A/N:: hey, fanchick here!! Ya, so I decided to express how stupid and annoying I feel Byakuya is. So, this is a oneshot about what is going on in his head. Yes, this shows the true stupidity of the so-called "noble". What a moron.

This means that Byakuya's thinking!!

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"You are NOT going to the world of the living, and that's FINAL!"

"You can't tell me what to do!"

"Oh ya? Watch me!"

"Brother, you are so unfair!"

Rukia and Byakuya were debating the return of Rukia to the living world. And just for the record, Byakuya was winning.

Rukia stomped off angrily to the squad 13 barracks to sulk over nii-chan's decision. He thinks he's so great! She thought angrily. I am as muck his sister as I am his comrade!

What goes on in that thick skull anyway?! She thought again.

But, the truth is, she didn't WANT to know…


She is so arrogant, now. It's probably because she hangs out with that hotheaded Ichigo guy.

Man, he has odd hair. It's ORANGE for god's sake! Who does ORANGE hair? What a loser. My hair, however, is gorgeous.

Long black waves of beauty. I wonder if switching to Dove will change my hair texture…hmmmm…

Why do I wear these ridiculous metal plates in my hair, any who? What are they for? I'm not trying to get HBO in my head or anything! Besides, TV distracts me. But I do love Food Network! Man, Rachel Ray can cook!

I do enjoy cooking… and eating… I wonder, will getting so much make me fat? Omg, I will lose my perfect figure! That would be HORRIBLE! I need some more Slim Fast.

I wonder why they call it slim fast? Does it make you slim? Does it work fast? God, I wish they told you this on the label! They never make fine print readable. But, I should be thankful. That's how I became a captain.

The contract said, 'must be strong' but, in fine print it said, 'strong mentally, and emotionally'.

I am not very mentally strong, lord knows I am not very smart, and if they saw how hard I cried when Laurie broke up with Dan on my favorite soap, I would never even be considered!

I do love soap operas. So lovely. But why do they call it soap operas? They don't sing and they have nothing to do with bubbles or taking a bath.

I wonder if Renjii likes taking bathes. I like mine hot, but not TOO hot, just kind of a cuddly, teddy bear hot.

I have this new rubbery ducky for my bathes I got from a Family Fun magazine that I named Joey. I even made him a tiny wooden zampatou named squeakers! IT'S SO CUTE!!

But, I must stay focused…what was I doing? Ummmmm…. I think I was about to take a bath. Now I must find Joey…JOEY WHERE ARE YOU?


Well, he must have a good reason for not letting me go… Thought Rukia. He is really focused on work. Maybe he just needs a few hours to himself.

The reaper left the issue to rest and went to the living world anyway. Don Kanoge was on tonight! No WAY she would obey her brother tonight…BWAHAHAHAHA!

Kk, so that's it! Sorry for the shortness of it… I hope u enjoyed it!!

Over and out, -fanchick :3