QUESTION: So, I have had a few requests to do a sequel to O W L S, what do you think? Should I write another HPxNaruto crossover or just leave it with this story?


I am currently writing another Naruto story. Its called Red Tainted Treetops, so check it out! In my opinion it is quite good, so review and tell me what you think. Its going through some revisions right now, so I'm probably not going to update for a while. But remember, your reviews make it a better story:)


so, based on your comments, I have decided to do a sequel.

BUT, it probably won't be wriiten right away. I am currently working on 2 other stories (very slowly I might add) and I plan on finishing 1 before starting on this one, but you can expect it :)

It might be named N E W T (thanks for the title could careless), but I'm not certain

so be on the lookout!