Chapter Eighteen: Was It A Miracle?

'"That's it asshole!"

Lily poured the plate of stuffing and gravy down the front of the dirty blonde. A classic case of shock covered Michael's face.

"Rule number one Mr. Prima Donna: Never. Insult. THE CHEF!!"


Michael wrapped his arms around Lily's waist. "One day, I want to take you out through a real field of wild flowers. Just like the song."


"Aren't you from Rivera or something?" Michael asked "It's like classic rock central over there."

"I do like some Jackyl and Van Halen. (Mimicking a Rivera woman's voice) But I ain't from Rivera. I'm from Boston, Mass. Stoopid ass." Lily joked.'

Gray eyes opened up to find her being surrounded by a group of people. A slender hand slid across Lily's forehead. She looked up to see it was Ariella. She smiled softly at the sight of her waking friend.

"Hey, how's it going?" Ariella asked her.

Lily rubbed the sleep out of her eyes and sat up. Looking around, she forgot where she was for a second. Then with a click of remembering, it all came back to her.

She was in the hospital that Michael was taken to after the mugging. Lily then realized that she had fallen asleep in the waiting room hoping someone would tell her that he was okay. While she was resting, Lily was dreaming of all the times in the past she was with him. No hate. No sadness. Just them.

Ariella wasn't the only one that was with her. There was Raven, Kane, and Sasha as well.

"We came to see you and Michael." Raven said. "Do you know if he's alright?"

Tears threatened to fall again. Lily responded by shaking her head. She sniffled a "No."

Ariella embraced her into a hug. "Oh honey, it's going to be okay. No matter what happens, remember we're all going to stick together."

Lily held her friend and sobbed on Ariella's shoulder causing her sleeve to get soaked.

A woman approached the group. "Excuse me, Miss Anderson?"

Lily looked up at the person who called her name. It was the nurse again. "Yeah?"

"As you know, your boyfriend was fatally stabbed in the chest and has one cut on his cheek. The doctors did all they could…" she trailed off.

"…And?" Lily said.

"He almost didn't make it. But he's alive. Mr. Manna is still hurt, though after a few weeks he'll heal up just fine." She finished.

Did Lily just hear her right? Did she just say Michael was alive?

"Can I go see him? Is he awake?" Lily asked excitedly.

"You may." The nurse allowed her. "But… who are all of you?"

"They're also friends of Michael. They came to see him." Lily answered for them.

She nodded. "Well, okay. But one person at a time. Let me escort you there Miss Anderson."

"Yes ma'am." Lily responded.

Walking in, Lily entered the room where her beloved lied on the bed. She walked up to him slowly.

"How're you feeling?" Lily asked him.

Michael coughed slightly. "I'm alive aren't I?" Hah."

Lily chuckled quietly. She put her hand on his. "Michael I… I'm so sorry. I made this mess, I ruined everything we had together. I didn't mean to get so jealous of you and Kelly. I just didn't want you to leave me."

"Well, I was upset by what you did. But everyone makes mistakes. And being jealous (he coughed again) is just being human. I should of thought of that sooner instead of yelling. I'm sorry too baby." Michael explained.

"So…do you forgive me?" Lily asked.

"Yeah." Michael said.

"Thanks." Lily smiled happily. "Oh and honey?"


"If you ever scare me like that again, I will kick your ass." Lily laughed.

Michael did the same, and then held his chest. "Ooh, don't make me laugh; it hurts."

Lily put her hand on his chest gently. "Aww, I'm sorry."

She leaned in for a kiss and smooched him gently on his soft lips. And then, Lily remember something that she hadn't said for a while. Something that was in need for the moment between them.

"I love you Michael."

The End

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