Description: Originally this was 'Save a horse, ride a cowboy'. For obvious reasons this song is rated 'T' and therefore has it's own story. James and Sirius about a random night out.

Dedication: To that little kid from the fair that was singing this when I got the idea

Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter or Big and Rich

Save a broom, ride a Seeker.

"Well, I walked into the room passing out gallons and it killed and it thrilled like the horns on that Muggle grill." Sirius bragged to Peter as they sat around the common room fire.

"I bought the pub a double round, and everybody's getting down. An' that town ain't never gonna be the same. 'Cause we saddle up our brooms, and we flew into the city. I made a lot of noise 'cause the girls they are so pretty." James put in, leaning one arm on Sirius' shoulder.

"Flew up and down Broadway on our old school brooms. And those girls said Sa--" Sirius started.

"Save a broom, ride a Seeker." James told him loudly. He smiled, holding his fire whisky bottle up to Lily in a toast.

"Everybody says 'Save a broom, Ride a Quiddich player." Sirius corrected him.

"Well I don't give a dang about nothing. I was talking and flirting, while the girls are drinking long necks down!" James winked at Lily before pouring a shot for himself.

"And I wouldn't trade my ol' broom or my wand for their Volkswagen or their freak parades." Sirius continued as Remus watched them, shaking his head. "We're the only Merlins left in that town!"

"I saddled up my broom, and I flew into the city. I made a lot of noise cause the girls they were so pretty. Flying up and down Broadway on my old broom. And the girls said Save a broom, ride a Seeker.

"Everybody said 'Save a broom, Ride a Beater'." Sirius corrected him in mock anger.

"'I'm a pureblood' that's what she said in the back of that pup. I was gettin' buzzed on butterbeer. Out on some Muggle country road, we were flying high. Drinking some Muggle's whine, having ourselves a big and rich time and" He now turned to Peter, knowing he'd get the look of awe he felt he deserved, "I was going, just about as far as she'd let me go. But her evaluation of my Player reputation had me begging for salvation all night long." He smirked at Peter's look of shock and pride. "So I took her out introduced her to my old owl and sang her every Muggle song I could think of and we made love."

James' eyes wandered over to Lily's seat at one of the tables. His chest grew cold as he saw the look of disgust written all over her face. Sirius' voice seemed distant, even the laughs from Peter seemed far off.

"What? What?" James asked first himself and then Sirius and Remus as the world flowed back to him.

"Save A Broom Ride A Quiddich player." Sirius laughed.

"Everybody says 'Save a Broom, Ride a Seeker." James laughed. He watched Lily shake her head before practically running to the Girl's Dorms.