Childhood Friend

Harry's Point of View

Well, who would have thought

Lily, Severus

They were once good friends

But who would have thought

That about great him

Albus Dumbledore


There isn't really

Much for me to say

It was odd to find

Out in the very end

How much he held deer

A female Mudblood


Ironic isn't it

But sad just the same

I am a young one

In comparison

I hold no judgement

For it was not wrong


I hold him esteemed

Unlike I once did

I now respect him

I now understand

More then I once did

About your old friend

Author's note - The next generation, that one that doesn't live it, are more likely to be forgiving and looking at the whole picture once it is revealed. In comparison, it is to the majority of the members of the Marauders. They frowned upon Snape from the first time they met him. Harry now has more understanding of Snape and Lily's relationship then any of the Marauders ever had. I have to say had, because they are all gone, are they not?