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This story was Almost Not Re-Written for your Reading PLEASURE!

The sound of shoes slapping against waterlogged pavement echoed loudly against the night in the abandoned alley. His dark brown hair was sticking to his skin uncomfortably as well as his black school uniform. What had started at a run through an unbidden downpour turned into the annoying feel of water, sweat, and cloth rubbing against his skin in the cool night of spring. His breathing was shallow as he'd been running for quite some time now, nearly non-stop for he knew if his pursuers caught up to him, he would be in serious trouble. So, he kept running, listening for instructions from on of the few who could help him at this hour of night, for he was one of the night himself.

'Turn right, Tantei-kun.'

He threw his body in said direction, his shoes worn with the use he was exerting upon them. The dirt and the muck long-since ruining them in his flight. His bow-tie was now useless as it had been broken by his being thrown into a wall, his watch without the precious tranquilizer needles; used for buying him time, time that seemed too little to gain ground away from his pursuers. His body ached from the excursion he was putting himself through, yet he kept running, knowing it was all he could do. The police could wait, for he had far too much to do still to allow himself to die at the hands of those currently chasing him down.

'Turn left!'

The command was sudden, and once more he threw himself in the direction instructed, and quickly found himself slipping and rolling down a slope. He landed roughly, causing him a moment of panic.

'Get up, quickly! Throw yourself into the water and swim under the shadow of the bridge. It's not that far, and I'll be there to help you out!'

He wheezed, "That's way easier said than done."

He threw himself into the water, its temperature shocking him for a moment, yet alerting him to the need to keep moving, keep breathing. It would be over soon, he was going to be safe and that's all that mattered to him at the moment.

When he finally reached the shadow he scrambled to the sidewalk and heard two sets of footsteps rush over, 'Quickly now!'

He was pulled abruptly by two sets of hands, and than roughly placed on the back of another. It was after a moment of disorientation he realized that the other person was a female, both by shape and scent, "What's going o-"

'There's no time kid, just relax and go to sleep. You'll need it.'

With those words said, Kudo Shinichi, currently known as Edogawa Conan passed out.

For those left in the world of the waking, one Nakamori Aoko walked briskly in a daze, slightly confused behind her childhood friend Kuroba Kaito.

His pace was quick and unbidden as his navy blue button-up shirt and dark brown hair shifted in the spring breeze. "Kaito, what's going o-"

"Not out here."

Aoko blinked, startled by her friend's tone of voice, yet kept her thoughts silent as she followed, matching his pace. Her long-sleeved sweater was soaked through, along with some of the back of her jeans, making their pace uncomfortable and her body cold. Yet, she knew she couldn't complain, for the 12 year-old on her back had to be freezing despite his seemingly peaceful sleep. She swallowed heavily and sighed shakily, becoming upset with the situation she was finding herself in. Despite her frustrations, Aoko trusted Kaito, and knew that she needed to follow him without question.

Whatever was going on between him and this boy had been going on for some time, and from what she could tell by her friend's behavior, was that something had gone wrong.

Kaito slowed his pace down to a stop in front of a seemingly abandoned warehouse's doorway. After a moment of thought Kaito jimmied the lock with an expertise of an escape-artist magician and moved to the side to allow her passage before following quickly behind her and closing the surprisingly silent doors.

With lock once more in place, Kaito took the lead once more and soon Aoko found herself going underground. She was becoming increasingly confused, but kept her peace. She soon began to notice the boy's breathing change slightly to that of one who was becoming sick with cold. "Kaito…"

He shifted his head slightly in her direction, "Yeah..?"

Aoko breathed a moment, "I think he's getting sick already."

She heard Kaito mumble something before addressing her again, "Can you walk a little faster?"

Thinking his words over, and controlling her temper long enough to realize he was genuinely asking her she answered, "Nothing short of jogging."

"For how long do you think you could handle it?"

She pondered this a moment, "I don't know. For as long as you need?"

Kaito paused in his step, yet kept moving, "Than I need you to move just a little bit faster. We'll be at my house soon, but it might be a bit of a stretch."

Aoko nodded, "Ok."

Kaito than picked up his pace and soon Aoko was jogging just a few paces behind him. It was difficult, carrying her load without dropping him, but she managed it due to her determination. The tunnel they were currently running through still caused questions to surface, but she kept them silent.

It was the least, and yet the most Kaito had ever asked of her.

When his consciousness returned to him his senses immediately picked up as much information as possible without the necessity of sight.

He was warm, tucked under a soft old blanket that smelled of nutmeg and age in a room that had a soft yellow light to prevent most of the pain that comes when trying to open your eyes after sleeping. His body ached, but had been rested for a while now so the pain wasn't nearly as intense as before. He was also dry, except for his hair which was just slightly damp with the smell of a shampoo he knew Ran used. It was strange, but he felt cleaner than before, which while it was nice, it also disturbed him to know someone had undressed him, bathed him, and than clothed him without his notice. Once these things had been noted he tuned in to the voices speaking near him.

'-to, calm down. You're making me nervous with all of your fidgeting.'

'You'd be nervous too if you knew who he was.'

'…That doesn't make any sense!'

"Well, it's nice to see you're finally away, Tantei-kun."

Shinichi opened his eyes abruptly, blinking before meeting the gaze of a young man who could probably pass as an almost-perfect copy of himself at his true age. He immediately scrutinized the man in front of him, his gaze sharp and awake, "Why do you look like that, and why am I dry?"

His look-alike tilted his head slightly while raising an eyebrow, looking at him slightly amused, "Why, what do you mean by that? I had Jii-chan clean you up. You could be at least a little grateful."

Shinichi growled, "You know exactly what I mean K-!"

The other raised his hand, tsking at him, "Ah, ah, ah! Tantei-kun. I have a guest here that I'd appreciate you not blowing my already fully blown cover to."

Shinichi blinked as he decided to partially sit up and lean on his left arm as he finally noticed the other person in the room. It was the female from before, in different clothing than he'd remembered briefly taking note of, "Uh…"

The woman who a second ago seemed confused, angry, and about ready scream quickly became flushed and bashful. Shinichi blinked and looked back that him, "Please, do not tell me your voice is naturally like that, and that you're not in disguise."

While the girl was more confused, but also interested, her friend just smiled in that insanely annoying manner that drove the Kaitou KID Task Force into a frothing mess of frustration and anger only served to prove his slowly blossoming assumptions into a bone chilling confirmation. "Oh hell no."

The other laughed for a few moments before calming himself long enough to speak, "I'm sorry Tantei-kun, but seriously. We do actually have the same natural voice. Unlike you though, I can sing like a bird and impersonate people without any technological help, while you my dear friend, cannot."

Shinichi blushed deeply, "Does everyone have to knock me for being tone deaf!?!"

He looked at him for a moment, pausing. "Yup."

Shinichi sighed heavily and flopped back onto the bed he was currently occupying. "So, you're really not in disguise."

"Nope, just as much as you aren'- Well anyway. You feel like getting up? 'Cause you and I have some talking to do, and some explaining to do. Though, I'll probably be beaten by the end of all this…"

Shinichi quirked an eyebrow, looking between the other two in the room, "Beaten?"

Aoko smirked and posed, raising a fist, "I have a mean usage for mops. They're way better than the conventional weapon."

Shinichi couldn't help but inch slightly away from the now-dubbed madwoman, the blood draining from his face a bit, 'She's totally nuts…'