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Childhood Friend

Lily's Point of View

I remember thoughts

That what I could do

Everyone could do

I didn't once think

That I was unique

In a Muggle town


I remember that

Sister Petunia

Knew not all could do

The magical things

The wonderful things

Sister Saw me do


Mother and Father

The difference saw

But still loved me

And of anyone else

They could not have known

I was all they knew


Then you showed up

A bat like creature

Scaring a flower

Yet a child like me

Yet different too

Truth coming to me


Petunia I think

Magic disdained

Not from a hatred

But from jealousy

This divided us

I she disdained


She called us freaks

Because we were friends

And she could not be

Part of our friendship

She never did like you

Before we two met


Though friends we once were

We had differences

It became clearer

As the years passed

I was Gryffindor

You were Slytherin


But it was more clear

That day you did it

Calling me that name

Mudblood with disdain

They had all wondered

Why we had been friends


You were blind you know

You saw me as pure

But not others like me

He would not let me live

One who was like me

I was not Pure Blood


I too though was blind

James I loved deer

But thus you did love me

But choice you did make

Choose my life over theirs

In asking of him


He refused too

And another plan made

You turned to him

Equally he was

Thus I he could save

And you left the dark


Only to come to find

That the babe had lived

And I had died

Yet he would be back

It was not yet done

There was one path left


That was to protect

Little you knew

You haters the boy

Yet for me you did

Protect him from death

And made up for wrongs


In the end you thought

This is all for not

But in the very end

Alright it turned

And I will thank you

My childhood friend

Author's note - There were people wanting to say there is no way that Snape can have had feelings for Lily. But in the seventh book, it was proven. Snape/Lilly is a canon pairing, though it is a one sided love affair. But their true friendship presented in book seven, this is what these four poems are about. They are from the veiw oints of the four people it most effected. Lily, Snape, Petunia and Harry. Please enjoy.