The End You Moron aka The Regrettable Past

"Now Ha-chan, all we must do is return to Ilpalazzo with the new ACROSS ARMY!"

"But how do we return home?"

"Excel has not thought that far ahead. I was hoping you have an idea."

'wank Wonk Week Week Woo John Woo! Wee!' A penguin fired a rocket into a far-off ice cliff. It exploded predictably.

MEANWHILE "It is amazing, the journey these suited birds take." continued Freeman"Penguins do this every year, and many are lost. Penguins are-" BOOM. oh wait, BOOOM! better.


"Hey! Those are dangerous! I demote you to Spatula Samurai! You will never be a Rocket Jockey again! You there, don't cut your arm-thingies, You, turn the safety on! You, you could poke an eye out with that ladle!"

'wonk weffuunmp wenk wong!' The penguins turned on each other and started an all-out civil war. It ended shortly with an avalanche.

Excel woke on top of the snow. Lucky. (mmm you'll never get me Luckied Charms. mmmommm.) Hyatt lay nearby.

"Ha-chan! This is no time to be sleeping! wake up! Wakey wake! We have a crisis! An unknown force decimated ACROSS' newly formed Tuxedo Unit! UP!"

" it morning already?"

"C'mon, we have to find a way home."

"But how..."

"If only we had some Red Bull! We could get some wings! and Fly away! But no! we are not so lucky, we must rely on that over sized boat!" She pointed and, sure enough a boat appeared. WOW.

Inside the control room, Excel stared at the console. "Excel cannot decipher the code. She will hit buttons at random!" and that is what she did.

Bleep bloop bim., Beepity bop. boom. Who put the bop in biggley bop? whinnie the booh.

Hyatt began to feel dizzy. She fell onto the console, blood trickling out of her mouth.

"Alright, That's using your head!" she had fallen on a large read button that read 'press to start this ship and return to Japan.'

Several days pass. I lost count after 3. The ship crashed into land, since Excel could not control the ship. Two starving women crawled ashore.

A tall, tailed, marsupial hopped over. The blond reached up and snapped its neck. "FOOD!" Excel yelled.