Never Cease To Amaze Me


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/ - They never agreed on anything

And they rarely got along.

Both of them would challenge each other ever day.

But the one thing they had in common was

They were both crazy about each other. - /

Pairings: MikeLily, PhilJamie, KevinAlice and probably more…

Chapter One: Would You Like A Milk Shake With That Stuffing?

She was all prepared; everything was set to be used. This was finally the opportunity to succeed at something big.

The gray-eyed woman tied up her brown hair into a pony tail. She then put her white cap onto her head and turned around.

"Alright people, the superstars are out there now and ordering as we speak. Is everything ready for the Thanksgiving feast?" the lead chef Ashleigh Winters of the Tallahassee arena cafeteria checked.

"Confirmed boss." said a voice from the staff members.

"Good." Ashleigh said. "Now remember everyone, tonight's a special night. ECW and RAW are both here and will be expecting a great dinner. So be polite, serve them whatever, and make me proud."

"Yes ma'am!" the staff said in unison. They all broke off and went to work.

"Jeez what a tight ship Ashleigh's running around here eh? It's like she think this is the army or something." Lilith Anderson's best friend Sasha whispered to her.

"Well, a tight ship means good food and service. That's the way I see it." She whispered back.

"Order up!"

"Anderson – this one's for you!" Ashleigh announced.

"Yes ma'am." Lilith stepped over and took the piece of paper with words scribbled down on it.

The handwriting was sloppy, but she could make it out okay.

"One order of turkey, stuffing with cranberry sauce and string beans coming up."

She started up the fryer and began to cook. Lilith or Lily as she liked to be called had been working for WWE as a cook for only two weeks now. Her best friend Sasha had gotten her the job when she got fired from her past one in Boston. The best thing about it was that not only was Sasha Lily's best friend but also her cousin too. The two of them traveled with the ECW superstars from arena to arena meeting different teams of cooks at arenas. Vince favored Sasha since she was one of the best they had; and Lily got in easy.

Lily's passion was to cook and she adored WWE. So this was pretty much a lucky break for her.

After a few minutes, Sasha spoke again to her. "So how's it going; what do you have to make?"

"Turkey, stuffing with cranberry sauce and string beans for…" Lily checked the name for who ordered it. "…John Morrison – oh man."

"Ooh, dun dun duuuun! You got stuck with Johnny-Boy Nitro. That sucks." Sasha teased.

Being on the road with the stars and cooking for them too you would think getting to know all the superstars would be cool right? Yes and no. There were a handful of ECW superstars that Lily liked and then deeply despised. And John Morrison was one of them. He was just like who he was in the ring – cocky, ignorant, and an egomaniac; along with being a total perfectionist. If the food wasn't JUST RIGHT as he wanted then out came the criticism. When he did that to her she planned her revenge. Apparently, he was allergic to paprika. Sasha and Lily put just a dash of it in. Boy did he look stupid with blotches of red marks all over him. The two had a good laugh after that.

Gray eyes rolled. "You're telling me. If he says anything this time other than a compliment he's getting an ear full from me."

"Bad move; this is big event for us. If there's one screw up Ash will chew out all of our asses." Sasha reminded her. "I would just deal with it for one night."

That was kind of hard for Lily, seeing as she had very short patience for jerks like John Morrison.

"I'll try but any way; who'd to you get an order from?" Lily asked.

Sasha lit up. "Only my favorite guy ever!"

She was referring to Kane. Sasha was thee biggest fan of him and the Undertaker.

"Great for you, bad for me; I want to serve someone cool like John Cena, Jeff Hardy, CM Punk, or even Edge for crying out loud. But I got landed with Mr. Sunshine himself." Lily whined. She finished cooking her food and put it creatively on a plate.

Sasha put a hand on the Boston native's shoulder. She smiled. "The night's still young my friend."

Lily brought out the food to table number five where John Morrison, Melina, the Miz and Kelly-Kelly were sitting. They were the handful of superstars she didn't like. Lily set it down on the table in front of him. The others had already been served.

"Finally lady; yeesh what where you doing in there? Sleeping?" John complained.

Right on time; Lily just merely smiled and said "Please enjoy your food Mr. Morrison. And if there's anything else I can get you just holler."

'Not literally of course.' Lily thought.

John glared at her through his expensive shades. "Be gone."

Lily's nostrils flared and she shot him daggers. "A simple thank you would have been nice." she mumbled to him. Then she flashed him a fake smile. "Enjoy!"

Walking away, the smile turned into a scowl. 'I hope you choke you stupid son-of-a-bitch!'

From her right in the back ground someone was trying to get her attention. "Miss? Hello Miss?"

The young woman turned to see it was Michael Manna a.k.a. Stevie Richards in the ring. He was an ECW athlete and very cute. Lily blushed because she had some what of a crush on him. Even if he was thirty six and she was only thirty. She attended to the table that he was at. Joined with him was Phil Brookes (or CM Punk), his wife Jamie Brookes and the dark couple of Kevin Thorn and Alice Ryans.

"Hello, what can I do for you tonight sir?" Lily asked sweetly.

'Thank God for this! I totally scored!'

"Another re-fill please of hot tea and some more stuffing." The Philadelphia native requested.

'Oh my gosh, Michael Manna likes MY stuffing!! Yay!!' Lily thought giddily to herself. On the outside, she remained calm responding to him.

"Coming right up." she took his cleaned plate and empty mug.

Michael smiled that made Lily absolutely melt. "Thank you."

She went into the back and filled the mug back up half way up with herbal tea. And then, pushing open the swinging door to the kitchen, Lily went over to her station and covered his plate up with what was left of the stuffing. It wasn't much, but it was definitely enough to satisfy him.

Sasha saw her and raised an eyebrow at the strange happy emotion on Lily's face.

"I've never seen you this happy about Morrison before. Frankly, I'm frightened – a lot. What drug did he put you on?" said the strawberry-blonde.

"I'm done with him." Lily said. "This is for Big Stevie Cool."

Sasha smirked. "Your dream man? Told you, there was going to be a good side to this."

Lily giggled and stepped out of the kitchen. She traveled over to Michael's table and set the food down gently along with his tea. "There you are, is that everything?"

"Yes, thanks again."

Lily bowed in respect and then walked off. She was happy with what she did. For once, she didn't mess up – or that's what she thought.

Suddenly, she heard an angry growl behind her.

'Uh oh.'

"For the millionth time I said I didn't want freaking gravy!" Michael's voice practically shouted.

'Crap.' Lily turned back around and came back to his table.

"Uh sit, is everything alright?" Lily asked in concern. She had never seen him act this way before.

"Does it look like I'm alright?!" Michael said sarcastically.

"Michael keep your voice down!" Jamie hissed.

He ignored the Canadian woman and continued on with his rant. "I've already went through this with two of the other chefs! I. Hate. GRAVY!"

"Sir we are trying very hard please -- "

"I mean do I have to spell it out for everyone? What the hell's wrong with you? Can't you freaking comprehend?!"

Lily finally snapped "Okay that's it asswipe!"

She took his plate and poured the stuffing and gravy onto his head. Then mixed with that, she took Phil's strawberry shake and did the same.

"Oi, that's mine lady!"

"Not anymore!" Lily exclaimed.

The food was dripping down the face of the dirty blonde man. His expression was a classic case of complete and utter shock. He just stood there like a stone statue.

"Rule number one Mr. Prim Donna: NEVER INSULT THE CHEF!"

Storming off in a heat of anger, she left the room and rushed off to the kitchen.

Lily should have known better than to crush on a celebrity. They're all the same!

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