-Story takes place post time-skip, after Sasuke runs away.

-This features Sasuke and Hinata.

-Neither one, nor any characters from Naruto are own by me.

-My knowledge of the entire story or plot may not be completely accurate, please bear with me.

-I changed some parts to meet my story plotline.

Sasuke swiftly jumped from one tree to the next or at least what's left of the trees from the final explosion of the Akatsuki, Diedara. He left his four man cell, Hebi, behind early in the morning, Hebi and from there ran through the forest in hopes to reminisce any traces of the now dead Akatsuki. From the three that was still intact and closest to the explosion he stood on and reviewed the whole site.


Realizing his pathetic attempt to try and find something in what was a massive explosion that wiped out almost everything in the vicinity finally hit him. His hatred for his brother and what he did still burns within ever so brightly and he knows that. It is what causes him to be so paranoid, yet at the same time so sane. He turned away and head back to his team.

Running through the forest he came through hours he sensed something. His Sharingan activated in an instant. The smell of fear, blood, sweat, was all mixed together and filling up the air. His red eyes burned ever so brightly as he searches for where the origin of the smell was.

He got to a small clearing in the forest and he can spot a kunai, as well as other ninja weapons scatter all over the ground, blood smeared not only on the weapons but the ground as well. He scanned around and finally spots something, a body with faint chakra emitting from inside the ground. This obviously couldn't have been spotted by mere normal eyes.

He bit his right thumb and with a few hand signs he slammed the ground with his palm to perform a summoning jutsu. In a cloud of smoke a human sized snake appeared. It looked into Sasuke's eyes and as if it could read his mind acted. It burrowed under the ground to where the body was and brought it back up then disappeared in a cloud of smoke like he did when he appeared. Sasuke took a look at the body, only to get quite a surprise. It was one of the original Rookie 9.