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Skinny Model

I've watched many years
I've watched very carefully
I know what you are
Though obviously you don't see it

No, you wouldn't see it
No, not the truth at all
You think you're so perfect
You pureblood fool

So what is it that I see
Perhaps that others don't
That would make you imperfect
That you would never believe

When you break a nail
You dance cross common room floor
Screaming like a banshee
Until fixed someone spells it

You constantly tease all other girls
About your oh so perfect figure
But perhaps your just too skinny
As the bones in your hand show

You've dared other Slytherin girls
To fit your size of clothes
Only to burst out laughing
When with tears they rip them

Your teeth are clean white
A perfect set of teeth
But against that pale skin
Your face is a pasty moon

Paleness for a Slytherin
That definitely is an ideal
But so much one looks ill
And on the verge of death?

You don't bare your stomach
To sometimes get looks
For isn't that what girls
From other houses do?

We purebloods do like to stare
Pretty you definitely are
But also ridiculous at the same
Yet you will never see this

You gaze through magazines
Talking about the latest trend
They're the only thing you read
It's no wonder you fail school

And in them are your role models
Girls and women just like you
You all think your pretty
But in reality, your just bone skinny models

Author's note - Fans of Pansy will hate this poem. Some will accuse me of character bashing. But how can one be character bashing when what presented is the truth? Pansy is not the cute little actress who plays her in the movies. She is what this poem states she is, though this may be exaggerated. But if you don't believe me, go to Rowling's site and read what she says about skinny models. She actually goes and says that she hopes her daughters will have common sense like Hermione and not like Pansy.

3/2/2010: This is the edited version, with corrections made. My question is, why didn't people notice, I wrote SLytherin, instead of Slytherin? *sigh* Took someone not reviewing the fanfic, to do something about it. The only thing ever pointed out was your and you're…