It was a year after Hakuoro disappeared, and Eruru was still getting over it. Most times she managed to push the thought if him out of her head, mostly by taking care of Aruru, or visiting patients. She never told anyone about their kiss, for fear of what they would think…and the fact that it would be quite embarrassing. The only times she allowed herself to mourn him was at night. And at night, she wept. She missed him terribly, more than even her grandmother and her village. Her heart felt like an open wound, still smarting as if it had just been cut. She cried for him, for Aruru, for herself, and for their love. She knew that it was love, for the simple fact that she didn't know what else to call it. And she knew that it was a different love than that she had for Aruru. When she thought of him, her heart jumped into her throat, and she lost focus in what she was doing. She worried about where he was constantly, and if she would ever see him again. Or, if they did meet again, if he would have lost his memories like before. Just the thought made her go into another fit of sobs. She couldn't bear it if he forgot about her.

It seemed that her distress was showing, because Aruru had been trying harder lately to help with the small 'infirmary' that they were keeping, and Oboro had called in a cook so that she didn't have to. Karura had even started helping out with her duties, using the excuse that she "Just wanted to start pulling her weight."

The marble ring that she had always thought worthless, but beautiful nonetheless, was now one of her post precious items that she owned. Whenever she was asked about from many of the young men now living near the palace, she had always told the messenger to reply that she was not interested. Her heart belonged to Hakuoro. It stayed that way for another two months.

Her life was dreary, she was gaining circles under her eyes from lack of sleep, and she didn't have the usual spunk that she had possessed when he was still here. Her friends were starting to worry about her health, and were thinking of taking her up to the mountains to get away from the palace. It was around when they were planning this when they got a message that there was a visitor.

As the party went to the main room where they were to meet this guest, Eruru sat alone in her room. She didn't think it important for her to meet a random guest, so she just sat on her windowsill and thought about what new herbs she was going to need.

She heard a loud screech from Aruru and jumped, her attention now on the door leading out of her room. "Daddy! You're back!" Aruru's high pitched voice could be heard all through the palace, and Eruru's eyes widened. She quickly made her way down the stairway and outside, so that she was standing behind everyone else. She gasped at the sight of him, whispering "Hakuoro…"

He looked just like he had when she last saw him…still wearing the same clothes, still with the same mask. Her heart was pounding and her face flushed. It seemed that he had embraced and said the general hello's to everyone…he was now putting Aruru down from a hug. She saw him look around, his blue hair whipping a bit as he did. When he caught sight of her he smiled, a warm and gentle sight. She moved her eyes to the ground, her face still flushed as she stammered "K-konichiwa, Hakuoro-san." Her hands were clasped in front of her and her face was lowered, so she didn't see him swiftly make his were to her and pick her up.

She gasped, and only had about a millisecond to, before he was kissing her. It was just like she remembered…she smiled through their kiss, two small tears rolling their way down her face. Her arms found their way around his neck, grasping his hair in tight fists. She was now tall enough so that if she stood on her toes she could reach him, and his arms went down to her waist. Finally having to breathe, she pulled back and smiled at him.

"It's good to see you, Hakuoro." She whispered, and he smiled and responded "I missed you."

Eruru let go of his neck, dropping to the ground and she held her hand to her chest in a tight fist. She couldn't stop smiling. Her hear was pounding at a speed so fast she though dangerous, and her cheeks were flushed from the kiss. "He didn't forget me…." She whispered to herself, and her head whipped around when she heard whistling.

She glared at Oboro, and crossed her arms onto her chest while putting on a 'grumpy face', as Aruru called it. Thinking of Aruru, as they all walked inside, Oboro chatting away to Hakuoro, she looked for her younger sister. Said Aruru seemed to have a horrified look on her face, and screeched when she caught her sisters eye " Eruru kissed Daddy!"

Eruru quickly made her way over to Aruru, and clasped a hand over her mouth. She had to admit, it still hadn't registered with her yet that Hakuoro was back.

"Don't yell!" She hissed at Aruru, and ushered her into the room that they would talk to their long missed emperor in.