I stare at them both watching Michiru play her violin Hotaru leaning her head
against Setsuna's shoulder. It's been almost a year, a year since I killed
the only family, other than Michiru, that I have ever cared about. We have
never talked about it before, not once in the year, it is to painful for any
of us to talk about. I am to asshamed of it also, I know Michiru is too. I
know Hotaru and Setsuna have forgiven, never forgotten just forgiven. Hotaru
and Setsuna may have forgiven us, but until the day we die Michiru and I will
never forgive ourselves. Never. I know in a way they also understand, we
promised that we would do everything we could to protect our Princess.
Michiru and I took part when we made thart pact but we both regret it so
dearly now. We killed our family, some trade off we protected out princess,
but in return, to do that we had to kill the very small, very limited family
we know. It's enough to drive a person crazy so we dont' talk about it. But
I know that Michiru and I do, I see it in Michiru's eyes everytime she falls
silent, it plays a sad song, I see it especially after she puts Hotaru to
sleeps or SEtsuna goes back to the time gate, or either one of them is upset
about anything. THe Pain in her eyes shows me she feels responsible for
everything. And I know the pain in her eyes matches the pain in mine.