Chapter 8

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Hanabi's POV

It's about time. I thought as I watched my sister and Sasuke. Now, what was I gonna do again? I thought as I toward the building. Oh, right. I was gonna play a few pranks, but on who? I hope I have everything I need in this bag. I walked behind the building and used the back door. Idiots. Guard the front but not the back. I thought. I used my byakugan (Spelling?) to see if any guards where near by. No one. I thought and walked up a flight of stairs.

I entered a doorway and looked around. I was on a platform that was right above the dance floor. I walked to the middle and looked down. I recongized Ino and Shikamaru, sitting down on chairs next to each other. Ino should ask him to dance. I thought and looked at the other people. Hinata's teammates. No, not them. The fat boy, Shikamaru and Ino's teammate. No, I can't. Naruto and... Sakura? She said yes? Probably couldn't find anyone to go with. Just then, Sakura hit him in the head.

"Ow! Sakura, why'd you do that!?" Naruto whined. I can hear him from all the way up here!? Sasuke was right! You can hear him from a mile away! I thought.

"You idiot!" She yelled and hit him again. She's bossy. Why does Naruto like her? He can do much better. I thought. Ok, it's her I'm gonna prank. I decided. Just then, Hinata and Sasuke came in, holding hands.

"Sasuke! You came! I knew you would!" Sakura yelled. She ran and tackled him to the ground, making Hinata fall in the process. Ok, now she's really gonna get it! I thought.

"Sasuke, what did Hinata do to you? Did she hold you hostage? I'll kick her ass if she did!" Sakura said. I'm glad I have good hearing. I thought.

"Hinata, are you ok?" Naruto asked and helped her up.

"I'm fine Naruto. Thanks." Hinata said and brushed her dress off.

"Get off me, Sakura!" Sasuke yelled and pushed her off. When he got up, he walked towards Hinata and grabbed her hand.

"Sasuke, what are you doing?" Sakura asked.

"You told her? Congradulations!" Naruto yelled.

"Told her what? Are you talking about me? Are you finally going to confess your love for me, Sasuke?" Sakura asked. I could almost see the hope in her eyes.

"No. I told Hinata." Sasuke said.

"Told Hinata what? That you don't like her and that she doesn't have a chance with you because you love me?" Sakura asked, still not getting it. Sasuke sighed.

"Naruto, I'll never get why you like her so much." Sasuke asked.

"I can't remember." Naruto said and started to think. Moron. I thought. Ok, time to put my plan into action. I thought and made a clone.

"Ok, what's the plan?" The clone asked.

"Put this in your ear and go down there." I said, digging through the bag, found the earphone and a tiny microphone that could be hidden in her shirt, right next to her mouth, and gave it to her. Before she jumpped down, I stopped her.

"Wait! Before you go, transform into a 16 year old." I told her and she obeyed. After the smoke cleared, I saw a 16 year old with long brown hair and black eyes. She wore a black dress. The front came to her knees and the back went down to her ankles.

"Ok, go." I said and she jumpped down. I took out a microphone and the other earphone.

"Can you here me now?" I asked. No answer. I moved a little to the right.

"Can you here me now?" I asked.

"Yes." I heard her say.

"Good, now go over to Naruto and try to steal him." I told her and she obeyed.

"What do you mean by that!?" I heard Sakura yell. While she was yelling, she didn't even notice my clone talking to Naruto. Hinata did notice and looked up at where I was at. I put my finger to my mouth to tell her not to tell. She smiled and looked back at Sakura and Sasuke.

"Mission accomplished." I heard my clone say and I looked at her. Naruto was leaving the door Hinata and Sasuke came through and my clone was looking at me. I gave her a thumbs up.

"Keep him distracted untill I say so. Oh, and make sure he's at least a mile away." I said before she left. I made another clone. I gave her everything I gave the other and she transformed. This one had short red hair and blue eyes. She had a blue dress that came to her knees.

"Okay, go down there and try to lure Sakura outside." I told her. She nodded and jumpped down.

"No, I will not accept this!" Sakura was yelling. Ino, Shikamaru, Choji, Kiba and Shino were all stareing and so were a few other people. My second clone was trying to talk to Sakura, but she was ignoring her.

"Ok, change of plan. Get Ino alone and tell her about our plan." I told her.

"Got it." I heard her say.

"Clone #1, how's everything outside?" I asked.

"Naruto's starting to suspect that something's up." I heard her say.

"Where are you?" I asked.

"About a mile and a half away from the building." She said.

"Ok, I told Ino." My second clone said.

"Good job #2. Tell her that I'm gonna throw down and earpiece." I said.

"Roger." She said.

"Who?" #1 asked.

"Nothing #1." I said. I looked at Ino and she was looking up at my hiding place. I through it down and she caught it. She put it in her ear and nodded.

"Ok, Ino. You in?" I double checked.

"She said, 'of course! Anything to get billboard brow.' " #2 said.

"Where the hell is Naruto!? I need a punching bag!" Sakura yelled.

"What a bitch." I said and my clones laughed. I could see Ino laughing.

"How about we dump punch on her?" #2 said. I saw Ino say something, but couldn't hear.

"#2, tell Ino to be ready to catch." I told her. I through down a mircophone and Ino caught it.

"I said that Shikamaru knows about the prank. Is that ok?" Ino asked.

"If he wants in, then yes." I said.

"Ok." She said.

"We could us his brain." I said.

"Naruto wants to go back!" #1 yelled.

"Stall him by any means!" I yelled.

"Alright." She said.

"Ino, ask Shikamaru if he has any ideas." I said. She asked him and he said something.

"He said that we could lure her out by saying that there's a cherry blossom tree outside and it looks like it raining petals." #2 said.

"Why didn't you think of that, Ino?" I asked.

"It's been years since I had a real conversation with her and I forgot." Ino said.

"Ok, #2 go and tell Sakura about the cherry blossom. Ino, you and Shikamaru go and find a clearing. Make it look like there's a cherry blossom tree out there. We'll catch up." I said and they obeyed. I looked at Sakura. She was about to explode in anger. I smirked.

"Hanabi, Shikamaru changed his mind." Ino said.

"What! Why?" I demanded.

"He said we're being too mean." She said.

"Give him the earphone and microphone." I said.

"We are being too mean." I heard Shikamaru say.

"We are not! Everyone knows that Sakura doesn't really want him. She's had almost every guy in this village except Sasuke. She even tried to get you, remember?" I asked. Silence.

"See, Shikamaru? We're not being mean. Besides, she deserves it. Almost no one wanted her a few years ago, but Naruto. And she treated him like crap. She still does. Think about Naruto and the hell he's been through just to try and be noticed by her. He been through alot worse then what Sakura's about to get. Think of all the hitting and yelling that he recieved from her. If anyone's mean, it's her not us. We're just paying her back." I tried to convince Shikamaru. A few minutes later, I heard Ino.

"Ok, he's in again." Ino said.

"Good. I hope you guys are ready because she's coming." I said and watched them leave.

"Ino, tell #2 where you two are." I said and went back down the stairs and headed out.

"Just a few more minutes, #1." I told her.

"Good because I'm not sure if I can hold him any longer." She said. I arrived to see a cherry blossom tree in the middle of the clearing. I hid in a tree and a few minutes later, I saw #2 enter with Sakura. Sakura ran to the tree and sat down.

"Good job #2. Now, try and see if you can get her to tell the truth about Sasuke." I said and she obeyed.

"Sakura, do you like Sasuke?" She asked.

"Of course!" Sakura said.

"Oh, come on! Almost everyone knows, Sakura! Just tell the truth!" She yelled. Sakura hesitated, but told us.

"Ok, so I don't like him. He's cold and thinks that he's the best. But, what am I suppose to do? I've been with almost every guy in this village! Now, I'm back to Sasuke." Sakura said. #2 smirked.

"Ok, that's all I need to know." She said and jumpped into a tree. Sakura looked confused, but didn't move. I made some hand signs and the cherry blossoms turned into spiders. Sakura screamed and tried to get them off, but couldn't. She ran out of the clearing screaming her head off. I fell off the tree from laughing so hard. Ino was holding her side and #2 was trying to catch her breath.

"It's amazing what an illision will do." I said, when I caught my breath.

"Yeah, lets go back to the dance." Ino said and #2 dissapeared.

"Ok #1, you can dissapear too." I told her.

"Mission accomplished?" She asked.

"Mission accomplished." I said.

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