F r a g i l e

C l i c h é



Honestly, the way she spoke to him. Did she think that she was the only one who had fought battles?

Every conversation with her was a battle. One controversial word like the first gunshot, initiating a battle of strong antipathy.

Was it all in good fun? Sometimes he wondered, doubting her without a right to do so; for he simply hid behind his dislike. He used hatred like a thin sheet, barely opaque enough to cover up the thin line between his emotions and his deceive.

His glare was ice, and hers fire. Together, they made smoke- enough of it to hide the true feelings of even the most sentimental being.


He had argued with her. This was putting it simply. A more complex mind, such as his, would call it a combat of wits, all a superfluous struggle to come out on top.

She held a mask too, but it was waning with every conflicting sentence he spoke. He could tell, and he held her mind in the palm of his ghostly hand, feigning jubilance at his victory.

But how long would his own hatred hold? To an untrained eye, her insults were wasted on him. The engagement of words was like a game of chess to him- simply a way to pass time.

He was keener. Every time he was put at a loss for words, her mesmerizing eyes grew bright. When he got lost in those eyes, a smirk would play at her endearing lips.

Perhaps the sheet was already gaining transparency...

Perhaps she was beginning to make out the thin line that he stood on.

And so, he retreated. He allowed her to triumph, evading more casualties. Casualties of his hidden demeanor.

Love was a war, won only by tactics and strategies. Wether or not she knew it was a war, he was not sure of. The same went for wether she had recognized love yet. But to call it love, or to call it war, would be to stumble off to one side of the diminishing line. And the war raged on.

Yes, he had fought many battles.


A/N: This was just on a whim... Thanks to missLivia for the beta In my head, as always, this was A/H. I don't think it works any other way, but if you so desire, you can change the pairing.

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