All right, I was wanting to try my hand at a crossover and after reading so many awesome ones I've gotten really fired up to write my own! I hope you all enjoy it!

Setting-wise, this takes place right after chapter 13 in the 4th HP book, before their first lesson with "Mad-Eye Moody."

EDIT: Okay, since this seems to be the most asked question I get in reviews I think it can be only fair for me to tell you straight from the beginning—there is NO yaoi in this story. Sorry for those of you who want to read that, but I'm just not that good at writing romance, straight or not. That said, I hope you enjoy the crossover.

Chapter 1: Magic and Chakra Clash

"You'll be gone for two years?" Gaara asked.

The blond grinned widely as he squatted on the hospital bed, almost cat-like. "Yeah! Pervy Sage will teach me how to defend myself against the Akatsuki! I'll probably learn all sorts of new jutsu, and I'll come back so powerful I'll be able to rescue Sasuke and become Hokage!"

Gaara's mouth twitched as he stood with his arms folded. Naruto was always so full of energy, so dedicated to his dreams; so dedicated to his friends. Of that, he was grateful for. Maybe he could share the same dream as Naruto. He had been thinking about becoming Kazekage for a while now . . .

They had just recently returned from rescuing Matsuri from the Shitenshounin, and both boys were now fully recovered from their injuries. Naruto's hospital attire was haphazardly strewn about the unkempt bed, while Gaara's was nicely made; his gourd resting against the side. Right now they were biding their time to be released from the hospital.

Suddenly there was a puff of smoke and the familiar copy ninja appeared, holding his right hand up in a greeting.

"Kakashi-sensei! Why don't you use the door like a normal person?" Naruto said with a whine. The jounin smiled, or at least Gaara thought he did. The redhead was still working on reading the masked man's emotions.

"It's more fun this way," was his choice of a reply. He then turned to Naruto, both hands in his pockets lazily. "So, Naruto, are you ready to be gone for the next two years with Jiraiya?"

The genin sniggered. "Yep! Once I get out of here, I'm gonna pack everything and meet him at the entrance to the village."

Without warning the three shinobi sensed something foreboding in the room. Kakashi and Naruto quickly grabbed some kunai and shuriken from their weapon pouches while Gaara's sand vibrated restlessly in the gourd. Nothing happened for a few seconds and they could sense no other life-form in the room. As Naruto opened his mouth to speak, Gaara unwittingly gasped in shock. His entire body was starting to disappear as if he were dissolving in the air. There was also some strange type of purple electricity that surrounded his body and crackled like fire.

"GAARA!" Naruto leapt from the bed and grabbed his friend's shoulder, only to find himself disappearing in the same manner the instant they made contact.

"Stop, Naruto!" Kakashi tried to save his student, but only found himself being dragged along.

At this moment Sakura burst in, having heard Naruto's yells and thought Naruto had done something stupid again. She was prepared to dismiss them from the hospital, yet she froze at the sight of the three fading before her eyes. As she ran towards them, they vanished with the purple electricity fading not long after.


After feeling like they had been sucked through a small pipe, the three ninja found themselves collapsing on a cold, hard floor that was also (annoyingly) damp.

Naruto groaned then gasped when he discovered himself in a room of people all wearing black cloaks, sticks in their hands, and large pots on tables in front of them. He guessed they were all participating in some type of arcane cooking ritual, if the bubbling purple, green, orange, and pink bottles were anything to go by. They all appeared extremely shocked and afraid.

"You should see the looks on your faces!" Naruto laughed. His laughter shortly ended when he heard the people speaking to one another in some weird language and accent.

"Where are we?" he demanded. When they didn't answer he growled and drew his kunai. They all seemed rather harmless, but they had summoned him and his friends with a type of chakra Naruto had never encountered before and he wasn't about to take any chances.

"I said—" (Naruto made sure to speak slowly, as if it would help them understand him better) "—where—are—we?" Everyone started to back up inch by inch as they eyed the weapon warily. Naruto sighed in frustration.

"Why did you bring us here if you're not going to answer us!" He started to walk forward but was stalled by Kakashi's hand firmly grasping his shoulder.

"If you haven't noticed, Naruto, they don't speak the same language we do." At this Naruto glanced back at the strange people and lowered the arm with his kunai sheepishly. Turning his attention to Gaara, the blond helped him to his feet, because they had apparently fallen on the poor redhead.

Cautiously, a girl with brown, bushy hair stepped forward, much to the protest of the tall red-haired boy next to her. She asked, "Who are you?"

Her accent was strange, but it seemed she was able to speak their language. Naruto sighed in relief; at least someoneunderstood them!

He pointed to himself, puffing out his chest proudly. "I am Uzumaki Naruto! A shinobi from the village Hidden in the Leaves!" The girl cocked her eyebrow, not seeming to understand what he meant.

Shinobi? A village called Hidden in the Leaves? What's he talking about? Hermione wondered to herself.

"Hermione? What're you doing?"

"Oh, be quiet, Ronald!" She swatted his hand away. "I'm trying to find out who they are!" She peered at the peculiar people before her. This . . . Uzumaki Naruto was dressed in the brightest shade of orange she had ever seen, he had drawn an odd knife from behind so fast it was almost like magic, and . . . were those whiskers on his face? Was he a type of magical creature she had never read about? Impossible.

Then there was that tall one, with silver hair that seemed to defy all laws of science, and only his right eye was visible. She guessed he was only in his late 20's, though with that hair color she couldn't be too sure. Finally there was another boy to his left. She had thought the Weasley family had bright red hair, but they had nothing on him. He also didn't appear to have eyebrows, and he had such thick black circles around his eyes she concluded it was either that he wore a lot of eyeliner or he was the world's biggest insomniac.

There was also an interesting symbol of the first two strangers' headbands they wore around their forehead. It was a spiral with a triangle on the side.

"Get Professor Dumbledore!" she hissed. There was a chance that newcomers weren't too much of a threat, but with the fact that they got inside a castle you shouldn't be able to Apparate into and the two youngest seemed to give off some foreboding aura, she couldn't be sure.

Snape suddenly appeared beside her, staring so intensely at the three strangers that the blond gripped his knife tighter and put himself in a defensive stance.

"Are you able to communicate with them, Ms. Granger?"

She nodded. "I have a rudimentary understanding of all the main languages. These people are speaking a form of Japanese, but they are referencing things I don't understand."

At this the Potions teacher frowned. "Well, we can only wait for the headmaster to come." He took a step forward.

In response, the oldest put his right arm in front of the blond and placed himself between the boy and Snape, clearly giving the impression that he would not allow any harm to come to them. Hermione hardly saw a need; even though the two boys seemed no older than her and her friends, she got the feeling that they were extremely capable of taking care of themselves judging by the way they carried themselves.

The man spoke. "Where are we?" It wasn't a question.

"H-Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry."

The shinobi were all immediately confused. What was a Witchcraft and what was a Wizardry? Naruto wondered.

The dungeon door burst open, and Naruto fought the urge to laugh as an old man with a beard as long as Pervy Sage's hair came rushing through. He wore glasses that were cut in half, and he wore a strange type of long, glittery, and turquoise dress. His eyes, however, had the same kindness and power as the Third Hokage's did, Naruto noted nostalgically.

The old man talked in the different language to the brown-haired girl before turning to them with a warm smile.

"Welcome." (At least his accent was decent) "I see Ms. Granger has already informed you, but you are in a dungeon of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. I am the headmaster, Albus Dumbledore, and these are some of the students." He gestured to the terrified kids against the wall, whom the three shinobi glanced at out of the corner of their eyes.

They're a bunch of pre-genin scaredy-cats, Naruto concluded.

"My name is Hatake Kakashi," his sensei began, taking control of the situation. "This is Uzumaki Naruto, and Gaara of the Desert. How did we get here and why did you summon us?"

Dumbledore's eyes twinkled, and he replied, "I assure you that none of us intended for your arrival. As for how you came here, that shall be what we will attempt to find out." He surveyed the room one last time before ordering, "Come along with me. There is no need to fear, so you may put your weapon away young man." (Naruto scowled) "I promise that no harm shall befall you." He waited as the group silently decided what to do, before Kakashi nodded and gestured for Gaara and Naruto to go ahead of him, taking up the rear for extra protection.

The entire class held their breath until the strange visitors completely exited the dungeon.

"Blimey! Who were they?" Ron asked.

"Kakashi was the oldest, Naruto was the one in orange, and Gaara was the other one," Hermione said.

"What language were you speaking?" Harry asked.

"Japanese. I'm not very good, but I did learn the basics on my own in my spare time. I believe a general knowledge of different languages will benefit me in the future," she said proudly as a few people rolled their eyes. "They said they were shinobi from a Hidden Leaf Village."

"Do you think they could be some sort of elf?" Seamus piped up. Everyone shrugged.

"I would appreciate it if you'd follow me, Mr. Longbottom," Snape said, in a sneer harsher than usual. "And bring your cauldron with you."

Poor Neville hastily obeyed, clearly humiliated and not wanting to go anywhere with Snape. He had little reason not to.

They had been working on concocting a very complicated potion that even Hermione was having trouble with, and as soon as Neville added the last ingredient his purple potion fizzed and most of it flew up into the air like a form of liquid cloud, swirling around in a spiral shape while a type of lightning emanated from it. After a few minutes it rested on the ground and slowly faded away, revealing the three strangers.

What did Neville do?

By nightfall, the whole school was discussing the newcomers, and many had their own theories about how they got there, with some first years having the most outrageous suggestions. Some said they were people from the past, some said from the future, while some theories believed them to be an entirely new species of creature that mutated over the years in the Forbidden Forest, but they came out of hiding to enact their revenge on Hogwarts.

Harry was simply amazed. This school year had started out with so many surprises! First, he traveled to the Burrow via the Floo Network, with Mr. Weasley and the twins tormenting his family (he would never get over the sight of Dudley once he ate the Ton-Tongue Toffee), there was the mayhem with the Quidditch World Cup, the Dark Mark, his dream, and finally the Triwizard Tournament. Not to mention the upcoming arrival of the Durmstrang and Beauxbatons students at the end of the month.

Deciding there was no further need to dwell on such heavy subjects, Harry fell into a blissful sleep in the comfort of the four poster bed.

There was a door ajar at the end of a passage. The only source of light came from the flickering of a fire that was large enough to provide just enough warmth for the inhabitants.

In sight of the open door was a large chair, and there seemed to be something in it, but there was no way to get a better look. There was a short, stump of a man with a long black cloak and bald patch on his head pacing between the fire and the chair.

"My . . . m-my Lord," the short man began, "preparations are already underway! If we abandon the plan—"

"We will not abandon the plan, Wormtail!" a raspy and cold voice said. "That plan will continue. This is merely a small diversion, one that will work alongside the original plan so that I may become more powerful."

Wormtail fell to his knees in front of the chair, and held his hands up in a pleading way, "M-Master, are you sure they have the powers you speak of? You never mentioned them until—"

"That's because they were never here before you fool!" the Dark Lord snapped. "I only felt their presence today, and they hold more power than you could ever imagine," he said almost dreamily, "And that is why we must take it for ourselves, or else Dumbledore will find a way to use them against me, and I fear I might not be able to resist ones with such power."

Wormtail gasped, afraid to speak. People more powerful than the Dark Lord? In his mind he feared what would happen if his master gained even more power than he already had, yet he quickly dismissed it, since his master was able to see into his thoughts.

Apparently the Dark Lord didn't notice, he noted with relief. "So, what would you have me do, Master?"

The Dark Lord gave a small chuckle. "Inform my faithful servant in Hogwarts of the extra preparations he must make, and make it clear that this is very important."

Wormtail nodded fervently before suddenly disappearing.

The room was silent for a little while, and then the Dark Lord began to laugh. Slowly at first, but then it grew in intensity until the whole house shook with his laughter and happiness. If this new plan succeeded, there would be no one who could stand in his way, not even the infamous Harry Potter.

The dark haired boy woke up with a jolt and rubbed his scar. Strange, he thought groggily, I don't . . . don't remember Voldemort being this happy before. Then he drifted off to sleep, only to completely forget about his dream in the morning.

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