Ok, here it is my first Harry Potter Fan fiction. It has been brewing in the back of my mind ever since I finished Deathly Hallows (10 hours after I got it on that fateful Saturday morning), therefore IF YOU HAVE NOT YET READ DEATHLY HALLOWS, THIS WILL SPOIL IT FOR YOU!

Pairings: Sev/Lily

Warning: This chapter contains scenes of domestic and child abuse.

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"I'll never forget the person, who made my body weak

Who always thought he was right, and never let me speak

I'll never forget the father, who hid me away out of sight,

And I'll never forget how he scared me, how he gave me such a fright"

Belt and Boy

He was not one to cry normally, but when to man that you once honoured, obeyed and loved spits' on you, there is little you can do to stop the escape of emotion from your eyes.

Severus crawled to the corner of the cold, dark room, and watched, helplessly as his father raised his clenched fist to his mothers face again, begging her to love him.

"Why don't you love me Ellien?" Tobais' voice fell to a harsh whisper, "why don't you love me like you love him?" Tobias spat once again in his sons' direction "don't you have any love left for me, dear?"

"I, I do l-love you!" Severus' mum sank to her knees; he winced at the sickening crack as they hit the stone floor. Severus had no doubt that his mother loved his father, or at least had done sometime in the past. But it was why she loved, or had loved him that he couldn't understand. Then again all he had ever known was this; the shouting, the crying, the hitting and the spitting. Severus looked from one parent to another; his father, whom he only recognised him as his father at the moment by the long, greasy, crooked nose, was staring at his mother in disbelief, as if she had just started to sing, a crazed, demented look lingered behind his near-black eyes.

His mother deared not breathe too heavily in this crucial moment. A 9 year old Severus pondered if she regretted the statement she just declared. When Tobais' hands twitched towards his belt, both mother and son took a sharp intake of breath – "Not again, please not again"

"GO SEVERUS, JUST GO!" Severus struggled to his feet and began to scramble towards the door. Severus let out a cry of fear when he found his way blocked by his father; belt in hand, malice flooded his eyes. Tobias Snape picked up his skeletal son and threw him over towards his mother, and spat on them in disgust.

"SO YOU DON'T LOVE ME!" Severus scurried round in front of his mother, who had begun to cry, and bent over her, his long hair skimming her tears, shielding her from the monster that created him. Severus didn't cry when the belt hit him across his back.

"GET OUT OF THE WAY YOU PATHETIC, WORTHLESS BOY!" the belt whipped across his back again and he turned to face it when his mother, with her eyes, gave him a message to go, go and get out. He scampered through his fathers legs, his undersized, bony frame allowing him to with such ease, and sprinted towards the door the belt flew through the air again, Severus put but it caught him on the side of his face nevertheless. He turned once again to see his mother faint against the vodka-covered coffee table, where it had all begun…

As he fled his house, he came across an angel; his sweet, caring angel that made everything ok. He quickly wiped away his tears and removed all evidence of emotion before she saw, before she knew. Lily walked up to him, happiness radiating from her smile and warmth from her presence. He managed a smile back, her presence almost made him forget the previous incident, almost.

She realised.

"Sev, what's happened?" Before he had a chance to stuff his hands into his long overcoat, she grabbed his wrists, her small, thin fingers encircling his bony wrists. She brought his wrists up to examine them.

"You're bleeding, you're hurt." She whispered her words so softly as if, if she had said them any louder, she would inflict more pain. He wanted to assure he that it wouldn't, but couldn't bring himself to break to spell she had set upon them. She gently placed his hands back down against his sides and noticed the gash on his cheek for the first time and let out a small gasp.

"Lily, don't worry about it"

"But I do worry about you Sevy." He did not understand the whooping feeling and stomach flipping sensation that he was experiencing at the moment. "Did you mummy never kiss it better?" He wanted to smile at her naivety, but the thought of what his mother might be going through at the moment scared him.

"I've got to go Lil', I've got to get back…" He began to turn back to hell.

"Wait Sev'" She kissed two of her fingers, her fore and middle fingers, and placed them on his gash. His whole body tingled and he would have taken that beating all over again to have this moment once more with his Lily.

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