As Harry sat there in Mr. Weasley's chair two dark figures appeared from behind him. Suddenly Harry could feel himself being lifted up from under his armpits and being dragged upstairs.

"Let me go," yelled Harry, trying to break himself free of his attackers. He squirmed and moved trying to reach his wand. "Put me down," he screamed.

"Blimey Harry it's us," said the hooded figure on his left, the familiar voice flooding his head. "Calm down," the other attacker whispered in the exact same voice as the first.

"Fred, George, what the hell are you guys doing?" asked Harry. "And what's with the hoods?"

Pulling Harry even faster the two twins raced up the squeaky stairs. "Just trying to give you a little present for the big day," said one of the twins. "Yeah, just trying to give you a little private party," said the other.

"But guys," Harry said in confusion. "My birthday's not till tomorrow. Beside I already told you two that you didn't have to do anything special for my birthday; I just want tomorrow to be like any other day."

They arrived at a room that Harry had never really been in before. Pictures of the Weasley family, famous quidditch players, and clippings from the Daily Prophet were scattered throughout the walls. The floor was lined with books, scrolls, and clothes that one assumed weren't too clean. Two twin beds pushed together lay against the opposite wall with what looked like candy wrappers strewn across it.

Harry turned at his kidnappers to see them removing their hoods. George took out his wand and pointed it at the door, "Salvio hexia… protego totalum… muffiliato," muttered George. At that moment Fred took out his wand and with a small flick and brown bag from under the beds zoomed across the floor and stopped directly at Fred's feet.

"Ok Harry, seeing as we consider you part of the family and all," said Fred, "were going to pass down a Weasley tradition. It has been passed down from brother to brother ever since Charlie started it; and now we pass it on to you mate." Fred bent down and picked up the brown bag that had raced across the floor.

"Oh and one more thing Harry," said George, "Imperio." Harry looked at George in shock. He wondered had he been lead into a trap by death eaters inside the Weasley house. But it was strange, Harry still felt like himself.

"What the hell!" yelled Harry realizing that he had just spoken. He tried to move his body but nothing on it would budge. He felt as though he had been hit with a stunning spell instead. But that still didn't explain how he was still able to talk.

"It's a very mild form of the imperious curse," said George. "You can still talk and realize what's happening but you just don't have control over your body anymore. Don't worry mate, just sit back and enjoy."

"On all fours," barked George. Harry could feel his body obeying the order of George. Soon Harry lay there on his hands and knees. Harry could see Fred this time with his wand pointed at Harry and a greenish blue light coming straight at him. Harry closed his eyes but felt no pain, instead he felt just a little cold. He opened his eyes and looked at his arms which were now bare. He could feel that all of his clothes were no longer on his body. Harry looked back and Fred and could see his cock bulging from beneath his robes. Fred took his robe off letting his cock emerge and then started to caress and rub Harry's ass. George wasted no time in stripping himself down as well.

"Lubrixia," muttered Fred. Harry could feel his ass becoming wetter and slicker. Then Harry started to moan as he felt Fred's fingers pushing into his ass. Every nerve in Harry's body tingled as those fingers explored his body; Pushing against the walls of his ass while that plunged deeper and deeper into him.

Harry opened his eyes to see George's cock just inches away from his mouth. Harry looked at it as though it were his favorite treat in the world. He licked his lip as he say the cock approaching closer and closer to his mouth. Harry lunged at the cock and wrapped his mouth around it licking and sucking on it. He felt lost in an ocean of pleasure. He could barely hear George moaning even though he was so close. Harry started to moan even louder as he could feel Fred's cock plunged into his ass, thrusting in and out of him. Harry felt lost in ecstasy when Fred hit his prostate. Harry could feel his own cock now being pumped but could not see who was doing it since everything seemed to be in a fog. Fred was now thrusting so hard the Harry was starting to lose balance and George's cock was being plunged deeper and deeper into his mouth. Harry could feel his cock about to explode and at the moment he felt Fred and George simultaneously bury their cocks into Harry's mouth and ass and fill him up from both ends. Harry's cock couldn't take anymore and he felt it erupt like a volcano onto the floor. Everything seemed to become a white mist and Harry felt himself slip into it.

Harry opened his eyes, searching the room that looked different from where he had just been. Suddenly he realized that he was no longer in the twin's bedroom but in his own room where he and Ron slept. Harry moved around and realized that his body felt like jello. Harry stood up and saw Ron with a big smile on his face staring at him.

"So you enjoy the Weasley tradition Harry?" asked Ron with a huge grin on his face. "Fred and George did the same to me right before my seventeenth birthday. I woke up just like you, naked and feeling like my body was made out of jello."

"Well, it's not as if I had a choice," said Harry, "They put me under the imperious curse, I had to do whatever they wanted remember."

"Actually mate Fred and George only put you under the curse to get you down on your hands and knees, after that they take you off of it," said Ron giggling. "Everything after that was all you and them."

Harry got to his legs and wobbled around for a second or two before being able to fully walk. He went and grabbed his clothes and started to put his pants on.

"Wait mate, you're not done yet," said Ron. "That was only part one, the only reason your in hear is so that you can rest and get your strength ready for part two. And trust me, if you think you feel like jello now, wait until you're done with part two. I wasn't able to walk right for the entire day after that."

Harry looked at Ron with horror in his eyes and a big smile on his face. He didn't know what kind of things were waiting for him with part two, but he couldn't help but to smile as he imagined it, and went back to the bed and laid down beside Ron.

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