Description: Sora and Roxas- Coke-head rock star brothers who are on top of the world. Kairi and Naminé- 2 hooker sisters all the way on the bottom Selphie and Yuffie- 2 stalker fan-girls who happen to know everything about Sora and Roxas. T for strong substance abuse and sexual references.

Note: this has heavy reference to drugs, sex, etc. I don't however, do drugs or recommend the use of them. I feel they just make the story more interesting. Also, I don't own anything mentioned besides the storyline. But, that's quite obvious. And, Yes, 2 hookers and an 8-ball is the name of an MSI song, and I did get some inspiration from the book/movie Party Monster and Gerard Way's life and success. Enjoy, Review, and all that jazz.

The Manhattan sky was a vibrant pink colour. Many colourful characters walked down the street so famously known as 5th avenue. Some people were more noticeable than others. Some were just your everyday faceless people. Four people walked down the street. Two boys and two girls holding hands with their 'significant others'. They were vaguely familiar to everyone they passed, although nobody could quite put their fingers on who they were. Nobody except of course for a younger girl, who was a huge fan of one of the worlds most famous bands, Catatonia.

"Yuffie, look." The short poofy-haired brunette pointed at the four. The girl known as Yuffie ignored the girl and continued looking in the window of a pricey store. She daydreamed about how amazing it would be to be able to afford those clothes. "Yuffie? Yuffie?" The girl called again and again before finally shaking the girl. "Snap out of it!"

"Selphie, What is so important that you just HAD to interrupt my fab-o daydream about walking the red carpet right next to Catatonia in that little number?" She asked, slightly annoyed as she pointed to a light green dress in the window of Versace. Selphie pulled the girl down the sidewalk and away from the window, until they were right behind the familiar people.

"Because one, you don't dress anything like that, and two, they look familiar, don't they?" She asked, dropping her voice to a whisper.

"They do. A little too familiar. But they aren't and never would be.."Yuffie trailed off and waved her hands as she searched for the words. "normal looking!" she exclaimed a tad too loud.

"I guess you're right." She stopped walking sighed as she watched the four continue on in a very rockstar esque manner, a feeling formed in the pit of her stomach that maybe, just maybe it was them. And maybe they had gotten some help. That was when reason struck her, "It's impossible." she thought aloud, possibly even loud enough for them to still hear it.

Yuffie smiled sympathetically at the girl and linked arms with her. "Come on Selph cheer up, lets go get a pretzel." Selphie nodded and returned to her normally cheery state.

Little did they know the tallest of the four, a spiky haired brunette overheard the whole conversation. He smirked, putting a mask over his embarrassment for his former self. The redhead he was holding hands with looked up at him and took notice of his grin. "And just what are you so happy about, mister?"

"I'm holding hands with the most beautiful girl in the world, that's what I'm so happy about."

The redhead beamed proudly. The male blonde of the group squeezed the female blondes hand and gave her the classic sheepish grin she absolutely adored.

Yes, they were four very happy, well-grounded, successful people who were on their way to a recording studio.

But, it was not always like that. No, Nothing like that at all.