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Chapter 2: Memory of Alpha

'We can't talk anymore.'

Her eyes snapped open as she jerked awake, the remnants of her dream causing her to breath heavily to stop the torrent of emotion that continuously berated her.

Mouri Ran, at age 23, still could not let go of her first love.

Her love began in the rain, and it was shattered in the rain. Everything about the situation had been wrong, yet, what could she do to refute the words spoken?

She continuously replayed the situation in her mind when the dream re-occurred, picking at it for clues and new revelations.

Each time she came up mostly short except for one thing. Conan would become increasingly clearer in her mind, and his reaction more and more distressing.

She began her morning routine and once again began replaying the events that took place on that cold, rainy October night 5 years ago when her world was dropped out from beneath her.

And now, she ponders, perhaps it was the same for Edogawa Conan, her ward for over a year at the time…

Everything froze in time. Her breathing stopped as she waited with baited breath for him to refute what he'd just spoken. His hair obscured his face in deep shadow under the lamplight near the Mouri Detective Agency. She'd just barely made it back with Conan from a case, and now this…

"Shinichi, what do you mean we can't talk anymore?" a slight smile of denial started to appear on her face, "Is this some sort of joke? I mean-"


She stopped her mad rush of words, waiting.

"It's for your own good we don't talk anymore. I can't let our friendship, our feelings, get in the way of what I need to do."

Panic seized her, and she ran over to him, grabbing him by the arms and jolting him to look her in the eyes, "How can you say that!?! After all this time, after all we've been though!?! How am I supposed to just leave that all behind, stupid!?!"

The young man in front of her simply held his gaze to hers, his eyes speaking something with despair. "It can't be helped Ran. Now, Let. Go."

She shuddered, gripping him harder, "NO! Not unless I get an honest explanation! Shinichi!"

Just as suddenly as she had gripped him, he gripped her and pushed her away from him. Shocked at his rejection, she slipped suddenly, completely unable to even try to catch herself in her surprise. Yet, just as she thought she would feel pain she felt strong hand catch her despite their small size, and with a strength that couldn't possibly be there, he gently lowered her onto the ground and held her, seething at the one under the light.

Conan was absolutely livid.

His body was trembling with his internal rage, his breath ragged and hoarse in his sudden loss of emotional control, "How dare you treat Ran like absolutely nothing. I don't know why you bothered to come here in person to say that, but I swear if you ever come near either of us again, I'll-"

Ran swiftly gripped Conan's arm, stopping his tirade, "Conan stop!"

He whipped his gaze to her, raindrops flicking around him as their eyes made contact. Conan's eyes spoke of so much she couldn't even begin to fathom what was going on in the young boy's mind. But if there was anything she knew for sure, he was in pain, and he was angry. Angrier than she had even known him to become.

It only further made her think of how like Shinichi he was. Collected and calm most of the time, until that one thing set him off, and than BAM! His anger would top off.

When the two of them looked back to where 'Shinichi' had been standing, they found nothing. Not even a flittering shadow in the distance.

Ran made her way through the streets of Tokyo until her cell phone suddenly went off. Startled, she continued her pace towards school, "Hello?"

A groggy female's voice spoke hoarsely, "Ran?"

"Aoko-chan!" She heard a sniffle from her new friend, "What's wrong?"

Aoko sniffled a bit more before replying, "A lot, and yet nothing at all… Can you come to my friend Kaito's?"

Ran quirked an eyebrow, "Kaito's?"

"Yeah… Where are you now?"

After exchanging information Ran quickly made a call to a few classmates before hoofing it to where her friend was.

Ran was standing in front of 'Kaito's house' after walking for an exhausting 20 minutes around an unknown part (to her) of Tokyo. She rang the doorbell, adjusting her dark red sweater and dusting off her jeans. The door opened after a short moment revealing a woman around the age of Ran's mother who held a bright and yet weathered look about her. The woman's azure eyes held onto her own blue one's as if studying her for a moment before she smiled warmly, "Come right in, dear. You're Aoko's friend, Mouri Ran, yes?"

She nodded, her chocolate colored hair bobbing in time with the movement.

The woman closed the door behind her and started leading her through the house, "I'm Kuroba Akiko, Kaito's mother. If you need anything, just ask, alright?"

Ran nodded mutely, rather surprised at how spacious and yet compact the inside of the home was. After a moment's time she entered the living room and found herself the center of the attention of three individuals.

Aoko was the first person she made eye contact with as she froze in her spot. In the meantime, Kaito's mother swiftly left the group of college students to themselves. The second individual Ran made contact with was the one who she assumed was 'Kaito,' a young man who looked almost completely identical to Shinichi outside of a few glaring differences that only she and Aoko (if she were to ever meet Shinichi in person) would ever notice, and finally…

For a moment, she felt like electricity had gone through her as their equally surprised gazes met.

The young bespectacled boy she once knew during her high school days was now an even more mature 12 year old, his name leaving her lips breathlessly without her even realizing, "Conan-kun…"

He just stared in return, his mouth slightly agape for a moment before Kaito nudged him back into reality, "Oh! Ran-neechan… What a coincidence…" All Shinichi could do was quickly give a glancing glare at Kaito for having not warned him about Aoko's friend being Ran of all people, and all Kaito could do was shrug offhandedly, mouthing the words, 'Well, how was I supposed to know?'

Conan's momentary distraction had been enough for Ran to snap out of her daze and go over to the boy she once took care of, and hugged him close to herself, crying tears of relief at finally being able to see him again.

Shinichi was once again shocked, now by Ran's actions and he suddenly couldn't help but hug her back just as ferociously as she was hugging him.

For Kaito, it was like seeing two star-crossed lovers reunited again, while Aoko was just confused by the display. After waiting for a few moments, Aoko spoke up, "You know him Ran?"

Ran let go of Conan and wiped her tears away as she replied, "Yeah, I watched over him until I left for college and moved out…" On his insistence…

Aoko's eyes widened, "I didn't even realize… Now I remember." Aoko glared at Kaito, "I remember seeing him at a couple of KID's heists a few years back."

Kaito grinned sheepishly while Conan shook his head in slightly dismay, "Can we get on with this?"

The three young adults focused on the 'pre-teen' sitting in front of them. Ran shifted into a new spot at the small tea table the other three were sitting around. "Good. Now, I've waited half a decade for an explanation from you Kaitou, and since my father was the one who hired you to make my life hell, I suggest you start talking. Now."

Kaito brushed a bead of sweat that trickled down the side of his face with the back of his hand. If there was anything a thief hated, it was getting interrogated. Yet, no one caused the new-age Lupin as much enjoyment or anxiousness as the shrunken new-age Sherlock Holmes.

"Personally, I myself don't know what I should honestly tell you. I was actually more horrified by both of your parents ganging up on me…"

Shinichi quirked an eyebrow, "What do you- You mean to tell me they screwed with your head before they hired you?"

Kaito sighed dramatically, leaning back on his arms languidly, "I guess I'll tell you what happened to cause everything to go crashing at our feet. You're not the only one who was devastated, Tantei-san."

Conan snarled at the fellow male while Kaito just ignored him. "Well, Ran-neechan, it's time for everything to be explained… You see, everything started a week before 'Shinichi' appeared before you and Conan-kun here…"

He had just completed his most difficult heist yet. It was cold, it was rainy, he'd barely had any sleep the night before due to a massive research project due, and he'd managed to escape getting shot at by a random sniper that was later located and found to have committed suicide before authorities could reach them. It was a trend of The Organization, a sad one that bothered the Kaitou's conscious sometimes late at night.

Though currently, all Kuroba Kaito, currently known as the infamous international phantom thief Kaitou KID, wanted to do was sleep. His bed called out to him, yet, he had to pause on his journey home and wait. Wait for the moon to come out from the cloud covering just one more time to kiss the jewel in his hand and learn whether or not he had found her. The Pandora Gem. Lifting the gem up to the sky he waited, and just as the moon came out of its hiding place and shone its light, a shot rang out, the bullet striking at his feet and startling him. He quickly turned around and pulled out his card gun, aiming and putting the gem away into his sleeve for safe-keeping until he returned it.

Kaito shifted and looked around, the charm on his monocle shifting in the wind, glistening softly when moonbeams touched it. His white cape billowed behind him in the turbulent winds of the upcoming storm. His white suit, despite the bad weather, had managed to stay perfectly clean along with his white top hat and shoes.

Sweat trickled down his temple as he waited, his eyes shifting through the shadows as he made his way towards the edge of the building, knowing that if he had to flee, he could use his hang-glider, despite its risk, the winds would make his get-away much faster than usual.

After a few more moments of nerve wracking silence, footsteps could be heard against the gravel and cement of the rooftop, a feint deep chuckle carried in the wind, "So this is the infamous Kaitou Kid? Seems a little too… young to be the same guy… Unless he found Pandora… Which I doubt greatly."

"I agree Aniki."

Kaito's eyes widened as two men wearing black came out from the covering of the shadows. His heart pounded in his throat as he took note of both of them having drawn guns on them. He took a moment to take in their appearance. The first one was a tall, lean man with cold unforgiving green eyes, and long blonde hair. He held a cigarette in his mouth, as his hat covered most of his appearance. The second man simply looked like an Al Capone rip-off, both wearing black clothing.

Kaito swallowed and smiled, "You guys are really unoriginal… Didn't you hear? White is the new blac-" Another shot from a gun rang out, hitting near his feet. Kaito jumped a bit, but tried to hold onto his Poker Face as they came closer, until they were 10 feet apart.

The blonde one, known as Gin, smiled wickedly, "We've let you free for long enough, Kaitou KID. It's time for you to accept your fate for having betrayed the Organization, and not finishing what we hired you out for…"

Kaito's mind was spinning, things were so much like what happened between him and Snake, he was frozen, completely unable to move as the blonde's finger pulled back the trigger with a loud bang and-


Confetti and a sign popped out of 'Gin's' barrel as the words 'GOTCHA!!!' swept through Kaito's mind.

Kaito had just fallen for the stupidest and most horrific trap set up by an ex-actress and mystery novelist ever.

"…So that's how they got you."

Kaito glowered at Conan, "Hey, I may not have met them personally, but your parents…"

Shinichi waved a hand, "Keh. My parents are absolutely insane, and now you know what I've dealt with my whole life. But I have to ask, what was it they threatened you with to actually get you to do that to us, and trust I would have you arrested within the next 24 hours?"

Kaito smiled, sweating slightly as he rubbed the back of his head, "Uh, well… I'd… really rather not get into that…"

Shinichi raised an eyebrow before rolling his eyes, "Whatever…"

Ran looked between the two boys before something clicked, her eyes widening. While she had noticed how like Shinichi Conan was, she had always trusted he'd tell her. Yet, after she'd gone to college, she'd completely forgotten about Edogawa Conan, and how he'd always seem so unusually intelligent, far more than a prodigy.

And now she could finally have her answer, her confirmation without Conan even having to say it, because the infamous Kaitou KID had stolen it from him and placed it right in her lap.

Edogawa Conan was truly Kudo Shinichi, and it was all Ran had ever begun to care about knowing.

Shinichi was alive. He was well, and he was still very much so in her life.

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