Chapter 6: Final Descent

Megumi tried her best to keep Oki on the ground, but the boy easily threw her off. She landed on her back with a thud, pain shooting through her entire body. Out of the corner of her eyes, she could see Mizhuo sprinting for cover. A wave of relief erased all the pain she was feeling. At least Mizhuo had gotten away. Her soul would live for a while longer.

She got to her feet, ran towards her bag, and with an incrediable amount of luck managed to fish out her knife before Oki cought up to her.

He grabbed her and once again threw her to the ground. She only just managed to roll out of the was before his machette came crashing to the ground, only centimetres away from where her head had been moments ago. Megumi gathered all her strengt and kicked Oki as hard as she could in the stomack. He groaned , dropped the machetteas he sank to his knees, stuggeling to catch his breath. Megumi crawled on all fours, grabbed her oponents weapon and threw it as far as she could. Oki screamed, got up of the ground and rushed toward the machette gleaming in the moonlight. Megumi quickly raised her knife, though she know it would do no good if Oki came at her full force. As Oki reached the machette, she spun around and started sprinting for cover behind the shrine. Pressing her back against the cold stone; she prayed that he would not see her. From the other side of the shrine she heard Oki yelling.

« Where are you, Megumi? I know you're here somewhere! You and your puny little knife is in so much trouble once I find you!»

Edging her way along the shrine wall, Megumi searched desperatly for some way to escape without being seen. The bushes near the small shrine were close enough for her to make a run for it, but she would most certanly be noticed. She stood there a few minutes concidering her options. Suddenly something blocked the moonlight, and she heard a swish. She ducked just in time,and dodged the heavy blow from the machette. Megumi screamed and tried to run. Oki was faster. He hit her across the head with his free hand. She stumbled backwards, dazed from the heavy blow, and crumbled to the ground, once more leaning toward the stone wall of the tiny shrine.

«Why?» was all she managed to whisper, as Oki raised his weapon and prepared to strike again.

«Why? Why?» Oki yelled, lowering the machette as he spoke « Why not!? I'm the new kid, aren't I? Who do you think people will attack first? I'm just one step ahead» Just as he prepeared so strike again, killing Megumi, the sound of a rapid series of gunfire made Oki jump, distracting him long enough for Megumi to kick him right beween the legs, bringing him once again to the ground, bendt over in pain. Thinking quickly, Megumi grapped her bag, and fled into the bushes. Once it felt safe enough, she stopped, gasping for air. The woods were completely quiet, exept for the occational bird chirping. Quickly checking her map, Megumi headed for the residential area, hoping that somehow, she would meet the love of her life again before it all ended.

By some miracle, she managed to get to the houses without meeting anyone. After trying a few doors and windows, she finaly found one that was open. She quickly entered, and barricaded herself in the kitchen.

Shaking, she hid under the counter, making herself as small as possible. Time passed by slowly, and as she sat there crying, thinking about Mizhuo, her family, her friends, Megumi remembered her phone. The phone her parents had made her bring. She had thought they were being silly and overprotective at the time. Why would she ever need a phone on a class trip? Well, she had certanly been proven wrong. Fishing the phone out of her bag, she was overjoyed to find it had a signal. She dialed her parents number, and as a voice in the other end answered, she almost yelled out in horror « Hi, Megumi..This is Sakamochi...» Just as she threw the phone away, Megumi heard the sound of a window breaking, and then someone making their way towards the kitchen.

The door opened, and someone with pretty, long lengs entered. Suddenly, the electric beep of the phone's ringtone shattered the silence of the house. The pretty legs twirled aroundand dropped to their knees..It was Mitsuko Souma. «Megumi! Thank god!» Tears were streaming down her cheeks. « won't hurt me, will you? I..I just don't want to be alone. Please let me stay..We...We're friends, aren't we? Megumi? » Megumi felt a wave of relief. Mitsuko had a bad reputation, but she was just a kid like herself, after all. Megumi smiled weakly through her own tears, and hugged the girl everyone else called Hard-Core Souma.

Mizhuo ran thrught the woods, stumbling over roots and rocks,the branches and bushes around her scratching her skin. She ignored all of this. The scratches and tears on her bare legs burned, but that hardly mattered now. Breathing hard, Mizhuo finaly stopped, and dropped to the ground, to exhausted to keep running. She felt as though her entire being was being torn appart. Muttering «Megumi» quietly to herself, her mind was filled with horrible visions: Megumi laying in a bloody pulp on the ground, Megumi with a dark chrimson hole through her forhead, a shocked look in her eyes...It was all to much for Mizhuo to handle. She closed her eyes, and screamed with all her fear, anxiety, and pain. It was one of the most heartwrenching screams ever to be heard on the island.

«Prexia Dikiane Mizhuo?» As the Warrior opened her eyes again, she found herself on her knees, facing Azura Mazda. But now, the light in the devine face had all but dissapeared it was streaked with tears of blood.


«You have dissapointed me. You were to protect the Angel, and you have abandoned her in the most horrible danger!»

«Forgive me! Please understand...the Demon..He was so strong..He almost cost me my life!»

«I told you the Angel was of greatest importance to you, even more so than you know. She is your only chance of finding your true self, and thus save everyone. And now she is in the hands of your so called friends, the Demons.»

Prexia Dikiane Mizhuo got to her feet, athering all the courage she could find, and with her head held high, she asked «How can I save her? What must I do?»

«Kill them. Kill them all»

Mizhuo found herself laying on the ground, but only thought she'd fallen asleep. It was still dark outside, so not much time could have passed. Ten minutes at the most. She checked her watch. It was only 4.30 in the morning.

Suddenly, a loud series of gunshots eccoes across the island. It sounded to Mizhuo like it was coming from the south tip of the island. The noise was like a cold splash of water in her face. She grabbed her bag and ran as fast as she could while still trying to remain relatively hidden from who ever might be watching.

As she got closer to the edge of the forrest, she could see a cluster of dark-windowed houses. Mizhuo fished out the map of the island, and quickly oriented her self. If she was not mistaken, the houses in front of her were the ones she had agreed to meet with Megumi if they got separated.

Stowing away the map, she slowly started walking towards the houses, thinking of nothing but the fact that her girlfriend might be waiting there for her.

Searching through a few of the houses, Mizhuo found nothing but old food and clothes thrown on the floor, most likely by the previous occupants in their hurry to be evacuated from the island before the friends and classmates were sent out to butcher eachother.

As Mizhuo quickly ran from house to house, she suddenly heard a phone ringing from one of the nearby houses. «Megumi...Megumi brought a phone!» Smiling, she glanced around quickly to make sure she was alone, and sprinted towards the house.

As she glaced through an open window, she could see the darkness of two people sitting on the floor, just out of the moonlight. She instatly recognized Mitsuko's voice «...Please, let me stay...We..We're friends, aren't we? Megumi?»

As the girls embraced, Mizhuo saw something gleaming in the moonlight behind Mitsuko. Suddenly, the gleaming object rushed through the air and a strange tearing sound reached her. She saw Megumi sway back and forth a few times on her knees, then fall backward, into the moonlight.

Mizhuo felt her world break down and shatter, and the last bit of sanity left in her disapeared, and her descent into madness was complete.

She was Prexia Dikiane Mizhuo, Warrior Princess to Azura Mazda, and her angel of love lay out of reach in a cage a pool quickly forming around her head, a Demon standing grinning above her, a scythe dripping with silver blood in her hands.

Azura Mazda's voice rang from above.

« You have failed me, Warrior. You are now alone.»

The fallen warrior Prixia Dikiane Mizhuo stumbled her way through the rest of the Battle Royale, fighting demons when she came across them, but killing none. Once, one of the Demons tried to speak to her, claiming to be Shuya Nanahara. She attacked with her Flaming Sword, but the bullets of fire missed, and the Demon Shuya escaped.

The warrior died,praying to her God of Light for mercy and the life of her beloved Angel, as a Demon recembeling a previous classmate,Kazou Kiriyama, attacked from behind. She didn't mind. Life had no meaning anymore.

The End