Title: Your Wish Is My Command

Fandom: Naruto

Pairing: KakashixIruka

Rating: M

Spoilers: This story will contain slight spoilers for the events before the time-skip.

Status: Chapter 1 of 6

Disclaimer: Don't own, don't make money.

Warnings: This story contains shonen ai (love between men) and yaoi (physical love between men). If you don't like these subjects, please don't read any further and refrain from flaming me because of it.

The idea for this has been flying in my head for quite some time by now, and now I finally found a little time for it. I hope that I'll be able to write more soon, but I'm moving at the moment, so no promises.


Your Wish Is My Command

by nayru-kleinefee

Chapter 1

'He watched her voluminous bosoms rise and fall with hungry eyes, watched her beautiful, pale thighs shiver as he slid his greedy hand over the smooth, luscious skin, watched her rose-like lips fall open slightly from the little pants she couldn't keep from escaping her hot, wet mouth. His impressive straining manhood pulsed enthusiastically within the confines of his pants and he felt his body shudder in anticipation when he bent down to lick her-'


Kakashi felt the air being knocked out of him when something impacted suddenly right into his chest and threw him on his back, his precious, brand-new Icha Icha Paradise Volume 5 flying from his hand. The next thing he knew was him lying on his back on the dirty street and his novel nowhere in sight. Bad.

He looked at his chest to see whom he would have to kill in case his treasure was harmed and found a quite well-known orange weight there. "Yo, Naruto. I didn't know you and Jiraiya were ba-"

"Dammit, you idiot! Why do you stand around where people are- Kakashi-sensei?" The blond boy blinked at his former teacher, then rubbed his head. "Why didn't you dodge?"

"Because you have to learn that a shinobi always has to watch where he's going", Kakashi replied smoothly. Definitely not because he'd been too absorbed in his new book to take any notice of his surroundings. Definitely not.

"You were just too lazy to step away", Naruto huffed. "If you were Iruka-sensei, I never would ha-" He broke off and the Jounin saw his eyes open wide. "Iruka-sensei!"

"What's with him?", Kakashi asked in feigned interest and shoved the boy from his chest rather roughly, then straightened up and went to pick up his book. He found it only slightly crumpled but otherwise unharmed. Phew…

"He's in the hospital!", Naruto exclaimed. "He was attacked in Tsunade-obachan's office!" He scrambled to his feet and made a step back. "I just wanted to go there", he shouted and ran.

Kakashi looked at the boy's retreating form and frowned. Iruka-sensei attacked? And in the Hokage's office furthermore? That had to mean that somehow the attacker had made it through the safety precautions, which meant six ANBU. He'd better go and investigate.

Putting his novel into his back pocket, Kakashi went to follow his former student.


"Iruka-sensei!", Naruto shouted the moment he entered the hospital with Kakashi on his heels. "Iruka-sensei! Where are you?! Is everything alright?!"

"Silence!", a voice boomed suddenly, then its owner grabbed the boy by his jacket and lifted him up before he could run off somewhere. "Shut up, brat! Hear me?", Tsunade demanded.

"But Tsunade-obachan", Naruto whined. "I want to see Iruka-sensei and-"

"You shut up now!", the Sannin shouted and – to Naruto's and also Kakashi's greatest surprise – slammed her hand over the boy's mouth roughly.

"Mrph! Mrnl-mrgh!", Naruto… 'said'.

"What happened?", Kakashi asked, ignoring his former student's protests. If Tsunade was willing to treat Naruto like this, something bad had to have happened.

"Iruka-sensei was hit by a jutsu", Tsunade told him. "What are you doing here?"

"Was bored. Followed him." Kakashi pointed at his former student. "He said it happened in your office? How?"

"Yes." Tsunade sighed. "I'll tell you in a minute." She lifted the struggling boy in her grip up to her face. "Listen, brat. I want you to stay absolutely quiet, you hear me? I'm stressed enough without you yelling my ears off, so not a single word until I tell you otherwise. Understood?"

Naruto looked like he was about to protest, but then only nodded.

"Alright." The Sannin removed her hand from his mouth, then let him down to the ground again when he stayed silent.

"So, how did the attacker manage to come into your office?", Kakashi asked, still marvelling a little at witnessing a silent Naruto. Now he could say that he'd seen everything.

"Didn't." Tsunade shook her head. "There was no attacker. The jutsu that hit Iruka-sensei was hidden in a scroll he opened."

"A jutsu in a scroll?" The Copy-nin frowned. "How did it pass the security precautions?"

"Yes, Tsunade-obachan, ho-", Naruto started, but then broke off and just fidgeted on his place.

"It was hidden in a highly confidential document from one of the village's elders. Those aren't searched." Tsunade sighed. "I shouldn't even have asked Iruka-sensei to open it, but I wanted to get done…"

"So…" Kakashi frowned. "Who is sent to find out where that jutsu really came from? Do you want me to-"

"We already know who cast the jutsu." Tsunade laughed humourlessly. "We already arrested the elder's son. That idiot didn't think of masking his chakra, so it was easy to find the culprit. He's with Ibiki right now, but it seems that he wanted to hit me with it to pursue some kind of coup or something…" She waved her hand dismissively. "That's for Ibiki to find out and-"

"What's with Iruka-sensei?!", Naruto interrupted her. "Tell me, Tsunade-obachan! Is he injured? Is he-" The boy broke off and his eyes widened. "Is he… is he dead?", he asked in a broken voice that Kakashi had never before heard from his former student.

"No, he isn't, Naruto", Tsunade said softly and ruffled his hair. "He's very much alive and not even injured. Not physically, that is…"

"What kind of jutsu was it?", Kakashi asked.

"One that affects the mind in a way that I wouldn't have been able to refuse a direct command for some hours", the Hokage answered. "I was supposed to have a meeting today with the man who attempted to hit me with the jutsu, he probably wanted me to do something for him."

"So Iruka-sensei's just a little dizzy right now and in some hours he'll be fine again?", Naruto asked hopefully.

"No, I'm sorry." Tsunade shook her head. "He is not."

"But you said-"

"I said that I would have been affected for some hours only. The jutsu was designed to overcome my amount of chakra and resistance. Iruka-sensei however…"

"He's got much less chakra than you", Kakashi finished. "How is his condition?"

"He's…" Tsunade sighed, and her eyes looked sadly from the Copy-nin to the blond boy in front of her. "He doesn't speak or react to me when I call his name. He's pretty much like… like an empty shell right now."

"No…", Naruto whispered, and Kakashi saw tears glistening in his eyes.

"Will the effects be permanent?", the Jounin asked, hoping that not. Seeing his beloved former teacher in such a state for the rest of his life would certainly break Naruto – and therefore maybe even make him lose control over what was inside him.

"I don't think so." The Sannin smiled gently at Naruto. "When he woke up earlier, he didn't even move, but now he does. There's a very good chance that he'll recover totally again."

"Can I see him?", Naruto asked softly.

"That's why I made you come here. It's a luck that the old pervert and you are in town just now. I hope that seeing you will help Iruka-sensei." Tsunade threw a glance at Kakashi. "Maybe even seeing you is good for him. You always seem to be able to make him… react to you."

"I'll do my very best." Kakashi shrugged. So what if the Chuunin and he didn't get along well? That had never bothered him, and if it was even useful now…

"Can I see him now?!", Naruto asked eagerly, jumping up and down in his excitement.

"Yes, you can." Tsunade nodded. "But no shouting and only go close to Iruka-sensei when you are completely sure that he's fine with it."

"Alright." Naruto nodded.

"Then let's go."


"He's in here", Tsunade told her companions when they arrived at a door in a side wing of the hospital.

"Me first?", Naruto asked hopefully. "I mean, it's certainly better for Iruka-sensei to see me and be happy than to see Kakashi-sensei and get a headache, don't you think?"

"Brat", Kakashi murmured. "I don't get Iruka-sensei headaches." Although…

"You two are always fighting", Naruto grumbled. "I bet Iruka-sensei doesn't like that as much as he likes being with me and-"

"Would you please just go in, Naruto?", Tsunade sighed exhaustedly.

"Yes!" The boy hurried to open the door and went inside, Kakashi following on his heels. "Iruka-sensei?", Naruto asked softly.

Looking around the small hospital room, Kakashi took sight of a small window, a table and a bed in which the Chuunin was sitting. A short examination confirmed to him that Iruka wasn't physically harmed, but the look in his brown eyes was somehow distant.

"Iruka-sensei!", Naruto laughed. "Iruka-sensei, how do you feel?"

The Chuunin only continued to look at him blankly, no sign of recognition in his eyes.

"Iruka-sensei?", Naruto tried again, softer this time, but again he didn't receive an answer.

"He's like that since he woke up and started to move again", Tsunade said behind Kakashi. "I'm sorry, Naruto, but I'm not even sure if he recognises you."

"It's alright." The blond boy sighed and made a small step forward that brought him to his former sensei's side. "As long as you're alright, Iruka-sensei." He smiled at the Chuunin. "And I know that Tsunade-obachan will get you fine again in no time."

Iruka just tilted his head to the side slightly and kept looking at his former student without moving. But then he slowly, hesitantly lifted his hand and placed it on the blond boy's head as if wanting to ruffle it. Naruto beamed happily but then Iruka just took his hand back and the Genin's face fell.

"Don't worry, Naruto", Tsunade said. "I will do my best and-" She stopped when the door opened and Ibiki motioned her to come outside. "I'll be back in a minute. Don't get Iruka-sensei too distressed while I'm gone, alright?" She ruffled Naruto's hair, then looked at Kakashi. "And you neither."

"Hrn." Kakashi shrugged.

"Iruka-sensei?", Naruto tried again when the door had closed behind the Sannin. "Iruka-sensei, it's me, Naruto. Can you remember me?"

Again, Iruka just looked at him, his face blank except for a slight confusion showing on his features. Kakashi found that he didn't like that look on the Chuunin's face. It made him look small and insecure and almost lost, and he knew from experience that Iruka was all but small and insecure. It wasn't right to see a man who normally was able to unleash imminent doom on a misbehaving child or Jounin so… so unlike himself.

"Iruka-sensei?", the Copy-nin said softly. "Iruka-sensei, Naruto and me are here to visit you."

The Chuunin showed no reaction.

Okay, then desperate measures. "Iruka-sensei, I lost my last mission report in a swamp and had to dig it out from under rotten leaves, and then I tried to dry it and maybe burned it a little. Or a lot. And then Pakkun slept on it. And he drools in his sleep." Kakashi smiled brightly under his mask. "But I have it here with me. Shall I give it to you now?" If that didn't get a reaction from the Chuunin, he didn't know what could.

Iruka kept looking at him blankly, but then he suddenly moved to stand up and approached the Jounin.

"Iruka-sensei?" Kakashi steeled himself for a Scolding From Hell.

Slowly, Iruka lifted his right hand and moved it towards the Copy-nin's face, then gently placed his index and middle finger on his masked lips. It took all of Kakashi's willpower not to bolt away to prevent getting unmasked, but Iruka just let his fingers touch his lips without moving.

"Maybe you should pull down your mask", Naruto suggested.

"Oh yes?", Kakashi snarled. "And why that?" It felt weird to feel fingers on his moving lips, but Iruka didn't seem to mind.

"Maybe the shock would heal Iruka-sensei." Naruto sniggered.

"Very funny." Kakashi snorted, startling Iruka a little with that. "Why don't you invite yourself to ramen and shock him with the bill then?"

"Yes!", Naruto shouted, making Iruka flinch and remove his fingers to turn around. "Iruka-sensei!", the boy said eagerly. "I want to go for ramen with you!"

Kakashi saw the Chuunin's back tense slightly at hearing that. Maybe Iruka did recognise what it meant to take Naruto for ramen still…

Without any argument, Iruka went towards the door, seemingly determined to get ramen as soon as possible.

"Iruka-sensei, stop!", Naruto yelled. "You have to dress first. You sure don't want to walk around in a hospital gown!"

The Chuunin stilled without moving a muscle, then turned around slowly to look at his former student.

"Where are your clothes?", Naruto asked but didn't receive an answer.

"Naruto, I don't think you should go for ramen with Iruka-sensei now", Kakashi said slowly. "He doesn't really seem to be ready for that yet." The look in the Chuunin's eyes was still confused, if not lost, and he didn't seem to be able to grasp what he wanted to do exactl-

"Stop!", Tsunade shouted suddenly, storming through the door. "Neither of you will say anything!"

"But Tsunade-obachan…" Naruto frowned. "Why don't you wan-"

"Stop!", the Sannin hissed. "Not that word!"

"What word?" Naruto's frown deepened. "'Wan-'"

Kakashi took that moment to quickly silence him with a hand over his mouth. "Why not?", he asked.

"Thank you." Tsunade sighed before she turned towards Iruka next to her. "Iruka-sensei", she said softly, "why don't you go back to your bed?" She gently took his arm and led him to sit down again.

"What's wrong?", Kakashi asked, struggling to keep Naruto in his grasp. Hell, that boy was getting strong.

"Ibiki found out more about the jutsu." Tsunade shook her head. "It really makes the victims unable to make a decision on their own when under the influence of another person. They will do whatever is demanded from them."

Kakashi nodded. "That's why. Naruto asked to go for ramen, and Iruka-sensei wasn't able to refuse even if he didn't wa-"

"Silence!" To his greatest surprise, Tsunade slammed her hand over his mouth. Kakashi blinked and noticed that even Naruto had stopped struggling.

"Listen." The Sannin sighed again and removed her hand. "If you give Iruka-sensei a command, he won't be able to refuse and will do what you demand from him. But…" She sighed again. "But if you use the word you almost said right now, he will just have to do what you tell him to. And he won't remember afterwards."

"Won't remember?" Kakashi frowned. "Why not?"

"Wouldn't it be handy to make somebody do something for you and then have no memories about what it had been?"

"Right." Kakashi nodded. "So that's how the jutsu works. And how do we get it off of him?"

"There's no counter jutsu to cure it", Tsunade sighed.

"Not?", the Copy-nin gasped when Naruto bit his hand over his mouth.

"No." The Sannin sighed again. "But I guess that the effects should decrease and at last vanish in course of time. At least that's what the bastard who cast it told Ibiki."

"How sure was he?", Kakashi asked.

"Sure enough." Tsunade shrugged. "And it's not that we have any choice." She looked at Iruka who had been sitting quietly through the conversation. "We will have someone look after you for that time, Iruka-sensei. You won't be alone, don't worry."

Iruka just looked at her, then at Kakashi and Naruto. Then he again stood up and lifted his hand towards the Jounin's mouth slowly to place his first two fingers on his mouth.

"And what's that?", Tsunade asked, frowning.

"I don't know." Kakashi looked from her to Iruka, then released Naruto from his grip. "He also did that before you came here."

"Maybe he wonders how your face looks like", Naruto speculated.

"Wouldn't he then try to pull down the mask?", Kakashi asked back.

"True." Tsunade frowned. "But it seems that he's not afraid to be near you."

"Oh, how did you tell that?", Kakashi snorted. This situation was going on his nerves by now. It didn't feel exceptionally good to have another man's fingers on your lips, thank you very much.

"I'm a genius", the Sannin answered, completely unimpressed. "But that answers another question I had to deal with."

"What kind of?", Naruto asked, eyeing his two former senseis confusedly.

"Well, I need someone to look after Iruka-sensei. And since you have to leave with the old pervert in a couple of hours, Naruto, I was wondering who could take care of him. But now I think I found just the right person. Such a luck."

"No way." Kakashi took a step away from Iruka who frowned and looked at his fingers in confusion.

"But yes." Tsunade grinned. "Ibiki told me that Iruka-sensei will make decisions on his own whenever he has the impression that nobody wa- … that nobody expects anything from him. And who's better suited than 'I'm so not interested in anything'-Sharingan Kakashi?"

"No way." Kakashi shook his head warily. He was an elite shinobi, former ANBU! He couldn't just play babysitter for some Chuunin!

"Right!", Naruto exclaimed. "I will take care of Iruka-sensei!"

"You can't." Tsunade looked at him. "You have to leave and train with Jiraiya. We both know that."

"But… but I…" Naruto sighed. "But Kakashi-sensei always annoys Iruka-sensei."

"Well, he will behave." Tsunade grinned. "I declare this an A-rank mission, Hatake. You will take care of Iruka-sensei and make sure he's alright and nobody takes advantage of him. You will stay with him day and night, look after him and look bored enough to cause him to make decisions on his own until he'll have recovered. Understood?"

"But Tsunade-sama", Kakashi started. "I am-"

"You are a shinobi of Konoha and I am your Hokage. Understood, shinobi?"

Kakashi clenched his teeth. "Yes, Hokage-sama."

----- ----- -----

Why him?! For the nth time Kakashi shot an annoyed glance at the Chuunin sitting on the couch in front of him. Granted, there was nobody who was better suited for this – meaning nobody who could look bored better than him – but… this was so boring! Iruka hardly moved, and if he did, it was only to shift on the couch or to turn his head to look somewhere other than before.

"Iruka-sensei", Kakashi called and saw the Chuunin turn around to face him. "Iruka-sensei, how about you read a book?"

Iruka tilted his head to the side a little as if listening to a very quiet voice, but then only kept looking at the Jounin with a blank, slightly confused expression on his face. He looked almost cute like that, Kakashi had to give him that. Like a lost puppy in the rain.

"Or how about you eat something?", he asked, his annoyance growing.

Again, Iruka only looked at him, seemingly not able to process the question and answer accordingly.

"This is driving me nuts!", Kakashi growled. "You are driving me nuts!" He saw the Chuunin flinch slightly at his tone but didn't care. "You know, one would think that having somebody at your command is nice and all, that I would have my personal slave for making my life heaven on earth and-" He broke off, then grinned when a thought hit him.

No memories afterwards, Tsunade had said…

From the corner of his eye, the Copy-nin saw Iruka shift a little on the couch, his face still showing mostly confusion and blankness, but now maybe also a slight trace of wariness.

"Iruka-sensei…", Kakashi purred and saw the Chuunin blink. "Iruka… I feel so stiff… I want you to massage my neck. Would you do that?"

Iruka blinked once, then once again, then he stood up slowly and moved over to the Jounin until he stood behind his chair. He placed his hands on Kakashi's shoulders and started to knead the muscles gently but firmly.

Kakashi purred again. Jackpot.


"That was a very delicious dinner, Iruka." Kakashi sighed and stretched his arms over his head. "I never knew you are such a good cook."

The Chuunin didn't answer, just sat opposite from him at the table and chewed on his last bite of food.

"What could we do now?", Kakashi mused. "Hmmm… what about I let you read my book a little to me? Or maybe run me a bath and wash my back? Or… I know." He grinned. "Iruka, I want you to give me a foot massage." This was definitely heaven.

Iruka looked up, then blinked, and then straightened up, the chopsticks he'd used for dinner falling from his hand.

"Let's go to the couch for that", Kakashi suggested and led the way, then settled down on one end and propped his feet up on the other. He saw Iruka follow him before the Chuunin gently lifted his feet and settled down with them on his lap.

"Oh, and Iruka?"

The Chuunin looked up at Kakashi and tilted his head, face completely blank.

"And I want you to-" The Copy-nin gasped and broke off at what he saw. Iruka's eyes – usually a deep brown and almost glowing from life – went dull and empty the moment the word 'want' left Kakashi's mouth. They became almost…

"Dead…", Kakashi whispered hoarsely, feeling his chest tighten at the sight before him. And it felt bad suddenly. Felt bad to see the usually so lively and joyful man in front of him so utterly lost and empty. And then he suddenly realised what he'd done to Iruka, and it felt even worse.

"Iruka…", the Jounin murmured while the Chuunin's eyes achingly slowly returned to normal again. "Iruka, I…" What had he done? He'd taken advantage of Iruka, had abused him when he hadn't been able to defend himself against it. He'd made Iruka an empty shell with his selfish demands.

Kakashi gasped and writhed with shame and disgust at himself. How could he?! He'd abused the trust given him, abused the power he had over Iruka, abused Iruka in one of the worst ways possible. He had-

When suddenly a gentle hand was placed on his, the Copy-nin took in a sharp breath and looked up to see two concerned brown eyes look at him and Iruka regard him with worry.

"Iruka…", Kakashi choked out. "Iruka, I'm so sorry. I did… what I did… I'm so sorry." He shook his head and closed his uncovered eye not to see the concern still in the Chuunin's eyes – concern that he didn't deserve. "I'm so sorry, Iruka… I had no right to force you to do all those things… I had… I'm so ashamed now, please believe me… I never… I… I'm so sorry… I never intended to-"

"-forgive you."

Kakashi gasped and opened his eye wide to look at Iruka. "Wh-what did you say?", he whispered. He had to have misheard that.

Iruka looked at him and tilted his head as if deep in thoughts.

"I'm sorry, Iruka", Kakashi murmured. "I promise that I will do all I can to make it up to you. I will-"

"I forgive you, Kakashi", Iruka said softly.


"And you're sure that he talked earlier?" Tsunade eyed the Copy-nin doubtfully. "And on his own accord even?"

"I am!", Kakashi assured. "He talked to me." He turned around to the Chuunin he'd brought with him to the Hokage's office in a rush after hearing him say those wonderful, forgiving words. "Iruka, please t- Don't you wa- Would you like to tell Tsunade-sama that you talked to me earlier?"

Iruka only looked at him with a slightly confused expression on his face, but when Kakashi already wanted to turn around again, he suddenly smiled a tiny little smile, and it filled the Jounin with happiness.

"You see?!", he shouted. "You see that?! He's smiling!"

"I see that, no need to be so excited." Tsunade snorted. "But you said talking."

"He did!"

"Well, if he did, then that's a really good sign."

"He did!", Kakashi insisted. "He talked to me and-"

"Tsunade-sama, I talked to Kakashi earlier", Iruka said softly, making both Tsunade and the Copy-nin stare at him. Then the Chuunin made a little step towards the door and looked at Kakashi questioningly.

"Do… do you w- Would you like to go to your home again, Iruka?", Kakashi guessed. "Would you like me to bring you home again?"

Iruka tilted his head a little to his left side and frowned. Holding his breath in anticipation, Kakashi watched him chew on his lower lip a little until the Chuunin looked at him again after several moments.

"Yes, I would like you to bring me home again", Iruka told him softly.

"I will bring you there as soon as possible", the Jounin assured. "We just have to talk a little more with Tsunade-sama before that. Is that alright with you?"

Again, Iruka seemed to take his time to mull that over in his mind before he nodded.

"Fine. I will hurry, Iruka." Kakashi smiled at him.

"You two get along well suddenly?", Tsunade asked in obvious surprise.

"Yes, we do", Kakashi murmured. He knew he should tell her about what he'd done to Iruka, he really should. But somehow he was afraid that… He wasn't really sure why. He knew that he wasn't afraid of any punishment from her, but maybe he just didn't want to risk t-

"No problems?" The Sannin didn't sound convinced.

"None." The Copy-nin shook his head. He couldn't risk that Tsunade gave Iruka into someone else's care. Because he had to make sure that nobody ever took advantage of the gentle Chuunin again. He owed Iruka that for abusing him.

"And you didn't have any… incidents?"

"Hokage-sama?", Kakashi asked, a blank look on the visible part of his face but a stinging pain in his chest. But Iruka had already forgiven him, he reminded himself. And he couldn't risk to let him get hurt again, had to do everything he could to make himself worth the Chuunin's trust.

"Fine…" Tsunade still eyed him a little suspiciously. "It seems that Iruka-sensei has regained some of his ability to react to others again, even if it is a little hesitant and fragile still."

"How long do you think will it take for him to recover fully again?", Kakashi asked.

"Can't say." Tsunade shrugged. "But it's definitely a good sign. I think you should let him make as many decisions as possible in the next days so he gets used to it again. And you should also still leave him to entertain himself on his own, I think."

"Understood." Kakashi nodded.

"Alright." Tsunade nodded back. "And I wan-"

"SHH!", Kakashi silenced her hastily. "Not that word!" He looked worriedly at Iruka, but the Chuunin only smiled softly and threw another questioning look at the door. "Soon", Kakashi promised.

"Now", Tsunade corrected. "You can go now. But I w- I will see you both every morning nine o'clock sharp for a check-up, understood?"

"We'll be there." The Copy-nin nodded and turned to take Iruka home.

"Oh, and Kakashi?"

"Yes, Tsunade-sama?"

"If I hear that anybody took advantage of Iruka-sensei's condition in any way, let's say to play pranks on him or such, that somebody will be in very big trouble."

"Yes, Tsunade-sama." Kakashi bowed before he jutsued with Iruka out of the room. He wouldn't let anything happen to Iruka, neither from him again nor from anybody else. To make up to the Chuunin what he'd done to him.

----- ----- -----

"Iruka?", Kakashi called softly through the door to the Chuunin's bedroom, then winced when his back cramped again. He really had to bring over his futon if he wanted to stay in Iruka's apartment until the Chuunin would have recovered. That couch was nice to sit or nap on, but a full night's sleep… Never again.

"Iruka?", Kakashi asked again. "Iruka, if you're awake and up already, would you please come out so we can go to Tsunade-sama and-" He broke off when the door opened and the Chuunin stepped out into the living room, only in a sleeping shirt and a pair of boxers.

"Good morning", Kakashi greeted him and smiled under his mask. "How do you feel today, Iruka?"

Iruka didn't answer, just looked at him blankly.

"Iruka? Don't you feel good?"

Again no answer, not even the slightest reaction.

Kakashi had never formed the seals for his transportation jutsu faster.


"You have to help him!", Kakashi exclaimed. "He's not talking anymore!"

"Calm down, brat", Tsunade grunted while she examined Iruka closely. "What did you do yesterday after you left here?"

"Nothing special. First I sat on the couch and read my book and Iruka looked out of the window. And then we talked a little, well, more I talked to him and told him stories about Naruto and he listened and smiled. And then he went to bed." Kakashi noticed that he had started pacing around Iruka and the Sannin in his worry. But what if his abuse of the Chuunin the former day had caused this? What if it was his fault? What if-

"Stop it!", Tsunade shouted. "You're driving me mad! Sit down, for hell's-" She broke off in surprise when Iruka suddenly sat down on the floor in front of her.

"What did you do?!", Kakashi yelled. "You can't demand things when he's around!" He hurried to look at the Chuunin's face, but to his greatest relief, the brown eyes were still full of life, only looking a little confused.

"Listen, brat! I won't let you tell me what to do in my own office!", Tsunade yelled.

"Well, I won't let you command him around!", Kakashi shot back.

"Oh, I really wonder how you'll stop me doing that!"

"Oh yeah?! I will-" Soft laughter stopped Kakashi mid-shout and he looked at Iruka. The Chuunin was still sitting on the floor, but now he was smiling and laughing while he tickled Ton-Ton's stomach and the pig squirmed happily on the floor in front of him. Kakashi felt a broad, silly grin of relief spread on his face.

Tsunade snorted. "Well, at least that problem seems to be gone then."

"Iruka?", Kakashi asked softly. "Iruka, how do you feel?"

The Chuunin turned his head to look up at him, then frowned deeply. "Hungry", he answered finally before he turned his attention towards the pig again.

"Honest", Tsunade observed. "I had that impression already yesterday."

"But as far as I know, Iruka's always honest." Kakashi frowned. He'd never heard anybody say that the Chuunin was dishonest in any way.

"But, as far as you know, would Iruka-sensei ever ask to leave while you and me are still talking? Or sit and play with Ton-Ton while it's obvious that we both would like to talk to him?"

"No." Kakashi's frown deepened while he thought about that and about Iruka's ability to still smile and bow when anybody else would already have lost their temper tenfold. "He's much too polite to do any of that. Normally."

"That's what I meant." Tsunade nodded. "It seems that the jutsu has not only taken away most of his free will but also his… inhibitions, you could say."

"I see…" The Copy-nin nodded and looked at Iruka who now was throwing a delightfully squealing Ton-Ton into the air to catch it afterwards and repeat the game.

"That shouldn't be bad." Tsunade shrugged. "Just make sure that he doesn't run around naked."

"You think he would do that?!", Kakashi gasped.

"Not likely." The Sannin shrugged again. "It doesn't seem that the jutsu's been that strong."

"I really hope so…" Trying to keep the Chuunin from going outside without clothes wasn't something Kakashi was particularly looking forward to. Especially because he knew that he would have to still work with Iruka after the effects of the jutsu would have worn off.

"Really?" Tsunade grinned. "He's quite an eye-candy. I wouldn't mind if-"

"What?!", Kakashi shouted in shock. "I will not-"

"Calm down, brat." Tsunade grinned. "I didn't say I would make him do that. Just that I wouldn't mind."

"Don't you dare", Kakashi growled. He'd promised that he wouldn't let anybody take advantage of Iruka, and that certainly included Hokages, too.

"Alright, no need to become violent. I was just joking."

"Very funny."

"Hrn", Tsunade snorted. "Calm down. It's not as if he did that this morning, now is it?"

"But why didn't he respond to me this morning?", Kakashi asked. "Now it seems that everything's fine again, or at least as fine as yesterday evening."

"I'm not sure." Tsunade scratched her chin. "I will have to let Ibiki investigate that, but maybe it's because Iruka-sensei slept during the night and his mind was more open to the effects of the jutsu. Maybe it somehow strengthened its effects during his sleep."

"But he has to sleep. I can't keep him awake for days."

"I know. It's lucky that the effects don't seem to have increased for long and that the progress Iruka-sensei made during the day came back quite quickly. Seems that it's just like being a little sleepy after waking up."

"So we can't prevent that?", Kakashi asked.

"Don't see how." Tsunade shrugged. "But that shouldn't be a problem, I think, so you two can as well go home now. Iruka-sensei?"

The Chuunin looked up from the floor where he was petting Ton-Ton, blinked and answered finally, "Yes, Tsunade-sama?"

"You can go home now."

A little moment of thinking. "With Kakashi?", Iruka asked then.

"I'll come with you", the Jounin assured and was rewarded with a little smile.

"Seems he likes being with you", Tsunade observed and shrugged. "I was actually afraid you two would kill each other, but oh well… Oh, and I want you t-"

"No!", Kakashi exclaimed, but saw that it was too late. Iruka's eyes had already become blank and empty at hearing the word.

"Oh." Tsunade looked at the Chuunin in surprise. "I'm sorry. I didn't wan- intend to do that."

"Iruka", Kakashi whispered and moved to crouch right next to him. "Iruka, everything's fine, okay? Everything's fine." He sighed in relief when the Chuunin's eyes finally became normal again.

"So that's how he reacts…" Tsunade scratched her chin. "Maybe you should try that once a day, preferably right after he wakes up. To see whether the jutsu is still affecting him. Would be the easiest way to find out when the effects are gone finally."

"Do I have to?", Kakashi asked sadly. "Is there no other way?"

"Not as far as I see." The Sannin shrugged. "But I had Jiraiya examine that jutsu yesterday and he found out that hearing the word shouldn't have any permanent damaging effect on the mind of the person hit by it, so it's not a big deal, I guess."

Yes, it was a big deal. But Kakashi didn't say anything.

----- ----- -----

Kakashi smiled gently while he watched Iruka sit on the broad sill of his living room window and look out into the evening. After the initial shock in the morning, the day had gone on rather well. He had not once slipped and said the word, and Iruka had been smiling quite often. And furthermore, the Chuunin had on his own accord read a book and rolled out the futon Kakashi had brought from his apartment. All in all, it had been a really good day.

When he saw Iruka move and turn around to him, Kakashi hastily buried his nose into his book again not to be caught looking. With a slightly surprised frown, he noticed that despite the fact that his Icha Icha Paradise was brand-new, he hadn't been thinking about it at all for most of the day. Weird…

Kakashi dismissed the thought when he heard Iruka move towards him, then felt him settle down beside him on the couch. The Chuunin seemed to hesitate a little, but then leaned over slightly and obviously tried to catch a glimpse at his book. Kakashi grinned.

"Iruka, would you like to read my book?", he asked.

"Yes", Iruka answered after a little hesitation, then he craned his neck even more before he frowned and pouted.

"I don't think you can read it from there", Kakashi observed, still grinning. He was really wondering whether the Chuunin would ask him to give him the book. He hoped so, for it would have been a very big step in the other's recovery to make such a request.

Iruka frowned deeper and pouted more, and then surprised the Copy-nin immensely when he moved closer until he was flush against his right side.

"I-Iruka", Kakashi murmured. "Are you sure that you wa- like this?"

"Yes", Iruka answered simply after a moment of thought.

Kakashi just nodded weakly and tried to focus on his book again. But he couldn't keep his mind on the words, as juicy as the page currently opened was. Iruka was close, very close, and he felt warm against his side, warm and entirely not unpleasant. Kakashi shook his head. He wasn't sure why he was thinking that at all. The Chuunin just wanted to read his book, nothing more. It wasn't as if Iruka wanted to be this close to-

Iruka gasped softly, startling him out of his thoughts. Kakashi looked up to see what was wrong and caught sight of the Chuunin's face flushed a bright red. He was just about to grin at that again when Iruka suddenly moved and hid his face against his right shoulder, the Chuunin's body half twisted towards him and his right arm coming to a rest around Kakashi's waist.

"Iru… ka?", the Copy-nin asked, holding his breath. There had to be something wrong with the Chuunin if he acted like this.

"Yes?", Iruka whispered after a moment but didn't lift his head.

"Why did you do that? I mean, why… why are you… why is your head on my shoulder?"

"Don't like that book", Iruka murmured and moved his face closer to the crook of his neck.

"Then…" Kakashi swallowed when the Chuunin's breath warmed the skin of his neck under the mask. "Then you could just go back to the window. Why don't you do that?"

"Like it here", Iruka told him softly and shifted until his face was hidden in the crook between his neck and right shoulder.

Kakashi froze completely and stayed immobile even after Iruka stood up some minutes later and went to sleep. He couldn't help but feel a little disappointed at the loss of warmth.

----- ----- -----


I have incredibly much to do at the moment, I'm moving in a couple of days and many things else scream for attention. This will probably not leave much time to write, but I have a scheme for the story already, so don't worry. It will have six chapters, all about the length of this one at least if I can manage.

The idea for this fic came to me when I read Halco's doujinshi 'Miracle Medicine'. Maybe that's just me or my law studies speaking, but I always had a really iffy feeling about it. Kakashi gives Iruka a drug which makes him comply to whatever is demanded of him, and then has sex with him. Well, I don't want to sound rash, but that's rape for me. But I don't want to start a discussion about that, I just tell you because that doujinshi is the reason why the story will develop the way it will. (If I find the time.)