The Mahogany Book

Chapter One: An early Encounter

Scorpius Malfoy rose from his seat at his Gryffindor house table. He waved a slight goodbye to his friend, Marshal Thomas, and headed off to the library for a bit of studying before lessons. His third year was halfway into the first semester and he didn't want to get behind on the difficult work the teachers were assigning.

Scorpius may have received his father, Draco Malfoy's, looks and ambition, but the rest of his personality was from his mother, a foreign witch from France by the name of Jacqueline DuPont. She was witty and smart and daring; she had, after all, been the one to introduce herself to his father. That's the reason that neither of his parents had been surprised when he wrote home to tell them he had become a Gryffindor.

He walked swiftly down the corridors toward the library. Barely anyone was out of the dorms or the Great Hall this early in the morning; that's why he loved coming to the library at that time.

He turned a corner and finally saw the library entrance. He smiled slightly and opened the doors. Immediately the smell of dust and parchment filled his nose. He breathed in deeply and closed the doors behind him. Then he heard a frantic rustling and the thumping of fallen books. He hurried to that section of the library, prepared to defend the books from and intruder like Peeves. He was surprised when he rounded a bookshelf and found, not Peeves, but a small girl.

She had wavy reddish-brown hair and flushed cheeks. She looked no older than thirteen herself and had on Ravenclaw robes. Her cheeks were flushed, but he couldn't see her eyes, which were closed in frustration.

"Excuse me?" he asked the girl. She jumped at the sound of his voice and opened her eyes. They were the most amazing blue he had ever seen. She hastily wiped the un-fallen tears from them.

"What do you want? Can't you see I'm busy?" she snapped at him. Apparently she had the temper that all Ravenclaws were famous for.

"What were you doing? I heard books falling and thought someone was causing trouble." She continued to stare at him. "Do you want help with whatever you were doing?"

"No, I don't want any help!" she snapped again. She rose to meet him face-to-face. Her hands on her hips and her face in a frown, she said, "I don't need any help from a stupid Gryffindor like you! I was doing perfectly fine on my own!" As she said that, she poked him in the chest so hard it was already bruising. He stepped backwards out of her reach.

"Fine, I'll just leave then." He turned and walked toward a table a long way from the girl, rubbing his chest as he did so. He could hear the haughty, temperamental girl shuffling the books behind him. He sat his book bag down on the table and turned to the shelves to find a book on third year charms. He raked the shelves but didn't find it. He did, however, find a small, mahogany-colored book that didn't have a title. He plucked it off the shelf and walked back to the table. He opened the cover and saw a name neatly scrawled on the inside: Rose Weasley. He knew a few Weasleys and wondered if they knew this Rose girl. He decided he would ask around later that day in the common room.

The warning bell for classes rang out loud in the library. Scorpius jumped at the sound and gathered up his things. He saw the Ravenclaw girl shoot past him, still flustered but refusing to be late for a lesson. Scorpius followed her out of the library and away to his first lesson of the day.

Scorpius made it through double Potions with his Slytherin friend, Albus Potter. They had met on the train their first year and had been friends ever since. They knew their parents didn't approve of the other's, but that didn't concern them.

Lunch was the usual affair of loud talking and stuffed mouths. Scorpius sat at the Slytherin table with Albus that day. Since the last Dark Wizard was conquered, the houses had grown closer and were often seen sitting at other tables during breakfast and lunch.

After lunch was Care of Magical Creatures with the Hufflepuffs. It also passed quickly, Professor Hagrid talking about something undoubtedly dangerous that they would have to handle. Scorpius was distracted with thoughts of the small book in his bag. He wondered who Rose Weasley was, if she was in his year, what she looked like, and what house she was in. He wondered if she was thinking about her lost possession as much as he was.

He was so immersed in his thoughts that he didn't notice the bell for next lessons ring. Thankfully, Marshal was in Care of Magical Creatures with him and shook him vigorously by the shoulder to warn him of being late. Scorpius snapped out of it and almost sprinted to Transfiguration. The Ravenclaws shared this class with them and he spotted the girl he had seen in the library. Her thoughts seemed to be elsewhere during the whole lesson. Scorpius watched her slightly and noticed she still diligently took notes in her distracted state. He smiled and turned his attention back to the teacher.

Later, Scorpius was in the Gryffindor common room, lounging by the fire. He knew he wouldn't be able to work with all the noise around him, that's another reason he always visited the library in the mornings. Thinking of the library reminded him of the Mahogany book squashed in between his Transfiguration and Potions texts in his bag. He reached in and extracted it, once again looking at the name inside. He jumped out of his comfortable chair and searched the room for Fred Weasley, son of George and Katie Weasley.

His searched took him awhile because it was after dinner and all the upper years were still in the room. Eventually he saw the shock of red hair and pushed his way through the crowd to get to him.

"Fred. Fred!" he shouted over the noise. Fred turned toward him, looking over Scorpius' head before locating the younger boy.

"Oh! Hi, Scorpius. What can I do for you?" Fred asked, also shouting over the noise.

"Do you know anyone named Rose Weasley?"

"What? I can't hear you!"

"DO YOU KNOW ROSE WEASLEY?" Scorpius shouted as the noise slightly died down. He flushed when everyone turned to look at him.

"Oh, yeah. She's my cousin. I think she's in Ravenclaw. Your year, too."

"Thanks, Fred," Scorpius said as he turned back toward where he was sitting before. Unsurprisingly, the seat was now filled with and older student's body. Scorpius gathered his things and left the Common Room to the boy's dorms. He would have to find this 'Rose' girl tomorrow. For now, he was tired.