Harry and Ron jumped onto Harry's bed staring at the object that Dumbledore had just left them in his will. They sat there guessing the reasons why Dumbledore would leave Ron the deluminator. As they sat there contemplating this question, Fred and George walked into the room. George sat on the bed next to Harry looking at the deluminator and said, "What are you guys up to?"

"Nothing," said Harry trying to sound as innocent as he could. "What have you got there?" Harry noticed that George had a brown sack in his hands. Harry's eyes widened in shock when he realized that it was the same brown bag that Fred summoned last time he was in their room. Harry looked at George and saw a devilish grin on his face. Harry turned to look at what Fred was doing but instead his eyes met the same greenish blue light it did the last time he was in a closed room with Fred and George. Without looking at himself Harry already knew that his clothes were off of his body and he was now naked.

"Ok guys, so what's the last part of the Weasley tradition," Harry asked. "Ice, snow, or maybe more tricks with the wand."

"Actually," said Ron, "the last part is a test of endurance mate. All you have to do is not cum until Fred tells you that you can."

George reached his hand into the sack and pulled out five marbles. Harry's mind drifted to all the times he had to control himself from getting an erection in class and thought that waiting until Fred allowed him to cum would be a synch. Ron took out his wand and pointed it at Harry's cock and a light blue cock ring suddenly formed around Harry's half erect cock. "This will keep you from releasing anything," said Ron.

"Come on guys," said Harry. "This seems kind of anticlimactic. I fought a basilisk and all other sorts of things; do you really expect me to beg and plead Fred to let me come."


"Please, please let me cum," Harry yelled. Fred had placed three of the marbles inside of Harry's ass. At first Harry was ok, until the first one started to grow in size and then it started to radiate a lot of heat. The second marble, after being inserted, also grew in size. Then it started to vibrate powerfully. The third marble, like the first two, grew in size. For a moment Harry thought that that was the only thing that the third marble did until it suddenly pushed the other balls into Harry's prostate making him moan in tremendous pleasure.

"I can't hold it any longer, please let me cum," begged Harry.

"Not yet mate, I'm not done having fun," said Fred. Fred grabbed another marble and pushed it into Harry. It grew like the others before it and then started to radiate a cold wave. Harry's mind was in complete shambles. His cock was begging to release its seed that was being pent up inside. Harry's mind was in a world of pleasure. Fred took the last marble and slid it into Harry. Again it grew in size, and then it stated to vibrate and push the other balls deeper and deeper into Harry's ass. As Harry opened his mouth to moan even louder he felt George's cock push into his mouth. Instinctively he started to lick and suck on the cock that had just invaded his mouth. Harry couldn't help but moan as he sucked George's cock. Then Harry's felt his own cock being sucked and felt as though his cock was about to erupt.

Suddenly Harry felt all but one of the balls in his ass shrink back down to the size of a marble and stop. As Fred flicked his wand a second time the normal sized marbles were expelled from Harry ass. Harry was relieved at this waiting for Fred to tell him that he could release but instead found Fred's cock pushing the one large ball deeper into his ass. The ball started to vibrate furiously and hit against his prostate over and over as Fred plunged his cock into him. Harry could barely feel it when Ron's mouth let go of his cock. And even though he was sucking on George's cock and George stood right in front of him, he could barely hear it when George started to moan loudly and call out Ron's name. Harry's cock felt harder than it had ever been in his entire life. He felt that if his cock didn't release soon he would explode. Harry felt George's cock throb and started to swallow his seed as is erupted into his mouth and almost out of his mouth. Harry could hear Ron and Fred let out a loud, "OH," and felt Fred's hot cum pour inside of him. Harry was using so much concentration trying to keep himself from cumming that he barely heard Fred say, "You may cum."

As the cock ring disappeared, Harry felt his cock explode his seed onto the floor. Harry started to drift off into the white mist again, feeling happier than he had ever been before.

Harry opened his eyes trying to take in his surroundings. He was on the bed naked and could hear Fred, George and Ron talking on the bed next to him.

"Ok Fred next time I get to do the marbles," said George

"No way, I won the broomstick race fair and square," said Fred. "I earned the marbles. Remember we all agreed that whoever won the race got to do them."

"Yes, but next time I think that me or George should race without you since you already got to use them," said Ron.

"I think Fred should be the next one with the marbles up his ass," Harry said interrupting the conversation.

"Nice to see your finally awake mate, we were getting kinda worried about you. You've been out for almost an hour," said Ron.

"Well, I needed my rest I guess, especially if Fred is the one with the marbles inside of him this time," said Harry grabbing the brown bags and taking the marbles out.

"You really are a Weasley now," said George. "Now let's get some marbles up that tight ass of yours Fred."

As George and Ron tackled Fred to the ground Harry couldn't help but feel that for the first time since he was introduced to Hogwarts that he truly belonged. He felt that he was finally part of a family that loved each other; in more than one way.

[This fan-fic would not have been possible if it wasn't for J.K. Rowling for writing the book, my friend Molly for introducing me to fan-fics, and a very special fan-fic writer called Akuma for writing the fan-fic that inspired me to write, plus a lot of Akuma's ideas are in this fan-fic as well.

p.s. If you like this fan-fic you should take a look at the other one that i've done called Harry Potter and the Master of Gryffindor. Harry is off in his bed asleep when he is suddenly woken up by Neville. Neville wakes him up and takes Harry's body to places of whips, chains, and kinky sex.