Tezuka Kunimitsu had perfect scores in all subjects, until his art teacher decided to give a new assignment. It was about abstract.

'You can draw anything, be it lines mixed with shapes. It does not necessarily need to be an object. You can also use any colour that you like. However, it must be related about how you feel. For example, anger. You can use red to intensify the feeling, making it more deep in a sense. Please do it as homework. Do it properly as it is a graded assignment.'

About how you feel…Has Tezuka ever shown or felt any emotions other than a stoic face?

He had been staring at the piece of paper for the past two hours hoping that somehow a miracle would happen as he had no idea what to draw at all. Maybe he should draw lines? That would represent his stoic behavior. But it is an abstract.

The next day, Tezuka handed up a piece of blank paper to the teacher. The teacher was shocked and speechless. That was the first time he failed in a subject.

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