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I'm using my experience from staying in a condo n Florida and putting it to this story. So if something seems out of place…it was something that happened to me.

"Hmmm. Harder Kakashi." Sakura moaned out.

"Only if you turn the page." Kakashi said.

"I'm not going to expose myself for you and the others to see." She growled out, turned her head slightly to glare at him over her shoulder. "You can do it."

Kakashi smiled behind the mask and showed her his palms. "I can't get oil in my book now can I?"

Sasuke, who had been watching the two carefully from the couch, stalked over and turned the page in the book that was in front of Sakura. Once Sakura said something about exposing herself, there was no way she would turn the page in the book. Absolutely no one but himself was meant to see that much of Sakura.

He sat himself back on the couch and glared at the jounin in front of him.

For the current situation, Sakura was getting her massage like Kakashi promised. When she first came down the stairs of the condo, Sasuke freaked because it looked as if she had nothing on. The only thing covering her was a fluffy white towel. She had a pillow in hand for her to lie on. When she laid down on the floor, Sasuke then found out that the only thing she was wearing was a pair of her (very) short pajama shorts.

Although, he still wasn't happy about it.

She perched her arms at her side to cover herself better, and was now moaning in delight beneath Kakashi's fingers.

Oh it was so wrong. He couldn't believe he was watching some other guy make his girlfriend moan like that. So wrong indeed.

He was the only one to touch her.

Sasuke's hawk like eyes followed Kakashi's hands as they moved up her back and over her shoulder blades. They trailed their way up to her neck and began to move in small circles. Sakura seemed to like that.

Sasuke didn't. Only he was supposed to know that she loved the back of her touched. That was one of her sensitive spots.

And if Hatake found any more of them…oh he was a dead man.

At this point…Sasuke didn't care if he was acting like a possessive jealous man. Because he was exactly that.

And now he was trying to burn Kakashi's hands as they slowly inched down to her lower back. Burn! Burn! But they would burn. Sasuke didn't know if Kakashi's even knew what he was doing. He was mainly reading while running his hands over Sakura. Not much of a massage.

Ah! Burn you evil defiled hands! Sasuke glared as Kakashi's finger tips just barely disappeared underneath the waistband of Sakura's shorts. Once they reappeared, the copy-nin's thumbs ran along the line of her shorts.

He just couldn't take it.

"I think she's had enough." He spoke out. Kakashi stopped his acts and looked over at the raven haired boy, who had his eyes narrowed.

"Hm? I think that's for Sakura to decided." He said. Sakura looked over he own shoulder at Sasuke. Then she pushed herself up off the floor, bringing the towel to cover her bare chest with her.

"Yeah, and I say Kakashi can keep going. That or you can do it! I'm getting my massage one way or another." She argued. When Sasuke didn't move or say anything, she turned back to Kakashi.

"You can massage my legs now. I have a knot in my thigh, you can work that out right." She said while indicating a spot on her upper thigh. Kakashi nodded as he moved his hands onto her smooth leg.

It only took about two minutes before Sasuke stood. He could sit there and watch as he massaged her back, but not when his hands were that high on her thigh.

"Move it." he grumbled. Kakashi backed off as Sasuke detestably began to coax his hands with oil and rub the girl's legs.

Well, he would rather be miserable and massage her legs, than be miserable and watch someone else massage her legs.

Kakashi backed off and walked into the kitchen for a drink. Naruto came down the stairs, his hair damp from his shower, clad in a t-shirt and pajama bottoms. He looked curiously at the pair on the floor and walked into the kitchen.

"Weren't you giving Sakura-chan a massage?" he questioned. Kakashi shrugged while placing the tea kettle on the stove top.

"Sasuke got a bit jealous."

Upon hearing these words, Naruto began to laugh. "Haha! Teme got jealous!" he teased loudly. Sasuke's eye twitched. He picked up the bottle of massage oil and chucked it at the laughing blonde. The bottle missed Naruto and landed on the floor behind him with a smash.

Sakura sat up, looked over at Naruto who was now shouting insults at Sasuke, back to her boyfriend who was glaring intensely at Naruto.

"Two things." She muttered darkly. "You're going to clean that up. And when we get back home, you're going to buy me a new bottle of that. That was my best bottle of massage oil!"

Naruto never stopped his ramblings as Sakura was speaking to Sasuke. "…such a jerk! Trying to kill me as well! Aim better next time teme!"

Sakura sighed and wrapped the towel around her as she stood up. "I'm going to shower." She said before leaving.


The bed shifted next to Sakura as Sasuke climbed into bed. It was agreed that they would share one room, while Naruto and Kakashi had the other room. The plain white walls of the room were nothing fancy, but the paintings and décor rounded everything out. The bed was very large. There was space left even with both Sakura and Sasuke in it.

Sakura shut the book she was reading and turned the lamp on the bedside table off. The room grew dark and the only light came from the window and the small clock on the wardrobe which flashed the numbers 10:04.

The pink haired girl yawned before resting herself in Sasuke's embrace. She wasn't terribly sleepy at the moment. "You know. I never thought I'd see the day Uchiha Sasuke was jealous." She said.

"Hn. I just didn't like the way he was touching you." Sasuke said back.

"Yeah well, that's what happens when you get a full body massage. They touch almost your whole body." Sakura said with a slight giggle and sat up slightly. She gave him a small peck on the lips. "Although I loved it more when you were touching me."

Sasuke could only smirk. That was a big boost for his major ego. He leant down and gave her a chaste kiss, which she returned eagerly.

No, usually Mr. 'I don't show emotions' Uchiha wasn't very intimate. It was only on very rare occasions like now that he would let down his cold demeanor and be slightly romantic with Sakura. And the girl took every chance he gave her.

Sasuke's soft lips then trailed down to her neck and he nipped at the warm skin. She gave a small moan of delight. When his lips returned to hers, she clung to him, pulling him to her to deepen the kiss.

And then there was a knock at the door followed by a, "You two better stop doing anything dirty because I'm coming in!"

And through mid kiss the door was slammed open while a grumpy looking Naruto marched into the room.

"Aw look! He can be romantic." Naruto said in a fake cheerful voice. He walked around the room and to Sakura side of the bed. He pulled the covers up and climbed in. Lucky for him there was enough room.

"And what do you think you're doing?" Sakura asked after detaching herself from her boyfriend. Sasuke was glaring daggers at the boy.

"Going to sleep. What else?" he stated simply as if it were no big deal. He ignored the heated looks he received. "Ok. Ten minutes after he falls asleep, Kakashi kicked me three times. Then he spreads out like an eagle and his arm smacked me in the face! I barely stopped myself when he practically shoved me off the bed!"

Sakura did her best to not giggle. "Well, who said you can sleep in here?" she questioned.

"Oh please Sakura-chan! If you love me you'll let me!" he whined.

"Naruto, can't you sleep on the couch? Or push Kakashi off the bed?" she suggested.

"B-but. The couch is too small and if I push Kakashi off the bed he might kill me! Just for tonight! Please! I won't be any trouble!" he said and put on his best puppy face. Even though Sakura couldn't see the pleading eyes in the darkness, she had some weak spot for her friend.

"Well…if it's only for tonight." She started. Sasuke sighed. "Oh come on Sasuke. Just tonight. I'm sure he won't be too much of a bother." She said, trying to persuade the man.

"Whatever." He mumbled.

"Aw thanks Teme!" Naruto said happily. He sank down onto one of Sakura's pillows and turned over, his back to Sakura's. Sasuke pulled Sakura over so she was more on his side and placed a possessive arm around her.


Sakura groaned as the morning sun filtered into the room. She opened her eyes to find Sasuke gone. He always was early to wake up. There was a warm breath on her neck and it was obvious that Naruto was still asleep. She was slightly surprised that she wasn't woken up by him in the middle of the night.

She silently slipped out of bed and out to the bathroom.

After her bathroom stop she ventured down the stairs and into the kitchen. She was happy to see that Sasuke decided to make some tea and happily poured some for herself. She found her boyfriend sitting at the small table sipping a cup of his own. She took the seat next to him.

Sakura was used to the silence between herself and the ravened haired boy. He wasn't one to start a conversation or actively participate in one. Unless there was arguing with Naruto involved. Then he would freely speak his mind.

But it wasn't completely uncomfortable. They really didn't need to exchange many words. They just sat together in each others company most of the time.

"I was thinking of going out sometime today. Check out the village." She said out of the blue. "I don't know if you'd like to come."

"Kakashi said we shouldn't wander outside for too long. Apparently this village isn't very…ninja friendly. And they don't take to having a lot of travelers wandering around." Sasuke informed her.

"Oh." She said softly. So they were stranded in here for the next week to come? Fun. "Well I'm sure we'll find something to do." She said. Sasuke just nodded his head.

There was a yawn from behind them and Kakashi walked down the stars in a pair of cute little pajama pants with shruiken on them, along with his normal undershirt with his mask. "Morning." He said sleepily, going to fetch a cup of tea before joining them.

He sat across from his two teammates. "You two know where Naruto disappeared to?" he questioned. The pair just stared at him.

The silence was broken when Sasuke spoke. "Shoved him out the window last night." He said sarcastically.

"He ended up in our room because someone was hogging the bed." Sakura said, sending Kakashi an evil look.

"Oh. Well, he could have woken me up or something." Kakashi said.

Kakashi then passively pulled his mask down, exposing his face for the first time to the pair across from him and took a sip from his tea cup. He then put the mask upright and smiled at them as though what he did was nothing. "I'll try not to hog the bed tonight."

He didn't seem to notice as the two gawked at him. It had been six years. Six years and they never saw his face before. And now, he just shows it to them and acts like it's nothing. Kakashi was seriously a mystery man.

"Ah. What's for breakfast Sakura-chan?" said a voice behind him. Sakura was in too much shock to even yell at Naruto for expecting her to make breakfast. She was still gawking at Kakashi.

"Something wrong?" Kakashi asked as he studied the couple's faces.

After a moment they both shook their heads and Sakura stood up. "I'm going to make breakfast." She muttered and walked away. Naruto looked at her curiously, then at Sasuke.

"Something wrong teme?" Naruto asked.

Sasuke blinked a few times then stood up. "I'm going to help her." he said and quickly entered the kitchen, leaving behind two confused teammates.

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