The Sweet Voice Of Violence


Attending Shikon Academy, Kagome never dreamed of getting involved with the 'wrong crowd'. Being the top student she was, her studies were always her first priority. So then how exactly did she manage to get on the wrong side of InuYasha Takeda, the leader of the local gang - Dirty Blood? And more than that, how did she actually manage to fall so completely and irreversably in love with him?

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The Sweet Voice Of Violence

Chapter One

This place was just so dirty.

No matter how many times Kagome drove here, the sheer uncleanliness of the school amazed her. It disgusted her to think that this was the school she'd be attending if she hadn't earned her full-ride scholarship to the prestigious Shikon Academy. Parking her car across the street, Kagome leaned back in her seat and shut her eyes. She was just so tired, she had beed studying studyinig studying for what seemed like forever this year. Kagome was in her junior year and that, to her, was the more important year of highschool - after all, that was the year colleges looked at most.

And Kagome needed a scholarship in order attend college, and badly.

Snapping herself back into reality before she fell asleep, Kagome slipped the keys out of the ignition and made her way into the run-down school. Pretending she didn't notice the hole in the glass window that greatly resembled one that would be caused by a bullet, Kagome skimmed over the crowded hallway looking for her cousin. Trying her best to ignore the stares the students gave her and her academy uniform, Kagome began to wander aimlessly hoping she'd find Miroku soon. Sighing quietly to herself, Kagome leaned against some lockers and decided to wait for him here, seeing as this was the only way out of the school that she knew of. Squirming under people's accusing glares, Kagome was surprised when a young man suddenly appeared right in front of her. Startled at his sudden appearance, Kagome quickly regained her composure and annoyance flashed in her eyes when she caught the faint scent of alcohol on his breath.

"Hey, Academy what are you doing in a place like this?" The boy asked her, while he freely allowed his gaze to flicker from her eyes down to her short skirt. The bastard didn't even try to hide it! Gritting her teeth as he suddenly stepped closer to her - well within the boundaries of personal space - Kagome glared into his sapphire eyes.

"Get away from me." Kagome turned to leave but was stopped as his right arm suddenly placed itself against the lockers behind her, blocking her path.

His sapphire eyes, though slightly hazy, brightened with amusement, "I see we have ourselves a fiesty one, don't we?" The boy tucked a hair behind Kagome's ear and allowed his fingers to brush her cheekbone suggestively.

Still glaring, Kagome agreed that if he wanted to play hardball, she was game. Putting on her best fake smile, Kagome school-girl giggled as she bent her right leg in preparation for her getaway. Catching the movement, Kagome jumped as he suddenly pressed himself right up against her, preventing her from moving too freely.

"Now, if you want to get between my legs so badly all you have to do is ask." The boy teased.

"You wish, creep. Now get the hell away from me." Kagome snapped, trying to push the boy away. Kagome began to feel the panic start to spread in her chest when he chuckled at her feeble attempt. Finally seeming to decide that words were no longer necessary, the boy began to lean toward her to catch her lips with her own, Kagome quickly turned her head to the right, giving the boy a mouthful of her raven hair. Hearing the boy's amused growl, she gasped when he nipped at her earlobe.

What the hell?

Opening her eyes she didn't know she had shut, Kagome's hands suddenly brushed with the boys long black ponytail, grinning to herself Kagome yanked on his hair hard she smiled in triumph as his head snapped back.

"I said let me go."

Feeling the boys chest vibrate with another growl, Kagome yelped in pain as her fingers were suddenly peeled off his ponytail. Glaring as the boy smirked in triumph Kagome was about to spit out another demand when a new voice cut her off.

"Let her go, Kouga. She's not even worth it."

Looking toward the voice, Kagome choked back a gasp at his appearance. Clad in loose dark jeans, a red T-shirt and a black baseball hat that was on backwards, the new boy before her screamed power. She could tell he was muscular from the way the shirt pulled against his chest, but that wasn't what caught Kagome's eye. His blinding silver-white hair fell down to his waist, but was currently tied in a ponytail at the nape of his neck. His amber eyes - currently staring at her - were breath takingly deep. Finding herself lost in his gaze she saw pain, regret, and something else that she couldn't name. What was it?

Remembering her current position, Kagome snapped back into reality. Throwing her head back to face the now currently still pressed up against her - now known as Kouga - she glared at him again.

Kouga chuckled, "Oh, come on InuYasha - she could be fun. Want to share?"

Disgusted at the crude remark, Kagome stomped on Kouga's foot as hard as she was capable of. Grunting in pain, Kouga backed off a bit; which allowed Kagome the window of opportunity she needed, pushing Kouga away from her she was about to slap him when someone caught her wrist. Whipping her head around and fully prepared to chew out her opponent, she was cut off.

"Don't even think about it, wench." InuYasha snarled.

"Let me go, or I'll hurt you." Kagome threatened.

InuYasha chuckled, "You? Hurt me?" InuYasha tossed her roughly into the lockers, "I don't think that's possible."

Glaring at InuYasha, he smirked at her before he turned to leave with Kouga right beside him.

"Wait a second, you can't leave!" Kagome snapped.

Turning around and looking rather bored InuYasha spoke, "I think we can. Didn't I tell you Kouga, she's not worth it."

Annoyed, Kagome asked, "Excuse me?"

Chuckling, InuYasha walked back to her. "Listen, I'm sure you'd be a good fuck," He whipsered into her ear and laughed at her disgusted face, "But the last thing we need is some prep-school bitch come crying back to us when we dump your sorry ass." And with that, he left.

It took Kagome a minute to regain her composure, and when she did, she was pissed.

Kaogome looked around for something - anything that could assist her. Spotting some students sitting against the wall with a sketchbook propped up against their thighs she walked up to them.

"Hey - can I borrow that?" Kagome asked pointing to the eraser in a girl's hand.

"Uh, sure."

"Thanks." Taking the eraser in her hand, Kagome tosed it once in the air and caught it before launching it toward InuYasha. When the eraser hit InuYasha square in the back of the head, Kagome smirked. "Take that, you jerk!"

The entire hallway seemed to stop moving as InuYasha suddenly stiffened, and turned around to face her. Then he was suddenly in front of her, so suddenly, that Kagome stumbled backwards at his appearance. Annoyed at her reaction, Kagome rose her eyes to meet with his and gasped - the sheer anger she saw there frightened her. And, by the looks of it, it was all directed toward her - Kagome recoiled at the thought.

Everything happened really quickly then.

Suddenly InuYasha lashed out and grabbed Kagome's wrist and, once again, threw her against the lockers. Pressing himself up against her, while still having a hold on her wrist placed above her head, Kagome found herself in the same position with InuYasha as she was with Kouga moments before. Only this time, the situtation wasn't the same. Whereas Kouga had meant to seduce her, InuYasha was intimidiating her, when Kouga was this close he was gentle and somewhat charming - but InuYasha was rough and hurtful and she was really scared.

"Listen bitch, you're obviously not from around here so I'll make it easy on you." InuYasha spat, "You don't know who I am correct?" When Kagome didn't answer, his grip on her wrist tightened, "Correct?"

Kagome nodded.

Smirking, InuYasha elaborated, "Well, let's just say I'm the type of guy your parents pray that I don't look at you more than once." He leaned in warningly, "I'm the type of guy that you don't want to cross." Suddenly InuYasha let go of her wrist and backed away from the trembling Kagome. Not realizing that she was using him as balance Kagome sank to her knees on the floor.

"What the hell's going on?" Kagome's head snapped up at the sudden new and demanding voice.

"Miroku!" Kagome greeted happily.

InuYasha looked at Kagome questioningly and then turned to Miroku, "You know her?"

Dropping down to the ground to help Kagome up Miroku responded, "Yeah, I know her! She's my cousin - what the hell did you do?"

InuYasha shrugged, "Nothing she didn't deserve."

Kagome's head shot toward him as her anger returned, "Nothing I didn't -"

"Kagome, shut up." Miroku interrupted. At her open-mouthed shock he continued, "You'll just get yourself into more trouble."

Crossing her arms over her chest, Kagome huffed in response but didn't say anything.

"Well, as exciting as this is I'm going to go. See you Miroku," InuYasha turned to Kagome, "Kagome, is it? You're lucky Miroku's your cousin or you'd find yourself stuck in a hell of a dangerous position right now."

Seeing that Kagome was about to retort, Miroku cut in, "All right that's enough. Both of you just walk away."

Kagome glared at him, why did it feel like Miroku was talking to them as if they were children?


"Kagome, be honest with me," Miroku asked from their spot on Kagome's bed, "what did you do to piss InuYasha off?"

"Nothing he didn't deserve." Kagome mocked.

Miroku sighed, he obviously wasn't going to get a straight answer from her.

"So, what's it feel like to be eighteen?" Kagome smiled, "The big one-eight?"

"Not any different than being seventeen I suppose." Miroku smiled, "Thanks for the birthday dinner Kagome, it was amazing as usual. But next time do me a favor? Don't come to my school without telling me, you know I don't like you coming there."

Kagome rolled her eyes, "You can cut out the big-brother act, Miroku. I can handle myself."

"Like you handled yourself today?"

Kagome glared at him, "Oh, shut up - he was an ass."

"I don't doubt it. But please, if you ever see him again - don't talk to him, look at him, anything. Just walk away. He's dangerous, Kagome."

"I thought he was your best friend."

"He is, but you were stupid today and got on his bad side - and trust me, I've seen how people on his bad side end up."

Kagome rolled her eyes, "You're exaggerating."

"I wish I was. Kagome - " Miroku hesitated, did he really want to tell her? "Kagome, he's the leader of Dirty Blood."

Kagome choked on her drink, "Wha-what? Dirty Blood, as in the gang?"

Miroku nodded, "The one and only."

Something dawned on Kagome, and her eyes widened, "Wait a second, if he's the leader of a gang then you - being his best friend - would mean that.." Kagome paused, "Miroku please tell me that you are not involved in a gang!" Miroku winced, he was hoping she wouldn't put the pieces together. Taking his silence as a conformation Kagome paled, "Miroku, what the hell? That's dangerous, you could get seriously hurt, or even.."

Grabbing Kagome's hands with his own, Miroku sighed. "I know, Kagome. You have to understand - that there, you don't have a choice. Its either join a gang, ot die. I had no choice."

"But you could have lived with us."

Miroku's eyes softened at the pain in Kagome's own, "You know I couldn't have, not after everything with your parents-" Kagome winced, but Miroku continued, "I couldn't have done that to you guys. Grandpa's shrine is full enough with you and Souta."

Kagome suddenly launched herself at Miroku and held him tight, " careful, Miroku. I can't lose you, I need you too much."

Miroku's heart ached at the statement, he knew that after everything happened with Kagome's parents that he was the only one she really talked to about it - after all, they were best friends, having grown up together.

"Friends forever, right Miroku?" She asked tentatively.

Miroku nodded, "Yeah, Kagome. Friends forever."



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