The Mahogany Book

Chapter Two: Glares

Scorpius awoke early the next day, as usual. Though it was Saturday, he still went straight for the library. When he arrived, the doors were still locked. He looked at his watch, an excellently designed thing passed down to him from his mother's father, and realized the doors wouldn't open for another hour. He must have woken up earlier than usual. It didn't matter to him, though. He would return in an hour and in the mean time he would go down to the kitchens. They were the one thing in the school that didn't ever close.

The walk down five floors didn't take that long if you knew where you were going. Fortunately for Scorpius, he knew the easiest and fastest way to get down there, having made many of these early-morning excursions.

Scorpius slid off the last banister and whistled as he walked down the corridor. He passed many different paintings of food until he came to the one of the fruit bowl. He stretched out his hand so he could tickle the pear when the painting suddenly swung outward. His fast seeker reflexes were the only things that kept him from being hit in the face. But he still lost his balance and fell over as a girl came out.

"Hey! Watch it next time!" Scorpius said from his position on the floor.

"Oh, well I'm sorry that you lost your balance. Maybe you should be more careful yourself." The girl's voice was sarcastic and angry at being yelled at. He looked at her more closely.

"Oh, it's you. The Ravenclaw with the bad attitude." He sneered at her, something that rarely happened. He knew his father sneered all the time at school, but Scorpius was normally a bit nicer than that.

"Yes, it's me, the girl you so rudely interrupted in the library yesterday. I would have hoped that you had learnt some manners by now. Obviously not." She turned and stalked away, head held high. Scorpius began to get angry at her comments. It took all of his self restraint to not run over there and throttle her. Instead he stood up, dusted off his jeans, and walked into the kitchen.

Scorpius ate his breakfast at one of the tables in the kitchen. He sat fuming over his eggs, thinking about the girl. He didn't know what her problem was. All he had done yesterday was ask if she wanted help. Maybe it was that 'special' time of the month for her. His dad had told him that sometimes girls got really moody for a week every month. Scorpius decided then and there that he was going to try to avoid the girl for the rest of the week, and then see what she was like. Considerably happier with his resolution, he ate his breakfast in peace.

When he got back up to the library, the doors were still closed. He checked his watch again and noticed that it was only three more minutes until the doors would open. It was useless to go anywhere for such short a time, so he sat down next to the oak doors and waited. No sooner had he positioned himself comfortably on his bag than the mysterious girl came to the doors as well. He smiled politely and didn't say anything when she glared at him. As soon as her back was to him, he dropped his fa├žade and glared at her back. They spent the few minutes thoroughly ignoring each other.

The moment the doors clicked, indicating they were unlocked, she pushed them open and ran in. The doors swung open so hard that they splintered as they hit the walls. Scorpius rose from his makeshift seat and looked over at Madame Pince, the librarian. He remembered that his dad had told him that she had been there when he was a student, and also when grandfather was a student. In fact, no one knew how long she had really been there.

She looked angry. She examined the damage to the doors with a deep frown and looked over at him, glaring as she did so. He shrugged and said, "Wasn't me. Ask her," as he pointed in the general direction the girl had run. He went and sat at a secluded table and heard the sounds of the girl being reprimanded. He smirked and looked through his bag for his homework. Instead, he found a small book. He pulled it out and realized it was the diary he had found yesterday. Again he opened the cover and saw the name. Maybe if he wrote a letter to her he could give it back.

He pulled out a slip of parchment and began to write. A few minutes later he had folded it up and walked off to the owlery. The letter read:

Dear Ms. Rose Weasley,

I was in the library on Friday and happened to come across a small mahogany diary of sorts. Don't worry, I only opened it enough to discover the owner. If you would like to meet me somewhere or if you'd like me to leave it somewhere for you please write back with this owl. He'll know where to find me.

Sincerely, Scorpius Draconis Malfoy

He tied the letter to his eagle-owl Persephone. The regal bird gave him a small nip of affection and flew out of the window, in search of the unknown girl named Rose.

The rest of Scorpius's day was spent doing his homework and talking with friends. He left some time in the evening before dinner to fly on the quidditch pitch. Inevitably, he was joined by Marshal and Albus. They had a good time playing a very dangerous game of tag. Sometimes they wished that there was another boy that was willing to enjoy the company of two Gryffindors and a Slytherin so they could play two on two quidditch, but there was no one. Not everyone was as accepting as they were.

At dinner, Persephone flew down to Scorpius, who was sitting with Albus and Marshal at the Slytherin table. They didn't want to split up and lose their happiness, and Albus was more often than not coming to their table. So Scorpius unfurled the parchment to find a short note from the Rose girl.

Dear Mr. Scorpius Malfoy,

I would love if you would meet me in the library after dinner to return my diary.

Thank you, Rose Weasley

The guys pestered him about who the letter was from, and when he told them it was from a girl, they roared with laughter and made fun of him having a girl friend. He ignored their remarks and ate the rest of his dinner before rising and bidding his friends ado. There was a meeting he had to attend.