Vivi wakes in her corners, in a cold sweat she looks out and see it is still night, She starts thinking to herself, "Nami if you only knew my feelings, she falls back to sleep, later she starts to morn and toss and turn her hand starts to go in to her panties and her little pussy starts to get wet, In head it is a total different story. Here her dream becomes a reality.

"Nami!" yells Luffy and the other boys as they walk the ship "make sure that Vivi wakes up, We be only a few blocks away getting supplies" Luffy walks off with his usually grin. Nami walks to Vivi corners and hears the moans, She walks closer to hear the faint cry of "Nami……..please give me pleasure" Nami comes in quietly and walks over to Vivi's bed, she get on top of her and leans forward, She starts licking Vivi's ear, Vivi shivers in shock as she opens he eyes slowly, she looks to see Nami in front of her face smiling, she is about to say something, but Nami puts her finger in her mouth, as this Vivi tastes something on the finger sweet and heavenly, she starts sucking on it.

"I knew you will love this finger, it been inside of me, Come on I know you want me." Nami kisses Vivi neck slowly going downwards "and this is you chance to show me what you been dreaming of"

Nami takes her free hand and starts to finger Vivi's cult, Vivi yells in pleasure letting go of Nami finger and holds her breast together, She pulls off her shirt and takes off her bra, throwing it on the ground, she looks down and moves Nami off of her, she take off nami's shorts and panties, she looks at her pussy already wet she bends down and starts licking, Nami morns a little "go inside me." She says, Vivi responds going inside her, as Nami squeezing her tits together she yells in a loud morn. Vivi pulls away kissing Nami pussy softly; Nami giggles she get up and goes over Vivi head. Vivi start back sucking on her pussy,

Vivi starts sticking her finger inside Nami, Nami bends over and start licking Vivi's pussy, Vivi morns and put her mouth on Nami's entrance and stick her tongue inside of her. Outside chopper has came back on the ship form getting medicine for the crew, Chopper walks in brain point holding the bag close to him ,he walks down the ship hallway and hears the morns, He walks over the source , which is Vivi's corners . Chopper open the door, at that moment Nami lift her head as she cums in Vivi mouth Vivi lets go and yell as she about the let looses and she does, right in chopper face. Chopper stands there in shock of what he has seen and faints on the ground. Nami and Vivi fall asleep on the bed cover with womanly juices.

Yes, I am bogus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The end…..I think? What you got legendary White boy! And this was my frit one too, hopefully I will get reviews….; so sorry if it didn't get you juices flowing.