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Izzy Daniels sat on his bed, staring down at the photo in his hands. His little sister had taken it about a week ago when he and his jump-rope team, the 'Red Hot Chilli Steppers', had been in a break while practicing. Mary Smith was leaning against Izzy and he was playing with her hair, laughing. Shauna Keaton and Keisha Ray had linked arms and were laughing along with Izzy. They hadn't known that Karin Daniels was there until they heard the snap and spun around to see her laughing and running off. He had later managed to get the photo off her once it had been developed and had framed it.

Suddenly, there was a tap on the window and Izzy looked up to see Mary kneeling by the window, grinning at him. Izzy grinned back and got up to open the window. He would've invited her in, but he was conscious of the fact that his dad was in the next room and his sister was just across the hall. He grabbed a hoodie and then climbed out the window and joined her on the fire escape.

"Hey," he said and grinned again.

"Hey," she replied and flicked her long hair over her shoulder. She went back to the ladder and climbed up after her. When they got onto her floor she sat down on the steps leading up another level. He leaned against the metal railing and smiled down at her. "What were you staring at?" Izzy frowned in confusion. "You were sitting on your bed and staring at something…"

"Oh, yeah, that picture that Karin took," Izzy replied. "When we were at a break." Mary laughed softly.

"Oh, that one," she answered. Izzy pushed his afro hair away from his forehead and then sat down on the step next to Mary. She licked her lips nervously and glanced at him out of the corner of her eye. "So…" she wondered what to say. Izzy nodded and replied,

"So…" Then their eyes met and they both let out a nervous laughs. Izzy put his arm casually back on the step behind her and Mary felt her stomach clench as it touched her side. They fell into a tense silence again and Izzy wondered whether he should take his arm back or not. But just as he was moving his arm away, Mary caught his hand and pulled him closer to her. Izzy grinned as their lips collided against each other. When they pulled apart, Izzy pushed her hair away from her face and smiled at her.

"You know something?"

"Mmph?" She mumbled.

"You ain't too bad at kissing," he told her with a grin. Mary rolled her eyes and replied,

"You ain't too bad either."

"Why thank-you," Izzy replied, and then kissed her again gently. Mary smiled against his mouth and wrapped her arms around him.

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