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Recap: After sending finishing up her torture – er, welcoming of Jaken, Hinata stumbles upon Naruto and Sasuke in a bookstore. Certain details make themselves known, and now, Hinata realizes that Hina's flamer was not her neighbor, but the one and only, Uchiha Sasuke! Now that's cleared up, she's got her mind set once again on retribution . . .

Fire Ten – The Final Flame: A Vengeful Conclusion?

"Ku ku ku. KU KU KU KU!!!!" Hinata shrieked wickedly.

Hanabi, used to her sister's strange, strange ways, just quirked her eyebrow. "You know, Hinata. We're in public."

"KU – cough!" Hinata eyes widened when she realized people were staring and whispering. As a cover, she began to cough violently instead. "H-Hanabi-chan," she began loudly, "t-that cough I h-had sure was strange wasn't it? S-sounded almost like an evil v-villain!" She chuckled nervously.

Bingo. The comment had it's effect as people turned around and began gossiping about the unhealthiness of being in a prestigious family.

"Anyway, Hanabi, here's what we're going to do." Hinata quickly started to look back and forth around the street, causing even more people to become suspicious of her, and then pulled Hanabi into an alleyway that just happened to appear at that moment. She activated her byakugan for good measure and then leaned forward so her face was directly in front of Hanabi's.

The younger Hyuuga could feel shivers going down her spine. Hinata sure could be scary with those veins around her eyes like that and her face shadowed by the alleyway's darkness. It gave her a feeling of impending doom, like the world was going to split in two, spelling the end of the universe! Wait, no, she decided. Neji's paranoia was just messing with her head again.

"And that's it!" Hinata finished. "So, Hanabi, you're going to give this check to Ichiraku-san."

"You mean we're enacting it right now?"

"Well, duh! Now we need to hurry. It's sun's almost finished setting!"


Hanabi reluctantly trudged towards the ramen stand.

"Snap to it!" Hinata commanded.

She rolled her eyes. "Of course, Hina-dono," she muttered.

Hinata gasped. "Not in public!"

Hanabi sighed and walked a little faster towards the ramen stand while Hinata followed behind her conspicuously trying to be inconspicuous. Of course, that caused her to be all the more conspicuous! She sneakily listened in on the conversation.

"Ichiraku-san, here's something from Hina. She says you're so overworked, you should take a bit of a vacation."

The old ramen chef looked surprise. "What? That means she must live around here to know that, eh?"

"No. Hina-dono is such a genius that she has an extended spy network in every area. Thus, she may be all the way in Kumogakure and still know what's going on here."

Hinata snickered from her hiding spot, which attracted quite a bit of stares from the passers-by. 'Hanabi sure is good at making stuff up! Hm, . . . a little too good. I'll have to keep an eye on her!'

"Wow!" Ichiraku exclaimed. "That's a lot of zeroes! This Hina must be loaded! Hey Ayame! What do you think about vacationing in Wave Country?"

Hinata smirked and signalled for Hanabi to return. "Excellent work, Hanabi. Now for phase two! We get some strawberry pocky!"

With that, the two heiresses headed off to the Konoha Supermarket and bought a box of that pink colored pocky. Out of nowhere, Hinata, being the resourceful Hyuuga she is, produced an odorless, tasteless, colorless, and all those other less's poison. She opened the box and sprinkled it all over the little rosy sticks. Then she carefully dumped them all onto an Uchiha fan platter, except it was pink and white instead of red and white . . . after all, it had to match with the pocky!

"Alright, Hanabi. Now let's find ourselves a helpless child!" Hinata scanned the streets and found a lone little girl. Perfect! "Oh little girl!" she called.

When the girl came over, Hinata instantly cast her into one of Hina-dono's overly complex genjutsu. In fact, it's so overly complex that it's name can't be told lest we all suffer from its wrath! Moving on, Hinata carefully gave the girl the platter of pocky and told her to make sure Uchiha Sasuke ate a least one and not to leave until he did. As a side effect, she would forget all that happened.

Hinata and Hanabi followed after her as she walked over to the Uchiha residence and knocked on it.

Knock knock. The door opened and there was Sasuke, in all his emo glory . . . wait, no. Was that the Uchiha wearing a pink bathrobe?

Hinata and Hanabi stared at each other then quickly looked at the sack that had suddenly appeared next to them with the outfit they were going to put on Sasuke. No, that wouldn't be necessary after all. Their attention was immediately captured as he spoke.

"What do you want, kid?" he demanded.

"Pocky . . . for great Uchiha," the little girl muttered automatically. She lifted the plate up so that he could see the delectable little sticks of pocky.

Sasuke looked at the plate and gulped. He quickly glanced around, and not seeing anyone, he muttered a quick "thanks" and grabbed the plate, slamming the door on the kid's face. The girl robotically walked away and would later forget everything.

Meanwhile, Hinata was giggling madly. "I knew it! I knew Uchiha Sasuke was half gay!"

"Half?" Hanabi asked.

"Well, duh! We all know he's usually either paired with my Naruto-kun or else Sakura! That means he's half straight and half gay! That pink bathrobe and addiction to strawberry pocky just proves it!"

"Did it ever occur to you that he had nothing else to wear?"

"Denial, Hanabi-chan. Denial." A loud crash captured their attention. "Let's go!"

Cautiously, the two heiresses entered the complex. They found Sasuke near the entrance, zoned out like a zombie. At his feet was the platter and remains of the pocky.

Hinata went up to him. "Uchiha Sasuke, hop around like a bunny."

At the command, the proud Uchiha started hopping around.

She smirked. "Excellent. Eeeeeeexcelllent!" Sasuke continued to hop. "Okay, you can stop now."

The Uchiha stopped.

"What is this poison of yours called again?" Hanabi asked, quite impressed.

"That my dear sister, is for me to know, and you never to find out. Just remember, that I, Hina-dono, have hordes more for use!"

At this, Hanabi made a mental note to destroy all evidence of her How to Flame a Diabolical Evil Sister for Dummies book. In fact, she'd have to use Neji's vaporizing ray – she doubted even a higher being would know exactly why her cousin had one.

"Now! We must hurry!" Hinata said. "Uchiha Sasuke!"

"Yes," he responded automatically.

"You will refer to me as Hina-dono and nothing else. You will listen to me and no one else. You will answer me and no one else. Understand?"

"Yes, Hina-dono. Yes, Hina-dono. Yes, Hina-dono. Yes, Hina-dono."

"Good. Now, I want you to wear these pink bunny slippers," she pulled a pair out of nowhere, "with that pink bathrobe and this pink Hello Kitty headband."

"Yes, Hina-dono." The Uchiha immediately put on the items.

"Now, you will walk to the mountain with the faces of our Hokage carved on it. You will stay at the top and continuously sing to the beat of 'I'm a Little Teapot' at the top of your lungs:

'I'm a gay shinobi, pink and cute,

Here is my kunai, here's my obi.

When I am all alone hear me shout,

"Emo Sasuke's just an act!"'

"You will not stop if anyone tries to make you. You will not leave your post. If anyone should ask why you're singing, you will reply, 'I am confessing that I am half gay!' Understand?"

The Uchiha promptly replied "Yes, Hina-dono" to all her requests.

"Excellent. Excellent. Now, head off!" Hinata roared.

"Yes, Hina-dono." And with that, the proud Uchiha made his way towards utter humiliation.

Hinata chuckled. "Let's head home, Hanabi. Our work here is done!"

"Um, exactly how long will this last?" Hanabi asked.

"Let's just say he'll still be at it when morning comes," Hinata grinned deviously.

The younger Hyuuga gulped. Man, her sister could be evil.

And so, the two Hyuuga sisters made their way towards the Hyuuga compound. However, on the way, they suddenly heard a heart-wrenching "NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!" from in front of them.

"N-Naruto-kun?" Hinata asked innocently.

Naruto turned to her. "It's awful, Hinata! It's just awful!"

"What's awful?" As if she didn't know!

"Ichiraku is on vacation for a month! Can you believe it? A whole month without my fresh ramen!" he wailed.

"Oh, d-don't worry, Naruto-kun! If you c-come to my place, y-you can have a-all the ramen y-you want!"

"Really!" he immediately brightened. "Wow, Hinata! You're awesome!"

Hinata smiled brightly. 'What he doesn't know won't hurt him.'

Suddenly, they heard something. "Gay . . . pink . . ."

Naruto looked around. "Huh? That sounds a bit like Sasuke-teme."

Hinata knew exactly what to do. She pointed to the Hokage mountain. "Everyone, l-look!" she shouted, causing everyone on the street to look upwards and see the Uchiha shouting his lungs out. "Do you hear what he's saying?"

Several fan girls that appeared screamed melodramatically.

Naruto stopped dead and shuddered. "I don't know who that is. I don't know who that is."

"T-there there, Naruto-kun. A-at least you know you c-can always count on m-me!" Hinata gave her most winning smile.

"Right. Well, see you tomorrow, Hinata-chan! I'm looking forward to that ramen!"

Hinata waved him off, then gave one last look at the Uchiha making a fool of himself.

"Let's go home, Hanabi-chan!" she said cheerfully.

This time, the two heiresses really did make it home. Just when they were about to step through the double doors to the compound, Jaken appeared.

"YOU!!!!!!!" He frothed.

It seemed he had used his time to shave off what rainbow hair he had after finding out the dye wouldn't come off. Hinata could make out a rainbow-colored bald head.

"Um, y-yes?" she stuttered.

"You evil witch! You are a plague! A-a madwoman! You deserve to DIE!!!!!!! I won't rest until your despicable being is brought to justice!!!!!! You–"

He suddenly found himself staring at someone's chest. He slowly looked up and found himself eye to eye with a very, very angry father.

"What did you call my daughter?" Hiashi demanded.

"Eep!" Jaken squeaked. He could feel the waves of killing intent rolling off the head Hyuuga. This time, he really did wet himself! "I-I-I-I-"

Hiashi cracked his knuckles as lightning mysteriously appeared out of nowhere and crashed behind him. He activated his byakugan and glared at the poor boy. "Hyuuga kenjutsu: Wrath of the Angry Overprotective Father!"

On the sidelines, Hinata watched gleefully. Ah, she had her revenge, she had her Naruto-kun, and to top it all off, some evening entertainment as well. Life sure was sweet! . . . For her that was.

And the moral lesson of this story my dear readers is . . . well, there is no moral lesson. But there is a valuable piece of advice to learn from this: Insult Hina, and she'll personally hunt you down and main you and anything else that gets in her way. Insult Hinata, and you answer to her father, Hyuuga Hiashi.


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