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Old Bya-kun is still a moron. Stupid Noble.

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Byakuya Kuchki rose from his long nap. After briefly touching his fingers to his hair, making sure it was gloriously perfect; he sat up, and brushed off his arrogant tushie.

Just then, his vice came into his office, much unannounced.

This made the Captain very upset, though he did not show much of it.

"Taicho, you have an emergency meeting, at this moment! The General Yamamoto is requesting your presence, Sir!" Renji spit all this out in one very long breath. Byakuya would have been impressed with him if it wasn't for his own big headedness.

The Taicho sighed heavily. This small encounter of absolute body language left Renji shuffling apprehensively. You see, this Byakuya Kuchki loved to see his subordinates squirm.

For this reason, he let that annoyance seep into his poor Vice's brain, until he felt he had done enough damage.

"Very Good. Now be gone, Renji. Acually-" he stopped the man in the doorway now, "finish my paper work. I will probably be gone for a long time now."

Renji barely hid a scowl. It seemed the only one who enjied paperwork around here was Histugaya. But, alas. This Captain had bigger thoughts than Abarii's discomfort.


Oh, another captain's meeting. It will probably be the same stuff as usual- windbag Yamamoto probably just wants to tell us he is cutting our saleries again. Wonderful

But not as wonderful as me…in fact, none of the captains are! I myself, am, so very amazing, the others just rot in me presence! Especially that Ukitake…

Ukitake is the most jealous of me. I was once his superior, I see, but…no wait…I am STILL that man's superior! Even when I was below him I was above him! And my goodness, I just know that he was hitting on me half the time! He was always talking about how we need to be a team, and whatnot. Well, I don't need a team! I don't NEED a squad behind me, I am INVINCABLE! INVINCABLE, I TELL YOU!

Invincible…like Aizen Souske. He seems like a powerful fellow. Really, I think that he is going to be a good model to soul society someday. He will be the man to turn us all around! I can feel it. I know it, actually. I know everything.

Speaking of knowing everything, I think that one guy…what's his name…Mayuri? Yeah, him! What a DUCHE BAG. I look s much prettier than that fat cow! Whilst his face is all white and messed up looking, mine is beautiful. I am so beautiful, I think I will look at myself as I pass this window..And….

Yeah..I am beautiful.

I am much more beautiful than Unohana, for sure. To be honost, a duck is more attractive than that…she-male! What is she..Part man? Or does she wish she was a man, for she wears her hair in that ridiculous braid! I'm very sorry that she has to do so much to make it look like that. I am naturally gorgeous, and I can just wake up lovely. Maybe she is just in denial of her own ability. Yes, that's right! Maybe she wants to be a fighter, and not a lover!

Soi Fong is a true fighter. Jeez, that kid is so obsessed with her work, she doesn't even have time for that girlfriend of hers! I bet that's why Yoruichi left her. Poor thing. Yoruichi, I mean. Not that…crude monster! I swear to Joey, I walked past her and she didn't even notice my presence! Can you beleave that monster?!

Komamura is a monster. I think..or a dog. I saw his with his basket off, and he was getting MY kibbles and bits while Iba brushed his head! His PUPPY HEAD! It reminds me how much I like puppies…so cute…and cuddly..and soft…note to beauty: tell Renji to buy me a puppy. So cute…!

Cute? Like…Yachiru? Ah, we are so alike! I pretend I don't like her at all….but I really, really do! In fact, I think she is so much like me, it's scary! I wanted that confetti candy, darn nit! Anyway, she eats all of my…

Hold the phone, I left my box of candy in the room! I was going to give some to Kenpachi! Oh, if only he knew how much I was turned on by those little bells of his! Ah, I just want to bring him into my office for a little 'us time' I'm sure he would consider my presence. Growl he just makes me want to…well, to tell him to fix my hair! It's always good to have another hair stylist. Ah, the wants of a wonderful captain.

I really want to go watch my soap tonight. Maybe Rangiku and Momo will join me…they keep silent about the whole matter when I offer them sake and coloring crayons…odd, huh?

Speaking of odd, now that I really relize it, how the heck can Hitsugaya get into Soul Society? He is so little, and small, and helpless….poor little guy. I get he needs Joey, he's so alone! Or mayhap a boosterseat. Yes, he doesn't look that big. Maybe the size of a walnut….

Walnuts, I adore walnuts. They are so crunch-tastic. Yum yum. Crunch crunch crunch…ah HA! I can create a new race with walnuts!! I shall pro-create a new species! Wow, will Yachiru be happy or what…

Oh, shoot. I am already here. (sigh) I hate meetings. They are so dull.


Yamamoto punched his fist down on the table, calling for order. "Captains, I have very serious news." He began loudly. "Because of my new back-pains, and a new hair-growth trial run amuck, I am cutting your pay…"

Captain's meetings. Oi.

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