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Before I start the story, look at what I was thinking when I started this.

I was watching Naruto the other day and I all of the sudden started thinking about what it's like to live for something or someone and to cherish the time you have thinking about it and wondering about the future. Everyone needs something to live for, even if it's to keep a goldfish alive. But what do we do if that reason, no matter how small it is, decides to disappear, vanish, or leave for something better. You would feel lonely, lost, unwanted. But what would you do if it didn't leave you but became something better? If you like someone, and have for a long time, what would you do if it some how some way turned to love? What if that was the reason you lived, to gain the love of the person you care for the most? What would you do?


Time for the story

Living for you

'I can't tell him. If I do he might not feel the same way.' The Ebony haired girl thought to herself, lying on her double queen bed with her eyes closed. The room was dark, even though it was nearly 10:00 in the morning. Her clothes were thrown around the room and shoes were scattered on odd places.

She turned onto her stomach and buried her face in her pillow. 'I could write him a letter, but he would probably throw it away. I could always grow a back bone and tell him straight out, but I don't have an ounce of confidence in me.' Why couldn't she think of a way to tell the man she loved the way she felt? It was just too hard for her.

Her thoughts were interrupted by a soft rapping on the door. "Oiyo! Hinata-Chan, are you coming out today?" Someone spoke through the door.

"Um, H-hai, I'll be out in an hour. I have to take a shower and stuff." The white-eyes heiress mumbled.

"OK, But don't forget about the party tonight." Her roommate said

'A party?' she thought 'What par- Oh, right'

It was Naruto's 18th birthday today and all their friends were throwing him a party. "O-oh, I won't. I'll see you at the party Sakura. Oh a-and could you tell Ino that I said good morning?" Came her less than excited reply

"I will, she already left but I will." She said Hinata thought Sakura had already left when she spoke again. "Hina-Chan, please come out, you haven't left your room for three days… I'm worried."

Hinata rolled off her bed and walked slowly to her bedroom door, Stepping over food and clothing. As soon as Hinata opened the door Sakura gasped and nearly fainted from the smell Hinata was giving off.

Sakura stared at Hinata, mouth ajar. She hadn't seen anyone look as depressed and dirty as Hinata did. Her hair was in a sort of birds nest piled to the top of her head, and her clothes had a colorful mixture of chocolate, ketchup, soda and rat dung. A small squeal left Sakura's lips as two rats scurried past her feet.

"See I'm coming out." Hinata mumbled chocolate smeared on her face which was deathly pale.

"Oh My bob, Hina-Chan what happened to you? You need to get in the shower, like, now!" Sakura said pushing Hinata toward the bathroom. Hinata sighed and walked into the bathroom.

As soon as Hinata was in the bathroom Sakura closed the door. Hinata turned the water for the shower on and waited till it warmed up. The white-eyed girl stripped her clothes and stepped into the shower.

She let the warm water wash over the top of her head and fall down her arms and back. She felt all her tensed muscles loosen and all the dirt and grim rinse away, but her troubled mind hadn't ceased its rambling.

'Why should I tell him how I feel anyway? If he hadn't figured out that I love him yet what makes me think he will drop everything and race for my love?' Hinata sighed and closed her eyes. 'I have to stop being so negative, it will surly ruin my life. Maybe I'm not as obvious as everyone says about my feelings toward Naruto.'

She took out her lavender scented body was and washed herself, then stepped out the shower and put a fluffy pink towel around herself. She looked at the wall mirror and frowned. Her skin was still a little pail but a slight flush grazed her cheeks and her hair was at her waist. But something seemed a little bit off.

"Uh, Hinata-san, you have a visitor!" Someone shouted through the door. The White-eyes girl cracked the door open and peeked her head out.

"W-who is it TenTen-san?" She said

The brunette looked at something off in another direction then turned back to Hinata, her eyes wide. "Hinata-san, Kiba won't leave, I told him you were in the shower but he's getting aggressive." TenTen said, tapping her foot nervously.

Hinata stepped out the bathroom and glared at the scene that unfolded itself in front of her. Kiba was yelling at Sakura, and Sakura was hollering back.

"Kiba, sit down and shut up. You have some nerve coming in here and disrupting the peace, I am ashamed." Hinata said loud enough for all of Kahona (sp?) to hear. Sakura, Kiba, and TenTen stared at Hinata in shock. What happened to the shy, stuttering girl?

Hinata was as shocked as they were about what had just happened. "U-um, I-ill go get d-dressed now." Hinata hurriedly walked down the hallway and into her bedroom.

'What just happened?' Hinata thought when she slammed her door shut. 'Why did I say that to Kiba?' 'You didn't say it dear, I did'

"W-who's there?" Hinata said looking around the room franticly. 'Shhh. Quiet you don't want anyone to think your crazy do you?' The voice said 'I'm inside your head no one else can here me only you' ………..


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