more pleasure.

"Ah! Tats-uha!" Ryuichi gasped, the double pleasure of the nip and the deeper penetration zinging through him and making him harder.

"Like it, love?" the younger man asked, working into Ryuichi a little faster.

"Love it." He replied, thrusting down onto him, appreciating the change of pace.

"Do you need me to move faster, love?" he asked, even as he snapped his hips to press deeply into his lover's body.

"Mmmm... yeah." The second it had left his lips, he felt Tatsuha move deeper into him, hitting his prostate and sending sparks flying behind his eyes.

"Do you want... me to cum inside you... love?" Tatsuha asked, even as he thrust with his hips to burry himself further and further inside his lover, moving to hit that spot over and over again.

"Oh! Yes!" He cried, leaning into the wall, unable to keep a steady grip on his lover's shoulders. His sensitive nerves being hit with each thrust.

"Then... cum for me. Show... me... Ryu!" he cried, beginning to move faster, the sounds of skin on skin filling the room. The scent of their lovemaking filling the air.

"Nnnngh! Ahhh! TATS-UHA!!" He cried, obeying and coating their stomachs with his creamy essence. He went as limp as was possible in his lover's embrace.

Tatsuha couldn't help but groan. He felt himself pound into the clenching passage and cried out. "RYU... ICHI!!" he panted out, as his own member began to twitch and fill the warm, tight hole with his sticky seed.

Ryuichi moaned as he felt his lover fill him, a perfect feeling. He panted, pressing sloppy kisses on Tatsuha's neck and shoulders, wondering if he'd be able to breathe normally after all this. He ran his hands down Tatsuha's back, stroking a path from his lover back to the rounded tops of his ass.

Tatsuha was indeed panting like a mad man, but he had loved every minute of it. In fact, he wouldn't trade any of the time they had spent together. "Mmm... I love you."

"I love you too. That was so amazing. Don't think we've had wall sex that's been as good before." Ryuichi murmured with a grin, leaving another kiss on him, this time capturing his lips.