Description: Sora and Roxas- Coke-head rock star brothers who are on top of the world. Kairi and Naminé- 2 hooker sisters all the way on the bottom Selphie and Yuffie- 2 stalker fan-girls who happen to know everything about Sora and Roxas. T for strong substance abuse and sexual references.

Note: this has heavy reference to drugs, sex, etc. I don't however, do drugs or recommend the use of them. I feel they just make the story more interesting. Also, I don't own anything mentioned besides the storyline. But, that's quite obvious. And, Yes, 2 hookers and an 8-ball is the name of an MSI song, and I did get some inspiration from the book/movie Party Monster and Gerard Way's life and success. Review, and all that jazz.


Adam Lazzara had five minutes since finished prancing across the stage in his flannel shirt and loose black jeans with the accompaniment of his band. Taking Back Sunday roadies took apart the stage as Catatonia Roadies began to set up the elaborate scene drawn by none other than Naminé and their equipment.

Nobody from Catatonia clan had seen the massive amount of people that took up the arena. They were all stuffing their faces in the lounge. Also, they wanted to be surprised. They didn't need to stand on the side of the stage while Taking Back Sunday or the smaller bands before them played. They could hear through the paper-thin walls just fine.

Marluxia came back into the lounge; he was the only one of the whole group who had decided to go watch from the side of the stage. Really, he was just watching the crowd rather than the band. "Oh my god, you guys are going to flip! There is not one empty seat in the upper levels and not one empty spot on that floor."

Sora went pale. "Are-are you serious?"

Marluxia shook his head. "You remember how huge this place is, yeah?"

Sora nodded. He could hear the music that filled the arena from Demyx's iPod. The song was Muse's 'Glorious'. One of the most inspirational pieces of music Sora could say he had ever heard. Somehow it relieved Sora. It wasn't that he had stage fright; if he did there would be no Catatonia. It was just he didn't like the idea of huge crowds in one place. As long as he didn't have to be in the crowd it was okay he supposed. But the thought was enough to nauseate him. The comfort of one of his favourite songs and the smell of popcorn and hotdogs from the seemingly infinite amount of concession stands in the arena distracted him.

Marluxia examined the boys who had changed into their stage costumes during the time they had been apart. "Oh good, you guys changed already. One less thing I have to nag you about. Alright My Catatonia boys, up up up." Marluxia said with his notorious clap. "Everyone run around the room a few times. Sora and Axel, warm up those pipes while doing so. This is a big night for us. We have to be at the top of our game. You all know the set list, yes?"

"Yes, Marluxia we studied it in the cabs." Axel said with a groan. Groans came from the other lazy young men as they set down their plates of the complimentary gourmet buffet food. With one last swig of sprite, Sora rose to his feet and began his major scales. Axel accompanied in his usual melodious back-up harmony.

As Kairi watched the five men circle the small red room she began to grow dizzy. She averted her attention to the commotion in the hallway where some photographers snapped pictures of the bands they were hired by as they casually walked around. They walked past the lounge and down the halls that led to the doors all the VIP's were instructed to use.

"See anything interesting out there?" Naminé asked Kairi.

"Not really, just trying to keep from being dizzy."

"Same here. They must have stomachs made of steel to jump around like that after totally pigging out. Let alone go in circles like that. I could barf just glancing at them."

With a snort Kairi said, "Classy."

"I could say the same for you, my wee little piggy." Naminé pinched Kairi's cheek with a chuckle.

"You and Roxas act very much alike, you know. I'm beginning to see what Sora means by when he says "the old Roxas" is back."

"What do you mean?"

"Sora told me Roxas is starting to act like his old self. More carefree, and kinda silly. Maybe you two are beginning to, I dunno, rub off on each other. I mean with the way you two hang out, I wouldn't doubt it. It's expected for people to become alike whe-"

Naminé cut Kairi off by putting her hand over her mouth. "Okay, I get it motormouth."

Kairi spit and slobbered all over Naminé's hand. When Naminé pulled away in disgust, Kairi could only offer a cheeky smile. It was rewarded with her own spit being wiped onto Kairi's purple tights, which were under a pair of jean shorts.

"Nami! That made a dark spot!" She whined.

"Think twice before you slobber all over me!"

"Think twice before you cover my mouth!"

Before Naminé could argue further, a portly and somewhat balding man with a headset and giant stadium staff shirt came into the lounge. "All members of Catatonia and VIP are needed at the stage, thank you." He quickly said before running off to do the next important thing.

"This is it boys! How does it feel to play your first real show in about 4 months?"

They all responded with a deep breath. Sora's hand made its way to Kairi's through all the hustle. "C'mon."

They filed into the narrow cream coloured hallway with Sora in the lead passing a random band member or two along the way. They would all pat Sora on the back and give a good luck to the rest of the band.

Sora dragged Kairi along somewhat behind him, and somewhat next to him. Followed by Marluxia with his nose in the air, and then were Roxas and Naminé with Roxas' arm slinked around Naminé's tiny shoulders. Demyx Riku and Axel fidgeted amongst themselves in the back.

All the roadies had cleared the stage and now paraded towards the band in the direction of the free food in the staff lounge, which naturally was less exquisite than the bands lounge. Only a few of the men stayed, that of which were the tech staff. They stood at the dark end of the hallway which was also the entrance to the immediate backstage area with guitars, drumsticks, and microphones in hand and ready for action.

The backstage area was dark, and deceiving in size. It was really quite bigger than it seemed. There were about 5 stairs up to the stage, but the backstage area they stood in shielded them from the crowd. Also, it shielded the sound equipment that was stationed there from any rain that could fall into the stadium. The wall made the crowd almost impossible to see. Yet, they had a pretty good view of the stage.

The crowd yelled "Catatonia" in unison which gave them all a rough idea of just how many people were crowded into the stadium. They really had no idea.

"Naminé! It looks amazing!" Roxas praised in a just barely audible yell over the crowd.

"Holy shit, she was useful for once." Sora remarked. "Nice going, ditz."

Before Naminé could hurt him, Marluxia grabbed her shoulder. "It looks really, just, amazing. Look at me, I can barely speak." He said with a chuckle.

She received a few more 'nice job's before the guys had to start getting ready with the help of the techies. Marluxia took both girls to the side before handing the boys their setlists to study one last time. "Now, we're going to be right on this side of the stage. You can't really see it from here, but where we'll be standing; we'll have to go left, sort of further back on the stage. But not behind the big banner Naminé designed. Then we won't see anything. Don't worry; we aren't out in the middle of the stage. All the places we'll be going too are pretty much just like this. Got all that?"

Confused, the girls looked at each other and then back to Marluxia simply giving an unsure nod. Marluxia rolled his eyes and went over to tend to the boys. Demyx and Roxas mainly, who were already tangled up in some wire.

Sora approached Kairi one more time before the show and placed his hands on her shoulders. "Enjoy the show, okay?"

"Of course. Break a leg." He began to turn to grab his microphone when she turned him back for a passionate kiss. "It's for good luck, now get."

With his trademark sexy bad-boy grin he turned back towards the techie, who while wearing the shirt that read 'head of tech staff' strapped some minor equipment on the young stars slender body.

The same tech-man then asked, once he was done with Sora, if everyone was ready. With a nod from everyone, he went over to the man at the backstage sound and lights board and told him to cut Demyx's ipod, turn down the lights, and get the walk-on song on.

Simultaneously the song Kingdom by Dave Gahan stopped streaming from Demyx's ipod and into the arena, as did the lights; and the crowd knew it was time. If it was at all possible, their roaring became even louder. Their walk on song "Oh Fortuna" by Carl Orff began to blare even louder than the crowd. They had at least 2 minutes before they actually had to run onstage.

Kairi and Naminé grabbed the earplugs out of Marluxias offering hand and stuffed them into their ears. It was a weird thing about earplugs, because they enhanced the live music experience by drowning out the crowd and filtering the music through, somehow. The two minutes into the song they had flew past, Marluxia pushed them out onstage yelling "Go, go go!" As if he was a military general.

They seemed to light the stage with their presence. They ran into position, Sora being the last one to come out with his arms raised in the air and his mouth open wide in pure shock. The crowd could not be described as just massive; it was so far beyond describing just how many people had showed up. It sent shivers down his spine. In his left and dominant hand, he held his wireless microphone. Taking front and center stage, he put a foot put on the center pedal-board and waved his hands as if to beckon the crowd to come closer. To the two girls in front and center, he was a silhouette due to the bright lights that shone behind him, they screamed like their heads were about to pop off nevertheless. Actually, if the crowd surged against them any harder their heads just may have. To Kairi and Naminé, the crowd screamed as loud as they did prior to putting in the earplugs. To hear it without would be painful.

Sora jumped up and down, still without any words to the thousands of people as Riku began to bang the drums to start the beginning of 'Out Here All Night', Marluxia signaled to the girls that it was time to file into the VIP side-stage area. It wasn't until they were in their standing area that they could appreciate the amount of people. Their expressions were very similar to that of Sora's. Pure shock.

The stage illuminated the five young men who were far beyond driven, headbanging and just having a good time doing what they loved. Sora returned to his starting position with his one foot on the pedal-board. He tapped his leg along with the beat and shook his head as he sang with all he had in him.

Kairi and Naminé watched the young men they had grown to love in the course of a few months with such adoration and support. They observed the thousands of fangirls who longed to be one of the five young men's girls. Yet, there stood the most unlikely love interests of the two most desired members of what possibly was the biggest band since the Beatles.

The song ended on the unanimous stroke of a single sharp note followed by Sora's address to the crowd. "How are we feeling New York City? I tell you, I am so happy to be here and share with you, this wonderful night." The crowd replied in an overly-enthusiastic cheer. He chuckled into the mic sheepishly at the flattering remarks he could make out in the midst of the screams. He looked out into the dark crowd, for the lights were only on the stage. "God there is a fuckin' lot of ya. Someone get the house lights on."

As if he were controlling the lights himself, the whole stadium turned into vast a sea of heads with an orangey hue. "I tell ya. This is what makes it all worthwhile. You guys are something else." There were more screams and shrieks. "So I tell you what, this one is for you. You might know this song. This song is called…." He looked around, darting his eyes from the left to the right of the arena. The sparkle in his blue eyes could be seen by all, as here were about 3 different screens he was projected on. "Miracle." Was the word that rolled of his tongue. It was also the word that made the crowd go nuts. It rained crowdsurfers on the poor people in the front all throughout the popular song.

After a few more songs of chaotic crowdsurfers and mosh-pits, Roxas took over Sora's mic as Sora took a swig of water. "Hey, who out there thinks this stage looks absolutely bitchin?"

Meanwhile, a few meters to the side of the stage the lively colour in Naminé's face drained. "He wouldn't."

When the crowd stopped their cheering, he continued. "You lucky little fuckers get to see it before the rest of the country does. Well, I have a little something to tell you. A very amazing girl I know designed the whole thing by herself. And you see our sexy little get-ups? Well she designed those too."

"He couldn't."

"And what I'd like to do now is introduce her to you." Using a monotonous voice he made pretend he was calling her over an intercom in a bland office building. "Ms. Naminé to the front and center stage please. Ms. Naminé, to the front and center stage please."

Kairi turned to Naminé who was violently shaking her head back and forth. "No, no, no. Do you see how many people are out there?"

"Yes, and that's why you're coming with me." She grabbed Naminé's arm and pulled her a decent distance. "Don't try to fight it. I may be your little sister, but I know I'm a lot stronger than you are."

"Kairi, No!" She screamed. But it was too late. She was already tugged out onto the left of the stage. Roxas rushed over to aid Kairi in the pulling. Once had Naminé in the center with Roxas, she gave a small salute. "I'll be going now."

"I think not." Said a voice over the speakers as arms wrapped around her waist simultaneously. "This is someone else I'd like everyone to meet. I understand how unprofessional this is, but we'll make it up to you by extending the time. This is our show so we call the shots. Ladies and Gents, this is Kairi incase you were wondering. And she is the most amazing thing to ever happen to me. Everyone say hello Kairi!"

There were a few boos from some of the hardcore Sora fangirls, but from the real fans came the unanimous chant of a "Hi Kairi" Showing that New York City really could have some real fans that were just truly happy for him.

"And this here would e the designer of the stage." Chimed Roxas' voice from another microphone. "Didn't she do an awesome job?" Naminé's face became a pinkish colour as Roxas gave her a hug and kiss on the cheek. Sora turned his microphone off and whispered an "I love you" into her ear before placing a kiss on her lips in front of thousands of people. This naturally, caused a few more fans to boo than last time. But negativity doesn't reach cloud nine, so it went unheard.

To be continued.

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