Title: You and Me and Baby Makes Three

Authors: Dark Nuriko and Mayhem

Disclaimers: Neither one of us own anybody or anything from Gravitation.

Warnings: Shonen-ai, yaoi. Right from the flipping start. Cause we're just that awesome.

Summary:The sequel you've been waiting for! Ryu and Tats talk adoption, but can they really handle a baby? Well, at least they have Mika and Tohma's angel to practice with.

Notes:Ahh… I always have to make excuses don't I? I apologize, I've been busy lately. And haven't been able to talk to Nuri-chan. We're both just going through some things at the moment. In any case, I thought it was high time I got around to updating and already written chapter. Enjoy.

Chapter Three

(From the end of Chapter Two)

Ryuichi tossed the towel he had been using to dry his hair onto a chair, and took Gabriel from his lover so the other could start dinner. Yes, after all this time together, Ryuichi had barely learned any more about cooking. Holding the baby gently against his shoulder, he spread out the pamphlets again. "Okay. So what exactly are we looking for in the agency that'll help us?"

"Well, it has to have a good reputation."

"Right. Do we know of any good ones though?"

Tatsuha paused in the middle of what he was doing, which was peeling and cutting some potatoes. "I... I'm not certain."

"Neither am I. That's not helpful. Maybe we should ask someone."

"Who? I'm not certain most of the people we know would know the answer either."

"Augh. True. Hmm. How about we go through the names of them, see if any sound familiar from the newspaper or TV. Something positive about them though."

He nodded. "Sounds like a good idea."

"First we have... The Copper House for Disadvantaged Children... That one doesn't sound very good, 'disadvantaged children' sounds a little insulting." Ryuichi commented, throwing that one in the 'No' pile he was creating.

Tatsuha's nose crinkled up at those words. "I'd be afraid of it, myself."

"Yeah, I would be too. Okay, Tokyo Boarding House. From the name though, I can't really tell anything about it."

"I've heard of them. It's almost like a place where parents send their children because they can't handle them. Which makes me worry that we might not have any luck either, since they'll expect us to be just like their parents."

"What? Parents do that? I guess for teenage moms that makes sense, but what? They get tired of their kid one day and give it away? I'm with you on that one." He tossed that one into the 'No' pile as well.

Tatsuha nodded, picking up one with a name that made him shudder. "I think the Strickland Military Orphanage is also a no."

Ryuichi nodded. "Definitely. What about the Buddhist Orphanage for Lost Souls?"

Tatsuha raised an eyebrow. "I'd be afraid to see the child that came out of there. Knowing our luck, the monks would come back and say we had their reincarnated brother."

"Yeah, some super religious kid, and then we'd have to start going to the temple all the time. And yes, that would probably happen too." Ryuichi said, picking out another one. "The Bared Home for Children. That just sounds weird."

Tatsuha shuddered. "Sorry... I was on the path to being a monk at one point in time. I don't want to go anywhere near it again." He then looked over his shoulder.

"Hm... what about this place? The Borne Family Orphanage? I've heard the television commercials."

"That one sounds nice. Yay, something for the 'maybe' pile! We can check it out sometime soon. Maybe before I have to go back at the end of the week?"

Tatsuha couldn't help but wrap his arms around his shoulders at his enthusiasm. "Oh... yay!"

Ryuichi moved Gabriel into his arms, and turned his head to give Tatsuha a kiss on his cheek. "Yup. We'll find a good day to go; we don't want to leave it to long right?"

Tatsuha shook his head, accepting the child and kissed Ryuichi's cheek in return. "Right."

"Okay. Let's finish going through these though, we can't just have one."

He nodded. "Of course. I wouldn't do this half-assed."

"I know. Okay, what about The Nightingale Home? That one sounds nice. I think I've heard a couple good things about it too."

"So has Mika... she used to help out there before she married Tohma."

"Oh yeah? Maybe we should ask her about a couple of these places. She would have heard about them while she was there right?"

Tatsuha nodded. "Yes. I'm certain she'd be of help. We can ask her when she comes to pick up Gabe."

"When was she coming again?" Ryuichi asked, throwing out the 'No' pile and putting the rest aside for now, seeing as dinner was almost ready.


"Okay. It sure is going to be quieter around here without him, isn't it?"

Tatsuha handed the baby back to Ryuichi and went to finish up dinner and plate the meal. "Yes... but I'm certain you won't miss being able to sleep the whole night through."

Ryuichi cuddled the boy for a moment before getting him set up in his high chair - a feat he was now successfully able to manage with out help. "Yeah, that'll be nice." he laughed.

Tatsuha smiled and placed the food down for the little one and then served Ryuichi and then finally himself. "So do we want a baby? Or are you will to take in a toddler?"

"I don't think it matters. Whichever one we fall in love with will be perfect. However, I think you'll be falling in love with a lot of the children we meet. I wouldn't mind a baby though. It would definitely force me to straighten out my work schedule - which I'm sure Tohma'll understand."

"He has a baby and he's still as hectic as ever. What makes you think he'd change, Ryu?"

"Hmm. I vaguely remember having this conversation before. I believe you were right then too. I said he'd be understanding, not that he would do the same thing."

Tatsuha couldn't help but chuckle, even as he watched Gabe eating with his hands. "True. Although how understanding I don't know."

"Yeah, we'll have to see how that goes. But I wouldn't be able to leave you here for long hours at crazy times, taking care of a child that's supposed to be ours. Worst comes to worst, I could always try to quit again." He smirked.

Tatsuha laughed out right at that. "That would be interesting to see."

Ryuichi laughed with him, fixing Gabriel's bib a little more over his shirt. "It would be."

"But I know, without a doubt, that should the child be a baby or a little kid, the child will be loved completely."

"Of course it would be. It's got us for parents. But not just that. It would make us more complete as a family, right? It would be what you've dreamed of for a long time."

Tatsuha smiled softly, nodding his head. "No one could tell it to look at me, I'm always seemingly so unreliable. Yet I love children. And having one with you, even adopted, would be the best thing in the world."

Ryuichi smiled as well. "It sure took me long enough to find out, didn't it? And while I don't have dreams of children like you do, the idea of having one with you makes me very happy."

Tatsuha flushed bright. "Mm... I'm glad. I just want to be with you... children or no."

Ryuichi laughed out right as his lover flushed a bright pink. "I agree. So, if this doesn't work out, or it takes a really long time for us to get approval, we'll be okay."

Tatsuha nodded, even as he blew Ryuichi a kiss. "Yes, love."

The singer caught the kiss in his hand and held it over his heart for a moment, before returning the favour. "Good." He smiled, before his attention was caught by Gabriel throwing tiny fistfuls of his dinner onto the floor. "Hmm, looks like we're gonna have to clean this one up soon. He got more on the floor than in his tummy." Ryuichi said, reaching over to stop him from throwing more food down.

Tatsuha giggled and caught the one sent back, holding it close. He then took a spoon and got it filled with some of what was left on the plate. Making the face Gabe liked, he got the child to open his mouth so he could eat, earning a giggle after the action.

Ryuichi smiled. "Well that always works." He said, releasing the itty bitty fist in his larger hand now that Gabriel was significantly distracted.

Tatsuha smiled up at his lover and continued to feed the little one, knowing that Ryuichi could handle clean up while he managed to keep Gabe distracted.

Ryuichi smiled back, touched by the sight before him. He stood and gathered his plate and Tatsuha's putting them in the sink to be taken care of later, before grabbing some paper towel and wiping up the floor. Finished with that side of the high chair, he stood and placed a big wet kiss on the fat baby cheek. "You make such a mess. Your mommy must just love you for that." He said to the little one, moving to the other side to finish the clean up

Gabe chuckled at Ryuichi's words and clapped, moving to take in another mouthful from Tatsuha. It was obvious he loved getting all the attention.

Ryuichi grinned, happy that he'd gotten that sort of reaction from the boy. Finished, he threw out the paper towel and wiped of his hands before coming to sit closer to Tatsuha as he finished feeding Gabriel.