Carmelita and the CORSONCH

The scientists were working. HARD!!

"Is the thing almost done, you bastards!" Carmelita said.

"It is..." The scientist said.

"WEEE! But what does it do?!?!?!?!?!"

"It drills into criminals souls, and steals them as a perfect crime."

"AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Carmelita said as she grabbed it

"You must never touch this red button. It will unleash all the souls and thell go into the wrong bodies."

"OK?' Carmelita said as she drilled the scientist.

"It is called a corsonch.!" Another scientist said.

"Now to catch COOEPR!"

Carmelita+Corsonch :( for SLY

"FREEZE CRIMINALS!" Carmelita had drilled 10101041031040923457 people souls.


Sly was waking up..with a hangover.

"FFUCKING SHUT UP BENTLY AND MURRY MY HEAD FUCKING HURTS!" Sly said as Carmelita burst through the window. "AAHHAHAH!! MY EARS!!!"

"Time to drill you,"


"There souls belong to me!!"

"NNNOOO!" SLy said as his soul was drilled out of his body.

'HAHHAHAHHAHA...NOOOOOOO!!" Carmelita said as she dropped the drill on her toe..a massive amount of blood fell out. Her last soulful act was pressing the red button...then fucking shit went down.

ALL OF THE SOULS WENT INTO THE WRONG BODIES. Bently was mury mry was bently sly was carmelita and carmelita was sly.

"OH NOES! WHAT DO WE DO NOW!?!?!" Carmleita/Sly said.