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"I didn't mean to!" he shouted, flailing his arms, fear etched onto his face. He looked at everyone, the people he had called his friends for years. None of them would meet his eyes.

No one but Sonic, his hero, his best friend ever. "Then what did you mean to do?"

Knuckles punched his fists together with a loud smack! "I don't care what he was tryin' to do! He damn near got us killed with all that!"

"It's not like you've never made a mistake, Knucklehead!"

The Echidna took a threatening step forward. "Nothing on this level, though!"

"Let the fox tell his side of the story, then," Shadow muttered, glaring at Tails.

Sonic's eyes cleared a little, hopeful that his friend would be able to defend himself. "Yeah, pal, tell us why you did that," he encouraged.

"I…" He swallowed, knowing that none of them would like his answer. He took a small step back, than prepared his tails for flight. "I can't," he whispered.

Sonic stared at him, shock showing clearly in his emerald eyes. "What are you talking about?"

Shadow scoffed and took a battle stance. "Can't tell us because he knows we'd kill him!"

Tails shook his head. "No! It's not like that! You guys just don't understand!" He took more steps back as Shadow advanced on him.

Knuckles took another menacing step forward now. "Then tell us so we will."

He looked from Shadow to Knuckles, panicking. A bead of sweat trailed down his face, his eyes widened. Sonic ran in between Tails and the other two. "When has Tails NOT had a good reason for doing something, you guys? He had his reasons, we all know it. He doesn't have to tell us if--"

"You'll stick up for little miss perfect, won't ya? But every time I screw up it's 'What'd you do this time, Knucklehead?' 'How could you have been so stupid?' 'Why'd you do that, idiot?' I'm tired of that shit!"

Sonic shifted into his own battle stance. "Sounds like you're jealous of Tails, to me."

"Heh. Why would I be jealous of your little fuck buddy?" Knuckles sneered.

"My…" Sonic's eyes narrowed dangerously. "That's it! I've had it with you!" He glared back at Tails. "Get outta here. Now."

Not wasting any time, Tails flew away. His heart pounded painfully in his chest and when he looked back, he saw all three of them fighting. I didn't mean to mess up like that…Now I can't even explain why I did it in the first place…

A few Years Later…

Tails opened his eyes at the ringing of his phone. He groped blindly for it and lifted the receiver to his face. "Hello?"

"Tails? Is that you?"

The fox rubbed his face with his free hand and yawned. "Who's askin'?" he mumbled.

"I thought you'd at least recognize my voice," came the reply. "I finally managed to get your phone number, and you don't even know who I am," the girl whispered.

"Yeah? Then I guess you wasted your time, and mine. See ya."

"It's Cream, Tails." She spoke hastily, praying that he wouldn't hang up on her.

He did not. He could not. His hand froze on the phone and his mind went blank. The last time he had seen her he had been in a mad rush…


"Listen, Cream, I don't have a lot of time to explain, but I did something really stupid. I have to leave, okay?" He rested a hand on her cheek and offered her a small smile. "I'll try to come back, but who knows when that'll happen?"

She gripped his hand, tears streaming down her face. "I'll wait. I swear I will…"

He pressed his lips to her quickly. "Don't, Cream…Don't waste your life waiting for an idiot, okay?"

"Creeeam!" a voice, the voice of her step-father, Vector, shouted.

Tails' eyes darted towards the door as the knob began turning. He gave her a last look, and was gone.

End Flashback…

Tails was very quiet, but he was wide-awake now. Cream, unable to bear the silence any longer, spoke. "What have you been doing, Tails?"

The fox sighed, thinking over what he had been doing. "Building. Inventing." was his answer, though only partly true. Building his inventions cost money…It was how he got that money that he did not want to say because most – all right, all – of his odd-jobs were illegal.

Cream watched a tear hit the floor she was sitting on. "I know what you did," she whispered.

Once again, Tails went still. "Well, bully bully for you." His voice was harsh, making her flinch. He may not have been able to see it, but he knew she did. "I'm sorry, but…I don't want to talk about that."

"Okay…" She squeezed her eyes closed tightly. "I want to see you, Tails…Please tell me where you are."

There was a long pause, in which Tails let out a long breath. "Why don't we meet at my old workshop?" he asked. "The one at the Mystic Ruins."

Cream nodded her head enthusiastically, forgetting for a moment that he could not see her. "Okay, you mean now?"

Tails looked around his tiny, one-room apartment. "Can you get away right now?"

"Yes!" Her heart started pounding with excitement. It had been years since she had seen Tails. Finding his number had been an accident, and one that she was glad of. "See you soon?"

"Okay. See you soon…Cream." He hung up and just stared at the phone. He figured that he would have to leave immediately to get to that old place within the hour. He had not been that close to anyone since he had flown out of Cream's bedroom…

He quickly hopped out of the bed, tugged on his shoes and a many-pocketed brown vest before shooting out the window as fast as he could go.

Cream immediately ran down the stairs after hanging up, nearly tripping over her half-brother. "Sorry, Vipe!" she called.

"Where ya going?" the young crocodile yelled.

"Don't worry! I'll be back!" She opened the door and bolted out, flapping her ears for extra speed.


Tails picked up his speed the second he saw his old workshop. He swallowed, almost afraid to be this close to where the others lived. Just a train ride away, he remembered. Well, Knuckles lives on Angel Island, but that's not far off, either. But how do I know if he still does or not…? Damn…

His worry-filled thoughts disappeared the moment he saw Cream though, sitting on a step, head in hands, smiling to herself. His heart sped up and something in him stirred, kindled to life. "Cream…" he murmured.

She glanced up at him and her smile fully bloomed, making his pulse scramble. She stood and studied the fox. He looks the same, she realized, than noticed the nick on his left ear. Or nearly the same.

He studied her in turn. The little triangle dress had been traded in for a more sophisticated, form-fitting dress that dropped to her knees. It was simple, enough so that it subtly clung to every curve. It made Tails' mouth go dry because she had certainly grown some curves.

She held out her hand to him, willing him to come closer. "Tails?"

He linked his hand with hers and brought it to his lips, making her giggle lightly. He tugged her closer, and she willingly slid into his arms. He leaned closer until their mouths were a breath apart. "Hi."

"Hello," she replied, smiling widely. She closed the distance smoothly and cruised her lips over his. The blood roared in her head, making her feel woozy, but his arms tightened, holding her steady. It was familiar, yet new, different. She brought her hands up to frame his face, allowing his tongue entrance.

His mind went blank, and then filled with her. Her taste, touch, the feel of her body against his. They fit, perfectly, just as he remembered. His hands stroked her back gently, as he allowed himself to feel what he had denied himself since leaving her.

When they finally broke apart, he rested his brow against hers lightly, tenderly, closing his eyes. "I missed you…" he admitted. "I wanted to call, but I was afraid that Vector or someone would answer and recognize my voice."

She slid closer to him, burying her head against his chest. "Sonic had your number in his address book."

He chuckled softly, content to remain like this with her forever. "You went snooping through Sonic's stuff?"

"No," she said, laughing. "He asked me to get the book for him because he was going to call someone. He was busy, so he asked me to find the name for him." She tipped her head back and laughed with her eyes. "I came across your name purely by accident."

"I'm glad you did, Cream, so glad." He smiled, his first real one since leaving her. "I still love you," he admitted.

Her eyes filled with tears. "It was worth the wait," she whispered. "It was worth it just to hear you say that."

He nodded and bent his head to kiss her again, deeper than before. "Then say it back," he murmured.

"I love you, Tails, so much."

He brushed a stray tear away with the pad of his thumb. "I feel like we're caught in a Romeo & Juliet kind of thing," he told her. She nodded, sniffling, trying to hold back tears. "It's okay, Cream. You can cry."

She nodded again and pressed against him on a sob. "I don't even know why I'm crying! I'm just so happy that you're here, Tails, with me…"

"I can't stay though," he muttered. "You know that, right? Just because I made that stupid mistake…"

Cream took a deep breath, thinking. She took a step back and stared into the deep ocean that was his eyes. "Tails? I want…" Her heart was pounding fiercely, nerves dancing along her body. She bit her lip and pushed the vest from his shoulders.

His breath caught as the vest hit the ground. His body tensed, reacting to what he saw in her deep, brown eyes. "Cream…Are you sure you want to…?" He trailed off when she nodded. "Okay…You're still a…Aren't you?"

"I trust you not to hurt me, Tails." She moved closer and slid her hands up his chest to link behind his head. "I love you."

His eyes contracted when she kissed him again, and his entire body when on alert. He tried to find reasons why not to take her, but could not find them through his muddled brain. He pulled back and lifted the vest. He reached into one of the pockets and pulled out a key ring. "I still have the key to this place, Cream. But only if you're sure, okay?"

She closed her eyes and nodded after a moment, opening them again. "Make love to me, Tails, please."

He nodded and opened the door, pulling her in behind him. He re-locked it once they were inside. Nerves danced through him, than he looked at her. Seeing how nervous she was made his own fears fade away to be replaced with a tender feeling that he had not felt in years. He took her hand and led her into his old bedroom. Ignoring the dust everywhere, he lifted her and laid her gently on the bed.

"I don't know what to do," she murmured.

"That's okay," he whispered. "I do." He pressed his lips to hers when she began to speak again. "It's okay, Cream. I swear I won't hurt you." He nuzzled her neck when she shook her head. "Change your mind?"

"No, I'm just…Tails, I'm scared. I know you won't hurt me on purpose, but I'm so scared. I don't want to mess this up and ruin it for us."

"You won't, Cream. Follow your instincts, all right?" He stood and slipped off her shoes. He smiled when her eyes trailed down and widened when she saw him. "I suppose it's kind of obvious just how much I want you."

She let out a long breath, nodding. "You're just so…" She broke off when he skimmed a hand up her leg. "Tails!"

He inched the dress up slowly, making her wriggle. He stopped abruptly to pry his shoes off. He slid his hands under her and lifted her so he could pull the dress higher. He laid his lips on hers for a quick kiss. "You can still tell me to stop, Cream, but after this, it'll be nearly impossible for me to." He waited.

"Keep going." She smiled softly and he tugged the dress over her head.

He slid into the bed next to her and rubbed her back soothingly, calming her nerves. "Just go with your instincts, Cream. Trust yourself," he kissed her, "and me."

"Okay," she whispered, and reached her hand down to squeeze him lightly.

He groaned and she started to move her hand away, but he snagged it. "No, it's okay. I like it."

Eyes wide, still filled with nerves and uncertainty, she started stroking him. "Is that okay?"

He panted and smiled at her. "Yeah, it's good." Tails let out another groan when she squeezed him again, and his body tensed. "Oh yeah, that's good…" He kissed her, trying desperately to ignore her touch so he could keep control and not hurt her. When that didn't work, he shifted. She just found him again and stroked until he whimpered. "Cream, you're amazing," he whispered.

Tails reached behind her and flicked open the clasp of her bra. He drew the straps down her arms slowly, pausing to kiss her only when she trembled. Once freed, her small, perky breasts fit perfectly in his hands. He bent his head to one and teased the nipple with teeth and tongue until she was moaning, then he moved to the other to deliver the same torture. His hand snaked down to tease the little swatch of cotton that covered her.

She gasped and tensed against him. When he slipped a finger under the cotton to find her, wet and waiting, she cried out his name. Unable to resist, he tugged her panties down and pulled them over her feet. He slid up her body, only using his hands until he got to her center. He kissed her lower lips and had her body jerking. "Tails," she breathed. He teased her there until she slid over the first crest, her body going limp. There could not be more, she thought. But he showed her more until she was gripping the sheets tightly, bucking mindlessly.

He slid up her body slowly and set himself at her entrance. He stayed like that until her eyes, nearly black with passions and desires, opened and met his. "Ready?"

"Yes," she whispered, nodding. He moved inside her until she cried out, then he stilled. She bit her lip, but nodded, urging him to continue.

Instead, he pressed his lips against hers, kissing her deeply until she only felt that before sliding the rest of the way inside her. They stayed like that for a minute, locked together, before Tails started to move.

Cream's eyes flew open in shock, than closed as his movements became slower, easier. When he started going faster, Cream moved with him, following her instincts as he had told her. When she went over the next edge, she cried out and started moving faster.

Matching her beat for beat, Tails thrusted into her, deeper each time. He shouted her name when she came, then went with her.


Tails shifted, making Cream mumble her argument. She did not want him to move. In fact, she, herself, never wanted to move again, but she opened her eyes when he stood. "Tails?"

He grinned over his shoulder at her, then walked into the bathroom. She stretched, perfectly content, when she heard the shower running. He came out a second later and reached for her. Lifting her easily, he grinned at her questioning look. "I figure we'll take a shower, then clean up some."

"Okay," she murmured, half asleep. The shower woke her up, though, and she did not feel very clean when she staggered out nearly an hour later. "I don't think I'll ever be able to take a shower again," she commented, earning herself a laugh from him.

"It's more like you'll never be able to take one again without thinking about me." He laid a hand on her cheek and kissed her softly. "I really do love you, Cream."

"I love you too."

He smiled. "Come on, we should wash these sheets."

Once they were done, Tails went into the living room to dig out his spare key. He handed it to Cream with a sigh. "Come back here in a few days, all right? I'll have left a message on the machine by then that'll tell you when I'll meet you next, okay?"

She pulled him against her and kissed him, hard. "Okay, but when exactly?"

"In two or three days, I promise. I'm not exactly sure when though…" He sighed and drew her back, keeping his hold on her hands. "Remember how earlier I said that this is like a Romeo & Juliet thing?"

"Yes, I do. Why?"

"This line from it just came to me from it, and I think it fits what I'm feeling now." He smiled and dropped her hands. "'Parting is such sweet sorrow.' I'll see you soon, Cream, I promise." He slipped out the back and flew off.

She watched him until she couldn't see him at all. "Just don't wait so long this time," she whispered, holding the key against her heart.

Two Days Later…

Cream slipped into the workshop, smiling. She went straight for the phone, completely unaware that anyone was following her. She hit the play, delighted to see the flashing "1" that meant a message had been left. Tails voice played through.

"Hey, Cream. I should be able to see you in two days, all right? Well, from your perspective it would be one day…" There was an annoyed sigh. "If this is Monday, I'll see you Wednesday. If it's Tuesday, I'll see you tomorrow, okay? Don't know why I didn't just say that in the first place…Heh. I guess I'm just an absent-minded genius. See ya soon, Cream. Love you."

"You've seen him?!" someone shouted behind her.

Cream jumped and very nearly hit the ceiling. She spun around immediately upon re-landing and met familiar emerald eyes. "Oh my! You surprised me, Sonic."

The blue hedgehog shrugged. "Sorry, but you've seen Tails?"

She narrowed her eyes suspiciously. "If you're going to tell anyone, then no, I have not."

Sonic sighed. "I should tell Vector seeing how he's the reason I'm following you."


"Oh yeah. He's all worried because you've been acting weird the past couple days, so he asked me to stalk you."

Her eyes reflected worry. "Please don't tell him I've seen Tails."

He stared at her for a long moment before nodding. "If you tell Tails something for me." Cream nodded enthusiastically, and Sonic muttered to himself about what could he say after this long. "Just tell him I know he had his reasons, and that Shadow and Knuckles have cooled down enough to talk about what happened rationally."

"You mean when Tails--"

"Yeah. That's exactly what I'm talking about. But how'd you learn about it?"

"When Mother found out, she told me everything she knew."

"Man, that sucks."

Cream's ears perked with interest. "What does?"

Sonic sighed and shuffled his feet. "It sucks that now I have to tell you the whole story 'cause Vanilla doesn't know half of it."

"I'd like to hear it from Tails since he knows the entire story, his reasons included."

Sonic let out a long, relieved breath. "Thanks." He flashed his normal cocky grin at her. "So, did I make finding his number easy enough for ya?"

Cream laughed and smiled back at him. "Yes. Yes, you did. Thank you very much."

"Hey, don't peg me as the nice guy here, got it? I had selfish reasons, ya know. One of them being that I knew he wouldn't come back if I asked him."

"I'm not going to ask him to come back, though."

"I know that, but you did get him closer, and once you tell him what I said, he may come even closer." Sonic shrugged, embarrassed now. "Look, I still consider him my best pal, and I'd kinda like him to come back and help with the whole Eggman thing."

"You'd think he'd have given up by now," Cream commented.

Sonic rolled his eyes. "Yeah, and I'm gonna give up running yesterday."

Cream started to agree, but stopped, blinking in confusion. "That didn't make any sense…How can you give up running yesterday?"

Sonic chuckled. "Exactly, Cream. Exactly." He turned and started to go out the door. "Oh yeah, one more thing. I'll tell Vector that I lost you at the Chao Garden out here, okay? He'll just think you were visiting Cheese and Chocola."

"Thank you again, Sonic." But he was already gone. Cream giggled, locked the door, and grabbed the phone. She had memorized Tails' number by that time and dialed it quickly.


Tails wrapped his arms around the weasel's neck and started flying up. He continued flying in all sorts of strange patterns until the weasel stopped struggling. He dropped the body to the ground and wiped his forehead. "If you'd just taken the deal--Hmm?" He glanced over to the phone when it rang. "Cream!" He grinned, forgetting the weasel and snatched it up. "Hello?"

"Hello, Tails."

He started to reply, but the door was kicked in at that second. "Um…Can you hold on a few minutes? I'll try and hurry."

"Okay," she responded, a little unsure. The tone of his voice scared her a little…She strained her ears to hear what was going on at his end.

"Boy, you in here?" a polar bear asked.

Tails grinned, seemingly sure of himself. "Sure am, Toss." He cracked his knuckles and glanced at the other two bears, a brown one and a black one.

The black one moved closer. "I see you've killed our friend, here." He gestured towards the weasel.

Tails did not look away from the bears. He had dealt with them before, and knew all of their tricks. "Didn't know you guys had any friends, Spade. Should I apologize for killing him in self-defense?"

The brown one clenched his teeth and growled. "Shut-it, fox! We had a deal, remember? We was gonna give youse da money and you was gonna give us da plane. Where's aw plane?"

"Where's my money?" came his response. "You know I don't give unless I get, Rock."

Cream let out a small gasp. Tails…killed someone? What had he been doing besides building and inventing?

The polar bear stepped forward, blocking Rock from attacking. He tossed a briefcase onto the table next to Tails. "Check it. We're on the level this time."

Tails, using a single one of his namesake appendages, opened the case and pulled out a wad of bills. He flicked through them, and looked at it. The second he glanced away, Toss swung a fist at Tails that would have downed a building. Having expected it, the fox ducked, flipped through the money to make sure it was real, and grinned. "You guys were on the level this time. It's a damn shame that you attacked me, though. Now, I'm keeping the money and the plane to pay for damages caused by you and your weasel friend."

"What?!" Spade shouted. "You little bastard!" He charged at Tails, but the fox slipped under him, dodging easily. Rock nearly stepped on him, but Tails managed to trip the brown bear with a single tail.

The phone fell when the bear hit the ground, making the room shake. Tails snagged it and grinned. "Cream, you mind if I call you right back?"

"Will you tell me the truth?"

"What?" He had to dodge another blow from Toss quickly.

"I can hear," she whispered.

Tails sighed. "I know you can, Cream, but…Yeah, I'll tell you the truth." He shot into the air after snagging the money filled briefcase.

"Be careful, Tails. I still expect to see you here tomorrow."

He grinned and slammed the case down on Rock's head. Once again, the bear fell to the ground. There was a lot of money in the case. "Yeah, I'll be careful. Love ya, Cream."

"I love you," she murmured, hanging up.

Tails dropped the phone onto its charger and dove to the left, narrowly avoiding Spade. "Well, hell, I expected you to help Rock, since he's all knocked out and stuff."

"Huh?" Spade, who had not noticed his fallen comrade, looked at Rock, surprised. In the next second, he was looking at nothing, as Tails had crashed the briefcase into his head.

The clever fox dropped to the floor and looked up at Toss. "I'd leave if I were you." Toss narrowed his eyes, but lifted Rock and Spade into his arms and left. "Take the weasel with you!" Tails shouted, throwing the corpse out the door. He quickly lifted the door and drilled it back in place. He knew he would have to hide his important things away before leaving for the Mystic Ruins to see Cream. Cream! he realized. "I said her name out loud," he whispered. "Shit!" He grabbed the phone and called her.

She answered on the first ring. "What was all that about, Tails?"

"Well…" He sighed, unsure how to explain this to her over the phone. "Give me an hour, will you? I should be over there by then."

"It takes you that long to get here?"

He laughed a little. "No, but I'm thinking about staying at my old workshop. Permanently again, you know? I don't want to be so far from you, so I'm going to gather a few things up. I can't explain over the phone anyway; it's just too complicated."

"All right. An hour then." She took a deep breath. "I love you, no matter what, Tails. I do love you."

He closed his eyes, picturing her in his mind. "I love you, Cream. More than anything." He hung up and stared at the far wall, deciding what he would leave behind, and what he would take. He ended up opening the hole he had dug in the ground and pulling out his old photo album. He grabbed a large bag and dumped his more expensive tools, some newer inventions that he'd have to really work at to duplicate, blue prints to planes and other inventions and a few pairs of shoes and some vests. I can't believe that I'm actually going back…Okay, so it's not all the way back, but after…what I did, it's a major leap. He slung the bag over his shoulder and flew out, checking that no one was following him first.


He unlocked the door with a smile, glad that she had locked it behind her. "Cream?" he called, then felt foolish. It sounded as if they were married, something he found rather appealing. He rounded a corner and saw her dusting the living room. He grinned and walked into the bedroom to drop his stuff off. Now, that was a marital image. He grinned wider and walked back to her. He grabbed her and pressed his lips against hers when she let out a startled gasp. "What are you doing?" he asked once he let her go.

"If you're going to live here, it needs to be clean," she explained, pushing an ear out of her face.

He chuckled at her. "So you've taken it upon yourself to clean it?"

"Yes." She smiled at him, relieved that he did appear hurt at all. "But now that you're here, you're going to explain everything to me while I take a break."

"Okay, but you won't really like it, Cream." He sat down in an old chair and tugged her into his lap. "Okay…" He closed his eyes. Where to begin? At the start I guess… "You already know what I did, don't you?"

"Not the whole thing, no."

"All right…I'll start there, then. It was supposed to be easy," he started, remembering.


Sonic grabbed Tails' hand and jumped onto the wing of the Tornado 2. "Okay, so all we gotta do is grab Knux and Shad, then we can get 'im," Sonic explained.

"What's he planning on doing, anyway?" Tails asked, though he already knew.

"No idea, but we can take ol' Eggy, whatever he tries."


Knuckles punched his way into the metal building. Shadow, Sonic, and Tails all followed behind him. "Tails, you got that Chaos Emerald tracker, don't you?"

He nodded vigorously. "Yeah, I got it."

Shadow nodded. "Good. Use it. I feel a lot of Chaos energy in here."

Sonic gave Tails an odd look. "Why do you have the emerald tracker? Normally you leave it in the plane. Why'd you bring it out this time?"

"Um…I dunno," he lied. "It was just a feeling, I guess."

"Hey, slowpokes!" Shadow growled. "Let's go!"

They all moved warily, slower than normal. It was an eerie feeling that they all had. Something bad was going to happen, and they all knew it. Tails just thought he knew exactly why he felt that way, so moved with more ease than the others…It nearly got him shot when one of Eggman's robots came out of nowhere. "Crap!" he shouted when its light beam locked on him.

Sonic used Triangle Jump to scale the wall and spindash into it, knocking the thing down.

Knuckles punched it a few times until it was destroyed.

Shadow cursed when the red alert sounded, informing Eggman of their presence. "Now, let's go, you imbeciles! Stop wasting time gloating over the destruction of a single 'bot."

Sonic pouted a little at him. "We weren't gloating," he muttered.

"Maybe not out loud," Shadow hissed. He turned and started running down the hall, destroying robots as he went.

The other three followed close behind until they reached a forked path. "Damn it! Which one do we choose?" Sonic wondered, annoyed.

Tails racked his brain for the blue prints he had managed to find. "The left one!"

Again, Sonic gave him an odd look. "How do you know for sure? You didn't even look at the tracker. What's with you today?"

Tails stared at him blankly for a minute, than looked at the tracker. It said that a Chaos Emerald was down the right path, but his memory said the opposite. "Um…"

"What the devil does the tracker say?" Shadow demanded.

"It says go down the…left path," he fibbed.

"Then let's go!" Knuckles barked, running off.

Shadow shook his head at Sonic. "Stop questioning the boy. He's never lied before." He nodded once at Tails and followed Knuckles.

Sonic narrowed his eyes at Tails. "I know you haven't, so you'd better not be now. We need those Chaos Emeralds, pal."

Tails nodded and they ran after Shadow and Knuckles.


"Where the hell is the Chaos Emerald?!" Shadow shouted, rounding on Tails. "Did you just tell us to go left because you didn't want to admit that you were wrong?"

"No!" Tails defended himself, even though Shadow was completely on target. "It's what it said!"

"What does it say now?" Knux asked, annoyed.

Tails swallowed hard and stared at the tracking screen, searching for any way to get to the Chaos Emeralds without going back. He found one and grinned. "Come on!" The others followed him, almost sure that Tails was not leading them on a wild goose chase…

Flashback Interruption…

Cream snuggled closer against Tails and kissed his cheek. "You shouldn't have lied to them, Tails."

"I know that, but…at that moment in time…I don't know. I guess it was just growing pains or something…" He shifted her into a more comfortable position for both of them and kept talking…

Flashback Continuation…

"That was a pain in the ass!" Sonic muttered, annoyed at all of the traps and badniks that had been in their path.

Tails flinched. "Sorry, but it's the only way I saw to go."

"Besides going backwards," Shadow stated, glaring at the fox.

"Well…I…No, going back wouldn't have worked…"

Knuckles growled at him. "Save your pride, kid. You've always managed to do it before, so what's wrong with today? Are ya PMSin' or what?"

Tails flinched again, embarrassed.

"At least he led to the Emeralds this time," Sonic decided reaching for one. When he closed his hand around it, a red alert sounded.

"Crap! I forgot!" Tails shouted. All of them snapped their attention towards him, and he sweatdropped. Umm…Yeah…I'm in trouble…

"What do you mean, you forgot?!" Shadow roared. "Just what did you forget?"

Before Tails could answer, an army of robots burst through the walls. Knuckles glared at Tails. "This was supposed to be a 'get-in, get-out' sorta thing, and it ends up being an 'oh crap, we're gonna die' thing. Just how does that happen?"

Sonic glanced at Tails. "Tails, what didn't you tell us before we came here?"

"Well…Shadow, Look out!"

The hedgehog quickly darted out of the way, closer to the Chaos Emeralds. If I can just get close enough to use Chaos Control… "Ouch!" he shouted as another robot slammed him into a far wall. Shadow jumped back to his feet before it could cause him any more trouble, and helped Knuckles take it down.

"Damn it, Tails! This is your fault, you know!"

The boy flinched away and moved closer to Sonic to help with the Chaos Emeralds. The hedgehog threw the green one to Tails. "Shadow works best with this one! Give it to him!"

Tails grumbled under his breath, annoyed for a reason he could not even explain, but still managed to give Shadow the green emerald. The hedgehog snatched it from him and held it above his head. "CHAOS CONTROL!" he shouted and the four animals were engulfed in light.

As soon as he realized they were outside, Knuckles rounded on Tails. "What the hell is wrong with you?"

Shadow crossed his arms and glared at the kit. "You knew just what was in store for us didn't you? Traitor," he muttered.

Tails narrowed his eyes. "I am NOT a traitor!"

"Then how could you have forgotten what would happen when Sonic grabbed a Chaos Emerald?"

Sonic stepped between them, eyes on Tails. "What did you do?"

The fox tossed his head, grumbling to himself. "Look, all I did was figure out how to hack into Eggman's main frame computers, okay?"

"And you didn't tell us?!" Shadow snarled.

Knuckles' eyes flashed with anger. "What the fuck is wrong with you?!" He took a step forward. "You almost got us killed!" he shouted, raising his fists.

"I didn't mean to!" he shouted, flailing his arms, fear etched onto his face. He looked at everyone, the people he had called his friends for years. None of them would meet his eyes.

No one but Sonic, his hero, his best friend ever. "Then what did you mean to do?"

Knuckles punched his fists together with a loud smack! "I don't care what he was tryin' to do! He damn near got us killed with all that!"

"It's not like you've never made a mistake, Knucklehead!"

The Echidna took a threatening step forward. "Nothing on this level, though!"

"Let the fox tell his side of the story, then," Shadow muttered, glaring at Tails.

Sonic's eyes cleared a little, hopeful that his friend would be able to defend himself. "Yeah, pal, tell us why you did that," he encouraged.

"I…" He swallowed, knowing that none of them would like his answer. He took a small step back, than prepared his tails for flight. "I can't," he whispered.

Sonic stared at him, shock showing clearly in his emerald eyes. "What are you talking about?"

Shadow scoffed and took a battle stance. "Can't tell us because he knows we'd kill him!"

Tails shook his head. "No! It's not like that! You guys just don't understand!" He took more steps back as Shadow advanced on him.

Knuckles took another menacing step forward now. "Then tell us so we will."

He looked from Shadow to Knuckles, panicking. A bead of sweat trailed down his face, his eyes widened. Sonic ran in between Tails and the other two. "When has Tails NOT had a good reason for doing something, you guys? He had his reasons, we all know it. He doesn't have to tell us if--"

"You'll stick up for little miss perfect, won't ya? But every time I screw up it's 'What'd you do this time, Knucklehead?' 'How could you have been so stupid?' 'Why'd you do that, idiot?' I'm tired of that shit!"

Sonic shifted into his own battle stance. "Sounds like you're jealous of Tails, to me."

"Heh. Why would I be jealous of your little fuck buddy?" Knuckles sneered.

"My…" Sonic's eyes narrowed dangerously. "That's it! I've had it with you!" He glared back at Tails. "Get outta here. Now."

Not wasting any time, Tails flew away. His heart pounded painfully in his chest and when he looked back, he saw all three of them fighting. I didn't mean to mess up like that…Now I can't even explain why I did it in the first place…

Flashback Interruption…

"Why did you do it, Tails? Why didn't you just tell them?"

"Growing pains?" he suggested again. "I don't know, Cream. It was stupid, though."

She smiled at him and took his hand, giving it a light squeeze. "I knew most of that, though. But I'd really like to know what happened afterwards."

Tails sighed and linked their fingers better. "You won't really like it, I think."

"Tell me anyway," she said, giving him an encouraging smile.

"Okay, fine. See, after I took off, went straight for you…"

Flashback Continuation…

Tails flew inside, than pounded up the stairs quickly, only stopping to greet Vector. "Cream!"

The young rabbit glanced over at him, soft smile blooming. "Hello, Tails!" Then her smile faded into a look of worry. "What happened? Is everyone okay? Are you?"

"I'm fine, but I really messed up…" He shook his head and tried smiling at her, but failed.

She walked closer to him and gave him a hug. "This is really bad, isn't it?"

He nodded and started to speak, but the phone rang. They both listened to the conversation as well as possible. "What did he do?" Vector shouted. "Yeah, he's here! I'll get him!"

Tails stared at her for a second, than stepped out of her arms. "Listen, Cream, I don't have a lot of time to explain, but I did something really stupid. I have to leave, okay?" He rested a hand on her cheek and offered her a small smile. "I'll try to come back, but who knows when that'll happen?"

She gripped his hand, tears streaming down her face. "I'll wait. I swear I will…"

He pressed his lips to her quickly. "Don't, Cream…Don't waste your life waiting for an idiot, okay?"

"Creeeeam!" a voice, the voice of her step-father, Vector, shouted.

Tails' eyes darted towards the door as the knob began turning. He gave her a last look, and was gone.

Flashback Interruption…

Cream giggled softly and snuggled closer. "I told you I'd wait."

"Yeah, but I still don't know why…"

"Everyone makes mistakes, Tails."

"Yeah…I guess…" To not talk about that, Tails started talking again.

Flashback Continuation…

Tails shot past his Mystic Ruins workshop, thinking it was not far enough away. He flew until he could not push himself any longer and landed in a back alley. He hid himself as well as possible and fell asleep.

The Next Morning…

Tails awoke to the sound of voices, but did not move. His mind was quick enough, even after just waking up, that he understood that the voices did not belong to kind people. "Listen, Toss, all we gotta do is take the little freak and use 'im for somethin'. He looks healthy."

Tails heard a deep rumble that he assumed was laughter from the one called 'Toss.' "And if we break him, he won't be of any use to us, Rock. Heh. The only two-tailed fox freak that I've ever heard of is that Miles 'Tails' Prower kid that always hangs around Sonic the Hedgehog."

The ground shook a little as a…third (?) bear stomped the ground, or that was what Tails believed. "Listen at me. I say, if this little rat is that Miles kit, we can always jes return him." He waited a beat as the other two bears gave him odd looks. "For a price, that is."

The three of them laughed, not paying attention to the boy. He started inching away slowly, afraid. "He's movin'!" the first bear, Rock, shrieked.

Tails froze, caught. Toss snickered and grabbed his tails, making him yelp. "Well, he is awake! Tell us, fox, what's your name?" When Tails remained silent, Toss laughed. "Okay, I'll tell you our names. I'm Toss, the Brown Bear there is Rock, and the black one is Spade. Now, you're gonna tell us your name."

"Why should I?" Tails spat, attempting to look tougher than he felt.

"'Cause if you don't, I'm gonna have fox-tail soup! Ya get it?" Rock threatened.

Toss waved a furry white hand. "Now, Rock, that ain't no way to convince--" He broke off as the tails in his hand started spinning. "Fuck!" He jumped back, letting Tails go.

End Flashback…

"So, after that we somehow came to an agreement…"

"What kind of agreement?" Cream asked him, wary.

"The kind of agreement where I became their hit-man…Or I joined a huge organization called 'The Ring' as one…" His ears drooped and he did not meet her eyes. "It was just last year when I quit doing that. I…I just couldn't do it any longer…That's when I started building things again, and I managed to invent some odds-and-ends stuff."

"For money," she murmured.

His eyes closed and he nodded, ashamed. "For money…"

She wrapped her arms around his neck and whispered in his ear. "At least you're done with them, and you're okay."

"Cream…" he started. "I really ticked them off, so they'll be searching for me…They figured out who I am because I didn't have the foresight to really lead them off that trail, so they'll be able to find me. I'm not really done with them…Damn it…" He waited for her to look at his eyes before continuing. "I said your name in front of them. You know what that means, right?" He stood and started pacing, leaving her in the chair. "Crap…Now I have to really go into hiding for a while…To avoid them and to keep them away from you…"


He kept talking as if he had not heard her, then stopped as what she had declared registered. "What do you mean, 'no'?"

"I don't want you to leave after you've just come back." She stood and hugged him when he shook his head. "Please don't leave me again, Tails. I love you."

"Cream, you know I love you too, but that means I have to keep you safe."

"What about the others?"

Tails scoffed at her. "With everyone else hating me, how can I ask for their help?" he demanded.

"Vector asked Sonic to follow me today," she said quietly. "I didn't know he was here until after I'd listened to your message, so by then he knew that we'd seen each other."

Tails rubbed his forehead, trying to rid himself of a pending headache. "…What'd he say?"

Cream giggled lightly. "A lot of things."

"One of his usual rambling statements?" he asked, giving her a wry grin.

Cream nodded enthusiastically. "Yep!" she exclaimed, than her voice sobered. "But the main thing he said was that he wanted me to convince you to come back. He says that he still considers you to be his best friend, and told me that Shadow and Knuckles have calmed down enough to be able to talk about what happened without shouting at you."

Tails paced a few more minutes, then stopped to simply look at her. "I'm worried about you though…I can't let you get hurt…"

"Then I'll stay here with you," she announced, willing say to just about anything to make him stay close to her.

"I can't ask you to stay with me, Cream." No matter how much I'd like you to, he added silently.

"You didn't ask me," she reminded him. "But if you'd rather I didn't, I can always have Sonic stay here."

"I just noticed something," he evaded, "you dropped the 'Mister.'"

"He stopped answering to it, so I stopped saying it." She moved to him and slid her hands in his again. "And you're avoiding the subject at hand. I need you here, Tails, and…" She shifted closer. "I'd like to stay."

His arms came tightly around her. "I guess this means I'll have to announce that fact that I'm back. No one'd let you stay here alone." His arms tightened as something new occurred to him. "No one is going to let you stay with me, Cream."

"Tails?" She smiled at him. "I'm old enough to make my own decisions. Besides, they would too."

"I'm a freakin' murderer, Cream! God, damn it, why would you want to have anything t--" He broke off on a groan when she kissed him, deeply.

"You're not a murderer. You just did what you had to do, Tails." When he tried to pull away, she pressed a kiss on the fluff of white fur on his chest. It stilled him, making her smile. She shifted even closer and could feel him harden. She bit her lip, remembering what they had done two days before. She looked into his eyes and slid her hand down slowly, closing it around him.

His breath whooshed out and his heart began thumping loud and hard in his chest. He wondered if she could hear it. "Cream…" He reached down and gathered the bottom of her dress in his hands in question. She nodded, and he slid the garment over her head. Studying her, he wondered just how she could be so perfect, even as his mind clouded over.

She smiled and wondered if she could make his control snap…She had heard enough stories from Rouge to know that if a man lost control with you, then you were good.

"What's that look for?" Tails asked her, breaking into her thoughts.

"I'm wondering just how much control you have." She held her breath when his jaw dropped. Oh, no…Did I just ruin it?

Tails grinned at her and flicked the clasp of her bra open. She gasped at the sudden movement. "Planning on breaking my control, Cream?"

Her eyes went very wide as his hand trailed down to slide her panties off. "I don't know how," she gasped.

His vest landed on the floor. "I'll show you how, then." He reached down and cupped her, making her head fall back. He started toying with her, touching her until she was panting and moaning. He waited until her eyes flew open and she arched against him before he spoke. "You know how I said to follow your instincts?"


"I'm going to drive you so crazy, that that's all you'll have: Instincts." He lifted her into his arms and walked into the bedroom. He set her on the bed, as gently as he had before, but there was something new in his eyes: Challenge, and the need to meet it. He tugged off her shoes while prying his own off, then inched his way up her body. He sent her over the next edge with open-mouthed kisses and small nips of his teeth.

By the time he reached her mouth, her body was trembling and her eyes were shining. He dipped his tongue into her mouth, and she greedily kissed him back. He rolled onto his back, bringing her with him to rest on top of his chest. "Instinct," he whispered. "Use it."

Her body pulsed, little beats of pleasure. She stared at him, confused for a moment, before her smile widened. She slipped down his body and took him into her mouth. He jerked in shock, nearly making her gag. She looked up, unsure what to do. Instinct! her mind shouted. She slid her tongue over him, making him groan. She knew by now not to stop when he groaned, so kept it up.

His eyes closed tightly as his hands fisted on the sheets. Maybe it wasn't such a good idea to let her do whatev… His mind flicked off when he felt her teeth sink into him. "Cream," he moaned. She started sucking him, gaining confidence with each moan and shout he gave. "Cream! Oh…" He crossed his eyes with the effort not to release. "Cream, you gotta…Oh, man…You gotta…" He groaned when she trailed back up his body to kiss him, relieved. Swallowing him would be too much for her to handle so soon.

When her hand gripped him and started gently massaging, it was too much, though. He flipped her onto her back and drove himself into her. Cream cried out, surprised, but quickly started moving with him, meeting Tails thrust for thrust. When her juices started flowing, she shouted out his name. He groaned out hers when he was finally able to release.


"Just to let you know," he whispered, "you have the best instincts ever."

She giggled through a yawn, and snuggled against him. "I've decided that 'love' doesn't even begin to cover what I feel for you."

He pressed a kiss to her sweat-covered brow. "We'll come up with a word while we're cleaning later, all right?" She only nodded, half asleep.

Much Later…

Cream did a small dance before going inside her parent's house. Before she could run to her room and start packing, Vanilla stopped her. She looked over her daughter, studying her for any signs of…anything, really. When Vanilla found something reflected in Cream's eyes, she sighed. "You weren't at the Chao Garden in the Mystic Ruins were you?"

Cream avoided her mother's eyes when she answered. "No, I wasn't."

Vanilla sighed and walked to the stairs. "Let's go to your room, then. I want to know who you were with."

"Mother…" she started, following her up the stairs and into her bedroom, closing the door behind her. "You can't tell anyone who I with just yet. Not until he's ready to say that he's back."

Vanilla's face softened as she realized just who Cream was talking about. "Tails is back?"

Cream swallowed. "Do you promise not to say who I was with?" she pressed, eyes wide.

"Now don't worry, sweetie." Vanilla drew her daughter into a hug. "No one will find out from me, all right? I'm glad he was your first and not some stranger, to tell the truth."

"There's more to it then just that…" Cream walked over to her window and sighed. "I love him, and he loves me back." She thought again that love was not strong enough, but they had not been able to come up with a word that was.

"Well, you're not planning on moving in with him, are you?"

Cream turned to her mother with a brilliant smile on her face. "That's exactly what we're planning on, Mother."

"But he just got back! You can't just move in like that!"

Her eyes flickered, as she had been hoping that she would not get any argument. "So it's okay for me to jump into bed with him? It's fine for me to automatically love him?"

Vanilla held out a hand for Cream's and was pleased when her daughter took it. "You've always loved that boy…I know that, but…I'd rather you didn't live with him just yet."

"I'm old enough now that I could leave with or without your blessing," Cream stated, then immediately regretted it. "Oh, mother, that sounded mean! I'm so sorry!" She gripped her mother's hand with both of hers, pleading forgiveness with her chocolate eyes.

"It's all right, Cream. I know you didn't mean it quite the way it came out." When she saw her daughter still silently pleading, Vanilla sighed, giving in. "Vector won't be pleased that you're leaving. He'll also have quite a few questions for you, but if you'll let me help you pack, I'll distract him."

Cream laughed and threw her arms around Vanilla. "Thank you," she whispered, tears sliding down her cheeks. "Thank you so much, Mother."

Vanilla sighed, part of her heart breaking at the thought of her baby leaving. "Let's get started, Cream. We don't want to keep Tails waiting forever," she added, wiping away her own tears.


Cream skipped into the workshop, laughing as she dragged a suitcase with her. She had grabbed her car and had packed it full of her things the second her mother had convinced Vector to take her out. Vipe had demanded to be taken to a friend's house because Cream had slipped the idea to him.

Tails walked out of the bathroom as she was pulling her third bag in, fur glistening with water from his shower. "Back so soon?" he asked, making her drop the case. He went to her and lifted it easily. "You packed everything you own didn't you?"

She blushed a little. "I might have. Why?"

He laughed and gave her a smacking kiss. "Good. I'll help you get these things inside."

She ran to the car to grab another case, a light one this time, and ran back inside. "I need to get these suitcases back to the house soon. Before Daddy and Mother get home, that is."

Tails snapped is fingers. "Dang, and I was hoping to distract you."

She blinked in curiosity. "How?" His smile was slow and had her thighs going lax. "Oh…That's how," she murmured, then ran back outside before he could really distract her.

He laughed and dressed quickly, so he could help with the heavier things.


"I'll be back!" she called, accidentally slamming the door. She popped her head back in, a light blush tinting her cheeks. "I'm sorry, Tails."

He laughed until she was gone, then stared at the phone, the laughter dieing away. I've got to call him…He said he wasn't mad, so… Tails took a deep breath. "Here goes nothing," he whispered. He dialed the number, one he had been so used to before that now his hands felt clumsy.

When Sonic answered, Tails froze, unsure what to say. "Hello?" Sonic asked again, already impatient. "Listen, pal, this better--"

"Hey, Sonic," he choked out. Tails jerked the phone away from his ear when he heard a clattering sound.

"Sorry, dropped the phone," Sonic muttered. "Where are you?"

"At my old workshop in the Mystic Ruins."

"Really? The message you left--I mean…um…Yeah."

Tails chuckled, but the sound was rusty. "I know you were trailing Cream. She told me. So, uh…Cream gave me your message," he blurted.

"Good!" Sonic brightened at once, sure that he and Tails would go back to best bud status quickly. "You plannin' on stickin' around?"

Tails bit his lip, unsure if telling the truth was right. His eyes hardened when he remembered the last time he had thought that. "Yeah, I'm staying this time around, Sonic. Cream's moving in with me."

"Heh. Vector won't be overly thrilled about that once he finds out."

"No. No he won't."

Sonic grinned wider now. "Give me a second, okay?" Tails stared at the phone when Sonic hung up, then his eyes widened. He darted to the door and had just unlocked it when Sonic showed up in front of him. "Long time, no see, huh?" The hedgehog winked at him, then studied his old friend. "Nice threads," he commented, cocking his head with a laugh.

Tails smiled back. "You haven't changed at all, have you?"

"Heck nah. Why would I wanna change?" Sonic smirked at Tails cockily. "I'm perfect, according to the ladies."

Tails snorted. "Yeah, one in particular."

He winced a little at the thought of Amy. "Right…her…"

Tails laughed again, more easily now that the hedgehog was here. "Still running far and fast when it comes to being seriously tied down, aren't you?"

Sonic sweatdropped. "I guess I am, yeah." Quickly bouncing back from his quick moment of self-reflection, Sonic grinned. "I guess I'm just the opposite of you. You've barely gotten back and you're already having Cream move in with you." Sonic noticed Tails' embarrassed look and chuckled at him. "You just want some nookie, don't ya?"

Tails looked back at him, the blush seeping through his snowy muzzle. "That's not it."

Sonic's eyes crossed. "You love her and all that crap?"

"It's not crap," Tails defended.

Sonic rolled his eyes, amused and un-offended. "Yeah, okay. But you do love her?"

Tails relaxed his shoulders slowly. "Yeah, I do."

Sonic studied the fox again, longer this time. "You really have changed, haven't you?" His response was to shrug. Sonic winced as a thought occurred to him. "I would never let Amy move in with me," he muttered.

Tails sniggered. "No, you wouldn't, but I still say you shouldn't run from her."

"You've always taken her side," Sonic stated. "I don't get why everyone seems to!"

"Maybe because…" He paused, as if thinking about it. "Maybe because she's right and you're not?"

Sonic narrowed his eyes. "I don't like that," he mumbled. When someone shouted for Tails, Sonic glanced behind him. "Good timing for lover girl. See ya, Tails! Don't wait years before getting in touch with me again!" Sonic bolted away, the sound of his laugh trailing behind him.

Cream flew up to Tails, tackling him in an embrace. He staggered back a little, ramming into the side of the workshop. "Was that Sonic?" she asked.

"Mmm…Who?" he teased.

She giggled and kissed him. "It was, wasn't it? You didn't fight, did you?"

He laughed, carrying her inside. "No, we didn't. We joked around as if we'd seen each other everyday, actually. Does he still flip out when he sees Amy?"

Cream rolled her eyes and jumped out of his arms to start putting her things away. "Sadly." She pushed an ear out of her face and gave him a look. "It's wearing on her, I think. She doesn't talk about him as much, nor does she tackle him every time he's within a two mile radius." She opened a drawer and set a neatly folded dress in it. "No, you know what? He isn't running away from her like he used to, come to think of it." A smile bloomed across her face. "I didn't realize that," she murmured, "until just now."

"It's good, though. I always used to pull for Amy."

"I always have, and I always will until she does get him." She handed him an armful of clothes. "Could you hang those up for me, please?"

"Sure." They worked like that for a few hours, laughing and talking, until they heard a bang on the door.

Tails' muscles tensed out of habit, but he relaxed them. They can't have found us already, he assured himself. But he still crouched low and moved silently to a window where he could see who was outside. He crawled back to Cream. "Go out the back," he whispered.

Cream's eyes widened. "What?"

"Come on, Cream. Either go out the back or--" Crash! "Fuck!" He grabbed Cream's hand and dragged her into the bedroom. "Use the phone, and call Sonic," he muttered. "It's not just Toss, Rock, and Spade, okay? Eggman's with them, so call Sonic," he said again. He gave her a quick kiss and darted into the living room. "What do you think you're doing?" he demanded of them.

Eggman, obviously older, his small head covered in wrinkles, was the first to answer. "We've come to get rid if you," he explained, about to give an entire speech about how useless it was to try and escape and such, but Toss interrupted him.

"Listen, Doc, if there's anything I've learned over the years, it's not to monologue. Just attack!" He did so, but Tails was prepared and slipped around him, tails twirling madly. He managed to dodge the other attacks, and sailed outside, getting as far from Cream as possible.

Spade was the first after him. "We just want our money back, fox! Once you give us all of it, we'll leave you and your girlfriend alone!"

"Girlfriend?" Eggman inquired.

Rock cracked his knuckles. "Some bitch named Cream."

Tails let out a relieved breath. They did not even know who Cream was! "That rabbit?" Eggman snarled, making Tails' heart speed up.

"Oh, so the freak's goin' with a real hump machine!" Rock barked, tittering to himself.

"Not this rabbit," Eggman muttered. "She's much too perfect to sleep with anyone before marriage."

Tails glanced at all of them, grateful that they were too busy talking to fight. It gave Sonic more time to get there. He took a step back as he realized that Toss was still inside. He darted around everyone, startling them enough so that they did not attack.

He grabbed Toss just before the polar bear could crash his way through the bedroom door. Toss slung himself against the wall, smashing Tails against it, but the fox kept his hold. Rage filled him, making him that much stronger, not to mention that much more stubborn.

Toss continued to struggle against him though. Finally, the polar bear stumbled outside and the other two bears started yanking on Tails, but he kept his hold until a loud snap was heard.

Toss crumpled to the ground just as Sonic ran up, using a spin-dash against Eggman and the machine he had jumped into. The hedgehog landed to see Tails cracking his knuckles. "Who's next?" the boy threatened.

Sonic sweatdropped at the unoriginality then got a good look at the polar bear, laying motionless on the ground. "Tail, what did you do?"

"Huh?" The twin-tailed vulpine glanced at Sonic, forgetting that he had been on his way. "Took you long enough!" he shouted, getting his bearings.

"Sorry, but I had make a phone call!"

"To who?!" A black blur raced past him, tackling Eggman as Sonic had done. "Shadow?" Tails whispered. Rock used the moment to punch Tails, sending him careening back. He slammed into the side of the building, but quickly hopped back again. He flew up and shot past Rock's head, confusing him, then came back to smash his foot into the brown bear's head.

Rock pitched forward, only to meet a fist on the way down. Rock fell onto his back, and Tails saw just who had punched him. "Knuckles?!"

The Echidna shrugged, embarrassed over what he had done the last time he had seen Tails. "Shadow called me after Sonic called him."

"Oh." When Rock started to stir, Tails dropped onto his chest and wrapped his tails around the bear's neck, cutting off his oxygen supply.

Knuckles took a step back. "Are you killing him?" Tails nodded, ignoring Rock's thrashing movements. Before Knuckles could question him further, the black bear stopped helping Eggman and moved to attack Tails. Knuckles watched, shocked, when the boy flew straight up at the last second. Spade trampled Rock's neck, breaking it in his haste to snatch the fox.

Tails smirked. "Thanks a lot, Spade, killing him for me." When the bear looked down, Tails slammed his feet onto his head, knocking him out.

"Since when do you kill, Tails?"

"Since I had to do it to survive," he retorted, going for Eggman.

"Hey!" Knuckles ran after him, wondering what he would do next.

Shadow landed next to Tails, barely sparing the bears a glance. He knew that killing your opponents was sometimes the only way to rid yourself of them. It was something that he had been trying to convince Sonic of since before Tails' had even left. "I don't like to apologize," he said to Tails.

Tails nodded. "Apology accepted, then." He nodded at Sonic, who was feverishly trying to break through the metal. "What's that?"

"That is Sonic trying to get Amy out of Eggman's new creation."

Tails sighed. "Why doesn't Sonic just get over himself and kill him? I doubt his fame would deplete too much."

Knuckles crossed his eyes at the talk of death. He had seen too much of it to actively support it like the two next to him. He opened his mouth to argue with them, but metal arms burst out of Eggman's machine and slammed into Tails workshop. The boy flew off quickly, disturbing both Shadow and Knuckles. "He's gotten fast," the Echidna muttered.

"Didn't Sonic say that Cream was here?" Shadow mumbled, watching the hedgehog slam into Eggman's machine, only to get thrown back. Again. "Screw this." He pulled out a gun and started firing rounds into the side, spin dashing at the same time.

Knuckles ran over to help Tails. He rammed a fist into the metal arm, only making a small dent. He glanced at Tails, who was closer to the head of it. The boy was frantically bashing it with his tails and his feet. Knuckles moved closer and started deepening the dents Tails had already created. The metallic arm swung back and smashed into the workshop again.

"Cream!" Tails shouted when she screamed. "It's okay! Hang on!" He started working harder, urging Knuckles to do the same.

The Echidna worked furiously, helping his old friend. "Damn it! Just go get her out, okay?"

Tails swallowed, then, nodding flew into the building to snatch her. "Come on, Cream." He slid out into another room, pulling her behind him. He hopped into an old plane that was so dusty, he could hardly tell what it was. Once he was inside the cock pit, he knew though, and grinned widely. He glanced back at Cream. "Buckle-up!" he shouted, hitting a switch. The ground started rumbling as the side of the cliff morphed into a runway. Tails waited, slightly impatient for the thing to finish so he could take-off, then flew out as soon as he was able.

Sonic glanced up at the familiar sound of its engine, and grinned. He smirked at Shadow. "And you called him a traitor."

Shadow glared at him. "Shut-up, Sonic." Both hedgehogs looked over at a loud snapping sound to see Knuckles break the metallic arm. He had continued punching it, not wanting Tails' workshop to get destroyed.

In the cock-pit, Tails was studying the controls, reacquainting himself with them. Luckily he was able to figure them out quickly, and grinned to himself as he pressed a small blue button. "Sonic, can you hear me?"

The small device that Tails had inserted into Sonic's ear years before crackled a little before working. Sonic grinned widely and winked at Shadow. "You bet I can hear you, pal. Haven't seen the Tornado 2 in a real long time." As he spoke, he had to dodge more and more metallic arms. They kept swatting him away from where he had heard Amy's voice. Well, Amy's scream.

Shadow put more bullets into Eggman's machine, but the already tough exterior transformed into something even stronger. Eggman laughed cruelly. "This entire machine is programmed to Amy's brain!" he announced. "When she feels threatened, stronger shields get placed around it! Muahahahaha!"

Sonic cursed. "We'll get her out, Eggman! You've already tried something like this! We'll convince her to calm down!"

"Sonic?" he heard in his ear.

"Huh?" He blinked, still unused to Tails after all this time. "Crap, what is it, Tails?"

"I hacked into the main frame of his machine, and I found a visual image of Amy…" He trailed off, not wanting to reveal just what he had just seen.

"What's going on, pal?" When Tails did not respond, Sonic swallowed and decided to press a metaphorical button. "I'm getting' a serious case of déjà vu, here. You gonna tell me or are we gonna have a repeat of what happened last time?"

Tails let out a long sigh and glanced back at Cream. "Tell him," she whispered. She had seen what was happening too, and did not like it.

"Okay, Sonic. He's torturing Amy. It looks like he's running electricity through her body--Shit! There it goes again!"

Sonic jerked in pain when a scream came through. It cut off quickly though and Tails apologized for not having the mute on in time. "No problem, Tails. Now I know that we really need to get through to her." He yelled to Shadow. "Hurry up and break through! Knuckles, how ya doin'?"

"Just peachy," the Echidna grunted, narrowly avoiding getting sliced in half by and oncoming arm.

Tails growled and fired a missile, snapping a group of arms off, than slamming into the side of Eggman's craft. The fox grinned as saw it created a large dent in it. He fired another, blasting a hole into the craft.

Sonic bolted in and came out, an unconscious Amy in his arms a few minutes later. "Nice job, Tails. Now let's really mess this thing up."

Tails turned a few dials, and flicked a few switches. "I'm aiming for the control station," he stated.

"What?! That'll kill Eggman!"

"I know, Sonic, but--"

"You don't have to kill him to win!" Sonic interrupted.

Shadow glanced at the hedgehog, curious. "Just what is Tails saying?"

"He's going to aim one of those missiles at Eggman!"

Shadow waited a beat. "And the problem would be?" When Sonic just glared at him, Shadow shrugged. "It's not as if anyone would miss him, Sonic."

Knuckles groaned and managed to snap another arm off. He flung it at the craft, and shouted at the two hedgehogs. "If you're not gonna help me, I'll quit!"

Shadow growled and switched the ammo in his gun. The weapon was specially designed for him, so that he did not have to carry more than one. He aimed for the cock-pit on Eggman's machine and fired. The glass shattered, and Eggman gave a startled yelp.

Sonic stared at him then looked up at the Tornado 2 when Tails began talking. "Sonic, you know if we let him get away this time he'll create something even more dangerous."

"If he hurt Amy this bad this time, how much worse will the next machine be?" Cream added. She may not have been overly pleased with the idea of killing someone, but she understood why it was necessary this time.

Still, Sonic hesitated. "What do you think, Knuckles?"

"I say we get the bastard out of our fur, and bury him!" he shouted, snapping another arm. He jumped and threw it, but his landing was wobbly, as he was exhausted, so he overbalanced and fell. Before anyone could react, he was under a metallic arm.

"Knuckles!" Sonic shouted. He could not do anything since he was holding Amy, so yelled for Shadow to help him. The hedgehog put his gun away and ran for the Echidna. He tried, but could not get the arm up.

"Damn it, Sonic! Let me kill him so I can take control of that craft!" Tails screamed.

Tense seconds passed as Sonic thought about his options. He sighed, realizing that he did not have any. "Do it," he muttered.

"Are you sure?" Cream asked. She gave Tails a small smile when he glared at her.

Sonic stared at Shadow, still struggling to raise the arm Knuckles was pinned under, than darted for the cock-pit Eggman was in. He laid Amy on the ground and stared hard at Eggman. "Get that arm off Knuckles. Now!"

Eggman laughed. "Why would I help that fool? He's caused me nothing but grief! So have you, and all of your friends!"

Sonic sighed. "Sorry, Eggman, but those'll be your last few sentences." He lifted Amy and darted out, Eggman shouting how he would never die. "Kill him!" Sonic shouted, sprinting over to help Shadow and Knuckles. He risked setting Amy down, but did not go more than a few inches from her to help Shadow lift the arm. When it started sinking into the ground, Sonic started panicking. "What's taking so long, Tails?"

The boy did not answer, panicking himself as he fought for control of the plane. "Eggman's got a hold of me!" He grunted with the effort of turning the missile control. He had one left and Eggman was trying to use it on Sonic, Shadow, and Knuckles. Cream hurriedly unbuckled her seat-belt and wrapped her hands around the control, helping Tails turn it. The second they had it aimed for Eggman, Tails fired.

Tails and Cream watched the missile hit Eggman dead-on and drag him to the back of the craft where it exploded. The heavy armor insulated the explosion so that it did not even faze Sonic and Shadow. Tails hastily hacked into the main frame and took over the controls. He lifted the arm off Knuckles, nearly knocking into the hedgehogs with it in his haste.

Shadow jumped into the small hole and lifted Knuckles, running off to get him help. Tails landed the plane as Sonic followed, carrying Amy. Tails let out a long sigh and gave Cream a wry grin. "Well, glad that's over." He looked at his workshop. "Let's see just what was broken."

"It's good that the workshop wasn't smashed up."

The workshop, he repeated silently. I wonder if we can make it into a home… "You're telling me." He grinned, lifting her out of the plane with him. They walked past the bears, the only sign Tails gave of noticing them, was the soft sigh that had Cream wrapping her arms around him from behind as they walked.

They trailed into the bedroom last, after finding that nothing else had been severely damaged. "A few things fell off the shelf and broke, but that's all I remember," Cream told him.

Tails nodded. "Okay, then. We'll just clean up in here, and then we'll try to find out where Shadow and Sonic took Knuckles and Amy."

"Then what?" she asked, already pulling a broom and dustpan from the hall closet.

He watched her sweep as he thought about it. "Then we'll make sure they're all right."

She did not hear the teasing light in his voice, so just shook her head. "Of course we'll do that, but I meant after."

He walked out to get a trash can for the broken knickknacks and things. A few of his newest inventions had been shattered, but Tails knew he would be able to replicate them. Possibly make them better.

"You never answered me," she commented, dumping the contents of her dust pan into the trash.

"That's because I haven't figured something out yet."

Her eyes flickered with curiosity. "Could I help?"

He watched her sweep another pile into the dust pan. "No, I think I just came up with the answer."

"Oh." He watched her ears droop a bit in disappointment, then perk again. "Does that mean you know what we'll do after we check on Amy and Knuckles?"

"Yep." She started putting the things away, wanting to press him, but thought it would be rude too. "I'm going to bring you back here, than I'm going to go somewhere," he finally said.

She turned her head and an ear smacked her face. She flipped it behind her head and stared at him. "Where?" Oh, don't leave me again, Tails. Please don't.

He grinned at her. "It shouldn't take me very long to--" He broke off when the phone started ringing. He lifted it to his ear. "Hello?"

"Man, that was a close call."

"Hey Sonic, where are you guys?" When Cream gave him an expectant look, Tails hit the speaker button.

"--on the third floor," Sonic was saying.

"Say that again? I didn't hear you."

Sonic sighed, rolling his eyes. "Shadow led me to some hospital, and I have no idea what it's called or anything. I just know we're on the third floor. They're making us," there was a pained pause, "wait."

Tails laughed at Sonic's tone. "Well, ask Shadow what the name of the hospital is, and Cream and I will be there as soon as we can."

"Yeah, that's why I called. Don't come out here, pal. Just worry about Eggman and those bears, all right? Get rid of them or call…someone…What are those guys called? You know, the ones that can't do their jobs, so we have to? What are they called? Uh…The police?"

Cream giggled and Tails grinned widely. Good ol' Sonic…He'll never change. "Okay. We can handle that, I think."

"Great, thanks. Oh, man, that was quick! Wait…" Sonic ears flattened on his head. "It's bad news when doctors come that fast with news, isn't it? Crap. I'll be over when I can, Tails, so don't have sex until I leave there, okay? I don't wanna run in on you guys."

Tails rolled his eyes. "Yeah, I'll remember that. See ya, Sonic." He hung up and glanced at Cream. "Now, I know I'm hard to resist, but you heard Sonic."

She laughed and hugged him. "I'll try to restrain myself, I promise."

He kissed her, quickly so as not to get distracted. He had to call someone that could take the bodies away. But her eyes caught him and dragged him closer to kiss her again, deeper. When he forced himself to pull back, they were both breathless and panting. "Fine, I'll admit it. You're the one that's hard to resist." He kept an arm around her as he dialed another number.


Tails watched the ambulance drive away. He had been congratulated, Sonic had been given his usual praise, Shadow had been sighed wistfully over by the young female hedgehog that had helped zip Rocks' body into a black body bag, quite a few set of eyes had been filled with worry over Knuckles and Amy, and Cream had been proposed to. Lucky for the black cat who had done it, Cream had laughingly turned down the offer before Tails tackled him.

Now Cream walked out of the workshop that she was already thinking of as home, carrying a mug. Tails took it, sipping the coffee she'd made. Cream giggled when he winced after scalding his tongue. "What were you thinking about?" she queried.

"What just happened, actually. If that cat, whatever his name was, hadn't left you alone…" he trailed off, unsure just what horrible thing he would have done.

"Oh, I think he was sweet." She giggled when his eyes flashed with jealousy. She leaned close until their lips were a breath apart. "Just so you know, his name was Josh." She kissed him before he could say anything and he nearly dropped the mug.

They pulled apart when someone behind them coughed. "I got here just in time," Sonic noted.

Tails set his mug on a small table that he and Cream had brought outside with a laugh. "I'm not kissing you, though."

Sonic crossed his eyes. "Don't even wanna think about that." He uncrossed his eyes, grinning widely. "Ever."

"So there's good news?" Cream wondered, excited by his look.

He gave her a thumbs-up and a wink. "Looks like they'll both be fine. Knux fractured a few ribs and stuff, but that's about it with him. He broke a wrist, too, trying to push the thing off himself, I bet."

She clasped her hands together. "What about Amy?"

"Eggman just shocked her a few times. She'll be just fine too, but the doctor's said that she probably won't need a heck of a lot of sleep anymore. She should be able to go days without it, and all that electricity may have increased her speed."

Tails shook his head. "Getting that much electricity in her body was not a good thing, though. She could've died…"

Sonic scratched the back of his head with a sheepish look. "She did…She was dead when I ran in there, but…"

"But you saved her," Tails finished, grinning. "Why would you do that if you don't care about her?"

Sonic muttered to himself. "I wasn't about to let her die, Tails. God. She's my friend, okay?" He narrowed his eyes at Tails' smug grin. "But that's all she'll ever be. Got it?"

Tails looked at the sky, shaking his head. "Right, yeah, I got it."

"Hey, you know once Amy and Knuckles are better, she's going to throw you a party?"

Cream giggled. "It's Amy, after all. She likes parties."

"She always has," Tails remarked, cerulean eyes rolling.

Sonic chuckled at them. "Yo, Tails, you mind if I let everyone know you're back? It's the only way to really explain why Eggman's dead and how he came to be that way."

Tails fidgeted a little, tails twining together, than breaking apart. "I…" He sighed at the encouraging look Cream gave him. "Yeah, go ahead, Sonic. But I need to do something, so tell them not to come by, okay?"

Sonic wiggled his eyebrows suggestively. "Right. Do something."

"Hey! I didn't mean it like that!" he argued, but the blue blur had already taken off. Tails scratched his head, shrugging a little. "Well, at least he'll keep them away."

"Until tomorrow at least."

He grinned at her. "Yeah…Then I need to really hurry." He brought her against him and laid his lips on hers to give her a sweet kiss. "I'll be back really soon, okay?" She nodded, leaning against the door jamb as he took off.


Cream answered the bedroom phone with a cheery 'hello,' only to receive an angry retort from her step-father. "What the hell are you doing, moving in with Tails? He just got back!"

"Sonic told you?" she asked, laughing lightly.

"You're damn right he told me! Now, I want you to--Ouch!" he shouted, breaking off.

Cream listened to the small scuffle on his end and laughed when her mother spoke. "Hello, sweetie. I'm glad you weren't hurt in all of that fighting. It's good that Tails kept you with him," she added, giving Vector a telling look. "Now, you don't worry about anything Vector says about you coming home."

"Mother…" She wrapped the phone cord around her hand. "I am home," she decided to say.

Vector watched Vanilla's features soften with a long sigh. "I'm so glad, baby." She glanced at Vector when he put his hand on the phone. "Here's Vector again. I love you, Cream."

"Love you too, Mother. Hello, Daddy."

He let out a long sigh at the title. The first time she had called him 'daddy' he had nearly passed out in shock and joy. "Cream…Whatever ya jes told yer mother, it made 'er happy. She was worried, ya know."

"Yes, I know. I'm sorry for that."

"Good," he muttered, at a loss for words.

"I love you too, Daddy," she whispered, understanding.

He blew out a breath, relieved. "Okay. Jes don't let Tails push ya 'round, or the Chaotix'll get 'im for ya."

"He would never hurt me, but I'll remember that. Besides, I'm only a train ride away from you. You don't have to worry about me, I promise." Cream looked up as Tails entered the room, grinning madly. "I have to go. Goodbye."

"See ya, Cream." Vector stared at the phone after hanging it up. "Okay, so we don't have to worry 'bout 'er."

Vanilla smiled at him. "Yes, we do."

Vector sighed. "Yeah, I know, but it sounded good."

Cream laughed when Tails hugged her against him. "Guess what," he murmured against her ear.

"I can't think of anything," she replied.

"I'll give you a hint then. It's a gold band with a diamond in it."

Her eyes widened with shock and her breath came out shaky. "You're going to…"

"Oh yeah. And you can't say no to me, Cream. I'd convince you using my good looks." He nuzzled her ears lightly when she wrapped her arms tighter around him. "You have to let me go so I can get the box out."

She lessened her grip, swallowing. "I don't know why I'm nervous about this…"

He grinned at her, reaching into one of his pockets. "That makes two of us. Now," he started pulling the little box out, "you want me to do this the traditional way?"

She nodded, than quickly shook her head. "I don't know," she admitted.

"Your movements looked like a 'yes' at first, so I'll go with that." He dropped to one knee and flipped the box open. It was beautifully classic and simple. A thin gold band centered with a square cut diamond that was small enough not to be gaudy, but big enough to shock her.

Cream's strangled gasp made Tails smile smugly. "I knew it was perfect for you." Her eyes filled with tears and his face softened. "Will you marry me, Cream?" he asked, taking her hand.

Her mouth trembled open, head nodding wildly. "Yes," she whispered.

"Great." He hopped to his feet, sliding the ring onto her finger. "Now Amy'll really have a reason to party," he said, pulling her closer.

She tipped her head back to stare into his eyes. "Yes, I suppose she will."

He scooped her into his arms and dropped her onto the bed. "Yeah, but we can party now." He captured her lips with a laugh.


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