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Blue Message Butterfly

Hitsugaya sighed heavily as his body leaned against the hard bark of tree he was currently hiding in. He ran his fingers threw his snowy white hair as the endless thoughts of Karin and the new strangers who hurt her caused his head to boil.

"Who dares to touch Karin on my watch!? Do they want a death wish!?" The captain's eye twitched furiously as he peeked down below to spy on a little tomboy head of a girl in her school yard. "Not that she's mine… or ever will be. Even if I wanted to be with her anyway… We're just friends." He thought to himself as he followed every move the human girl named Karin did.

"Just friends" he whispered under his breath.

It's been a couple of days since the incident of Karin almost being killed due to him being late in saving her. Even after Karin woke up after being unconscious for who knows how long, Hitsugaya couldn't bear to face her. Especially for ignoring her for his own selfish reasons of... Well he couldn't really think of what it was at the moment.

He did leave some chocolates and flowers for her in her bedroom when she wasn't looking. Toushirou left a note, but not being a man of words, he just wrote down:

Feel better,


Smooth of him, huh?

His heart beat slowly accelerated as he thought of being close with a human girl, not any normal human girl of course, a loud mouth, bossy, tomboy girl, confusing the hell out of his emotions.

"Gawd! That jerk! Stupid, hot headed shrimp of a so called captain." Karin muttered under her breath heavily as she held a broom in her hands. Crazily, sweeping back and forth at an incredible speed, dust filled the area.

"Who does he think he is!?" Karin's friends Kanata and Hinitomi nervously glanced at each other, worried about the state of mind of Karin.

"Talking about your shorty boyfriend Karin?" Kanata casually asked as he picked up some garbage bags, walking towards the dumpsters at the side of the school.

"Maybe!" Karin yelled out as glared at a poor squirrel nearby, "And he's not my boyfriend!"

"Gosh, no need to take it out on the poor squirrel" Hinitomi sympathized, "But when is your stubborn head going to realize your true feelings Karin?"

Karin stopped sweeping for a moment to look at Hinitomi, a brief moment of sadness washed over her face as Karin tried to remember the last time she saw Toushirou. It felt like forever since they last talked, played, and laughed, as if there wasn't a care in the world.

"He's really different Hinitomi, he makes me mad at his stupid antics and happy whenever I am down" Karin softly smiled to herself, "Maybe being friends is best for the both of us."

"Jeez, it's obvious you guys are way more than friends" snorted Kanata as Hinitomi whacked her dust pan on top of his head. "OUCH!"

"Shut up Kanata, you are not helping!"

"Don't worry you two" Karin smiled as she laughed at their antics, "I will figure out something, someday soon. Boys are lame anyways!"

"Yeah, boys are so strange!" Hinitomi giggled as Kanata glared daggers at the two girls. Why does he even bother in their conversations?

Suddenly out of nowhere, a glowing blue butterfly, glistening against the sun, made its way to Karin's shoulder.

"Hmm" Karin eyebrow rose as she looked to her right shoulder, "What's this?"

"Oh! What a cute butterfly!" Hinitomi gushed as her eyes sparkled, "I've never seen this kind before."

Karin raised her pointer finder for the butterfly to climb on and smiled brightly as she held the butterfly closer to her face. "How beautiful." Looking deep into the butterfly eyes, something changed in her eyes.

"I'm sorry" a strong, familiar voice of the shinigami echoed in her mind, "Forgive me."

Karin gazed around the area and blinked her eyes a couple of times, to register what had just happened. That was no illusion she heard. It was his voice. His voice. The voice she longed to hear again, although at the same time wished to never face.

Back up in his current hiding spot, Hitsugaya grimed at Karin's worried face. "She must hate me."

The school bell rang and everyone returned back to their classroom. Karin took a quick glance up a tree, sensing someone in it. "Probably nothing." Hurrying back into the building as Hitsugaya disappeared out of sight.

The short captain quickly made his way back to Karin's house to check up with Isshin and if any news came up about the enemy. On his way out of her house, Hitsugaya couldn't help but noticed a slight open door in the hallway of the main bedrooms.

He went to go investigate and as he opened the door, a huge pile of junk clobbered him to the ground. "What the hell! What is this junk?"

Shaking off the toys and towels that were on top of him, he spotted an oval shaped box with a picture of a soccer ball on it, towards the back of the closet wall. "Well it wouldn't hurt to check what it was" he thought to himself as he tripped over a silky scarf on the ground and knocked the whole box down.

"Ouch" he rubbed his head, which he bumped against the rock hard floor, "This place is crazy."

Getting up slowly, Hitsugaya reached to pick up the fallen papers as he stared at one photograph in particular. His eyes soften at the sight of the silly photo strips they took by accident when they went shopping. How embarrassing.

To be completely honest, he really did miss hanging out with the spunky chick he grown quite comfortable with. Their friendship was easily made, but it is easily broken as well.

Unknown to him, little footsteps approached up the stairs rapidly and he barely had time to clean up the mess he got himself into.

"Toushirou" a soft yet vibrant voice spoke out, "What are you doing here trashing my stuff?"

His face turned a shade of red as his back faced her, this was not the way he wanted to make up with her. "None of your business."

Karin's eye twitched hardcore and clenched her fist into balls, "You are in my house, so yeah, it is my business pipsqueak!"

"It does not concern you tomboy!"

"Why won't you let me help!" Karin exasperated as she tried to approach him carefully.

"I don't want you to get hurt" spoke Hitsugaya as his bangs covered his eyes and vanished into thin air through her window.

Karin froze in her spot as her heart pounded loudly in her ears, as if it might explode from all the confusing signals Toushirou was sending her. At first their friends, but not, and then he ignores her for days on in, and then randomly gives me sweet little words of comfort.

Her head ached from all the thinking she was doing, she limped to her bed and flopped onto its fluffy mattress.

The next few days passed and life went back to the way it was before she ever met Toushirou. Disappointingly Karin has not spotted the short captain at all during this time and she couldn't help but worry. She then decided she was done worrying about Toushirou and needed to stop thinking about him all the time. It's not as if he was thinking about her too…

Karin shook her head left and right, "If he's not going to care, then I won't either!" She dressed in an elegant red kimono with golden butterflies and dragons imprinted on the fabric. Yuzu did light make up and braided her hair in a bun, leaving a couple of strands curly.

"WOW! My beautiful daughter is finally putting on makeup and doing her hair!" Isshin hollered as he pranced around the room excitedly at the progress of turning Karin more girly. "I never thought this day would come!"

"Oh shut up dad! This is a one time deal anyways!" Karin took a good luck at herself in the mirror and huffed. A confident smile appeared as she realized she didn't want to think about the stupid boy captain anymore. As she raced off to meet her friends up at the local festival the town was having. "I don't care!"

Arriving at the center of the festival with her friends, Karin smiled radiantly at all the hustle and bustle of the festival. Huge lights, taiko drummers, big red and orange decorations filling rows of games and food stalls were unbelievably gorgeous.

With her friends dragging her all of the place, she fails to notice a noisy bunch of shinigami down the street from her.

"This is just lovely! I miss these kind of festivals in the human world" Matsumoto exclaimed dragging the unwilling Taichou along with her as Ikkaku, Yumichika, Urahara, and Orihime followed close by.

"Ah yes, a place for young lovers to confess their own dying love for each other" Urahara grinned as he eyed Hitsugaya in his blue and white yukata with dragons lined on it.

"Will Karin be here?" Orihime whispered to the group as Hitsugaya just stomped away in anger. "Hitsugaya-san is not looking too good without her."

Wandering off by himself into the crowd of happy and boisterous people, Hitsugaya couldn't help but look for a slight glimpse of her. Although it was his fault for keeping her at a distant, it would be a lot easier for the both of them when they had to part. Forever.

That still didn't stop the horrible feeling his heart gave him at night or the nightmares filled with Karin's sad face of hurt and betrayal. He missed spending time with her, their lame arguments, the competitive game of soccer they loved so much, and acting like a coup- … his thoughts trailed off as Toushirou looked up at the starry sky. "Where are you Karin?"

As if upon his request, Karin appeared right in front of his eyes at the dancing circle, surrounded by hundreds of spectators. Toushirou lost his breath for a second as his mouth dropped wide open at the sight of Karin. He has never seen her with makeup, or her hair tied up, or in a kimono, ever!

Toushirou ran right into a tree branch and fell straight on his butt, being distracted at the new and different Karin. "She must be someone else. It's as if I don't even know her." But he knew it was, with or without makeup, he knew Karin anywhere.

Back over to Karin, she was dancing to the loud music of taiko drums and heard cheering from the crowd every corner she went. She laughed very openly as her friends, Kanata and Hinitomi trying to dance together, but ended up stepping on each other's foot.

"May I have this dance Miss Karin?" A smooth voice caught her attention. She spun around to see who it was and to no surprise it was not Toushirou. She was hoping for it anyways. Dancing with complete strangers was not something Karin did every day, but she did like the attention.

As the man was about to put his hand on Karin's waist, Karin was forcefully ripped away and carried off into the forest.

"Let me go you jerk!" Karin struggled against the body that was kidnapping her from her dance date. "Who are you?"

Finally away from the huge crowd of people, Karin was let down. She angrily stomped on the intruder's foot and heard an "Ouch Karin!"

She froze in her stop as she closed her eyes to the voice she has been longing to hear again.



Both stood awkwardly away from each other, with nothing but the crickets' noise and fire flies lighting up the forest.

Karin took a quick glance at Toushirou and blushed slightly; he was very handsome for someone his height.

"Why did you kidnap me Captain Hitsugaya" Karin spat out angrily, remembering their situation. "Didn't you want to avoid me or have you just been next to me this whole week?"

Hitsugaya glared at her for calling him in such an unfriendly manner.

"I was saving you from the likes of slime ball guys like him" he huffed as Hitsugaya gazed at Karin at an angle, "You should be grateful!"

"Not to a shorty like you!"

"You are shorter than me!"

"You know what, I don't need this. I don't need your douche bag self to keep reminding me that you don't want to be my friend anymore!" Karin cried out as she turned to leave, but was pulled into an embrace.

"But I need you" he mumbled into her soft locks of black hair, "I will never stop being your friend."

Tears poured out of Karin's small eyes as she looked up at Toushirou, who gave her an apologetically smile.

"I don't understand you! You save me from a monster, give me chocolates, hang out with me, then ignore me!" Karin whipped her hand out of Hitsugaya's clutch and slapped him on the cheek.

Hitsugaya winced a little as he felt the sting of her slap on his cheek, "I'm sorry."

"Sorry is not good enough! Do you know what you put me through?" Karin choked out the words, "What's your problem!? I am sick of it!"

Hitsugaya eyes stared into the depths of Karin's as he gently placed both of his hands on her shoulders. "Do you want to know what my problem is?"

Karin nodded silently as she blinked away her tears.

"I love you.

I love your name,

I love the way you look at me,

I love your gorgeous smile,

I love the way I can be having the worst day of my life and seeing you completely changes my mood."

Toushirou cupped her cheeks in his hand and slowly leaned into Karin, foreheads touching and only a few breaths from her mouth.

"That's my problem..."

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