Bonjour D fandom! It's been a while my beloved fandom... :) I'm back with a short drabble to kick it off simply because I'm in the worst writing rut right now ): Nothing I type seems worth it. Oh well, enough babble. On with the show!


The sickening sound of the metal cutting through bone and flesh repulsed even the wielding of such a sword. His fingers gripped the hilt while his free hand placed flat against the blunt edge of the blade as it gave an extra shove enough to slash through the hard frame of the beastly undead.

The redness upon his hands and face scattered and matched the patches and blots of living wine along his figure; a messy candy which stuck with a nauseating sound but slid perfectly off his fingers tips.

With another melodic swing from his blade, the edge plunged straight through the chest of the vampire before retreating back towards the owner as the red sweets spewed from the jagged hole now sculpted through the victim. His expression did not change as his fingers slipped slightly from the hilt due to the amount of blood around his palms and fingers.

Not once did he show disgust.

Not once did he give way to illness.

Not even once did he extend their pain.

Swift and gory without a chance of a final gasp or final word; merciful in his own barbaric and qualified way. Upon the frontier there is only one way to survive and a single way to be known so that bereavement no longer follows.

It is known as murder and as one with the highest number sinking into the lusting metal of the beastly tool as a monument to its glory.

A ballet where they all gain a part.

A bloody ballet filled with emotions to coerce one into a lachrymose state.

Delight:) Deteste:)