Disclaimer: I don't own Supernatural or Thousand Foot Krutch's lyrics
Summary: Sam had his eyes closed so tightly that he never realized everything in the room was floating, but Dean definitely did. Set after Nightmare.

After Affects

Sometimes I fall asleep
And then lose control

-Thousand Foot Krutch, Slow Bleed

Sam leaned his forehead against the cold glass of the Impala's passenger window. Even the little coldness it offered helped the pain, but not much. His right temple was throbbing and if he received a vision right now, Sam was positive his head would explode. However, he did know that this pain wasn't a vision coming, because the pain was different. With a vision, the pain would come from the outside and press inward, while this pain was the opposite.

Sam was very thankful that Dean had turned off the radio about ten miles back. That was also when Dean had pulled over to find the Advil stored in the med-kit in the trunk. The pills hadn't kicked in yet, even though he had taken double the recommended dosage, which Dean had frowned at, but hadn't said anything about.

"Pull over," Sam said in a loud whisper since anything louder caused the throbbing to turn into a stabbing.

Dean immediately pulled onto the shoulder of the vacant road. Sam opened the door before the car even came to a complete stop. He had only taken two steps away from the car before he fell to his knees throwing up everything he had eaten that day. Dean was beside him with a bottle of water before Sam could even ask for him.

They sat there by the roadside for several moments to make sure nothing else Sam had eaten would make an appearance.

"You good?" Dean whispered.

"Yeah," Sam whispered back. He then took Dean's offered hand and they went back to the car and the road.

Retching everything he had eaten in the last day or so actually had helped lesson the pain, but the actual moving to do so had made everything ten times worse.

Dean had known something more was wrong with his brother than exhaustion when a passing car's headlights had shinned on Sam's pale face. Sam hadn't taken anything for the pain Dean could see he was in, so he got the Advil himself. Then Dean knew it wasn't just a headache when he took double the dosage and another car's headlights showed Sam's contracted pupils. Also, Sam's puking had only confirmed this was no regular headache. Dean didn't know what to say other than, "We're almost there."

Sam could tell his brother was worried without even opening his eyes.

Fifteen minutes later, they were parking in some motel's parking lot. Sam didn't even bother opening his eyes to see the name, because it didn't matter as long as it was quiet and had a bed.

"I'll be right back," Dean said while getting out and gently shutting the Impala's squeaky door.

A few minutes later, Sam felt himself moving as the door he was resting on was pulled open. He then opened his eyes when he felt strong arms gently pull him out of the car, but immediately regretted doing so when the motel's harsh bright lights greeted him. Sam groaned and shut his eyes tightly, but the damaged had already been done; if Dean hadn't moved then Sam would have thrown up on his shoes. Dean waited a few more moments and then walked Sam out of the car and into the motel room.

With Sam leaning heavily on Dean, he pulled back the bed sheets and helped Sam lay down, which was made difficult only using the outside lights from the half open door to aid him. Knowing Sam wasn't going to do it himself, Dean took off his shoes and then covered him with the sheets. Next, he closed the door with a soft click while Sam rolled over onto his left side to abate the pain that had now switched to his left temple. Sam could hear Dean moving around, but had his eyes shut too tightly in pain to see what he was up to.

Without warning, a hand was placed on his forehead, but Sam embraced its familiarity. Then the hand retreated and he heard more moving. Suddenly, he felt something cold and wet placed on his forehead and he jumped startled.

Strong arms soothingly pushed him back down saying, "You have a fever, Sammy."

With his eyes now open, he could see--in the faint moonlight--that Dean was worried.

Dean then replaced the washcloth that had slide off and said, "I'll be right back." He then went back to the Impala to get their bags, med-kit, bottle of water, and to lock the car this time.

When Dean returned, he found Sam withering on the bed in pain and slightly whimpering. He dropped their bags hurrying to Sam and calling, "Sammy."

"Dean, it hurts." The heal of his hands were pressing the washcloth against his forehead as if it could make the pain go away. Sam felt the bed dip down as Dean sat beside him. He then winced when he heard loud rattling.

"Sorry," Dean apologized for causing his brother anymore pain. "Come on, Sam." Dean gently pushed an uncooperative Sam into a sitting position and placed two pills in his hand saying, "Take these." Then he uncapped the water bottle and handed him that, too.

Sam slowly swallowed the pills and took a swing of water very careful of making any sudden pain inducing movements. Next, he laid back down, again.

Dean was just replacing another wet washcloth when Sam started struggling to rise. Before Sam was even in a sitting position, Dean placed a trashcan in his hands.

Sam then saw himself throw up things he must have eaten last week or even possibly last month. After that, he did several dry heaves and only when nothing more would come up, did he lay down again.

Groaning in pain, Sam prayed for a vision to come because he knew that would kill him in a second. He had his eyes closed so tightly that he never realized everything in the room was floating, but Dean definitely did. . .