No, this isn't the last part of my three part 'series', this is a stand-alone oneshot. That one will come later, once I get rid of my writer's block. This was lots of fun to write, and I'm currently in the process of converting it into comic format, which I will upload on my deviantART account. Once I get a working scanner. -.-; I had this idea when I thought, "Hmm. What if Tor confessed, but didn't want to do it directly? What could he do to tell Roberta that he loves her? I know! He could tell a story and let her finish it in order to say, 'I love you. Do you love me, too?'" Enjoy!

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Footfalls echoed through the halls of the empty library as Tor and Roberta searched for the entrance to the shrine. Tor stared after Roberta's retreating back, gathering the courage to say what he wanted to. He sighed, dreading it.

Roberta turned around to face him. "Something wrong, Tor?" she asked.

Tor shook his head and looked around the vast library. "No. I was just thinking. All these books reminded me of something… It's a story I heard when I was really little. I know most of it, but I can't really remember the ending very well… I thought that maybe, since you grew up in a library, you may have read the story and might know the ending…?"

Roberta shrugged. "Tell it to me. I might know," she said, wondering why he was bringing this up now.

Tor looked up at the ceiling and inhaled deeply. "It basically went like this; Once upon a time… there was a mighty warrior." He shifted his gaze to the floor, nervously, and tried not to stutter too much as he continued. "He was on a journey to stop a great evil from consuming the land. Along the way, he faced many monsters, who were sent out by the evil to stop him.

"Eventually, he met a brave sorceress who was trying to defeat the evil, as well… Through many battles and obstacles, they made their way across the land, coming closer and closer to finding and destroying the source of the darkness."

He paused, afraid of continuing. "…Near the end of their journey, the warrior realized that he was… in love with the sorceress. He didn't want to tell her because he was afraid she would reject him." He smiled weakly at Roberta. "That's all I can remember. Do you know how it ends?"

Roberta stared at Tor, surprised at what he was saying. She closed her eyes and smiled. "I think I know that story," she said, softly. "The sorceress felt the same way about the warrior, and she didn't tell him, either. But once the warrior was able to reveal his feelings for her, the sorceress told him that she loved him, too. And…. And…"

Tor continued for her. "And they defeated the evil and lived happily ever after." He grinned. "Thanks for helping me with the ending. I think we should keep going."

Roberta smiled and nodded in agreement, and the two heroes continued their quest to defeat the evil. Soon after, they confronted and defeated the Darkest Faerie, and were praised as heroes of the realm; three weeks later, Tor gave Roberta a small, velvet box containing a gold ring.

And they lived happily ever after.

Weeeeeee! I love it, I love it, I love it! They are SOOOOOOO cute together! dances around in glee Now, there are certain authors whose fanfictions I love, and who knew that I had a cold recently and promised to update soon. Said people, (you know who you are(there's only one of you)) might be motivated by this fic, especially since I still have another TorxRoberta fic in the works for you to enjoy in the future.