Title: Payment of a Life Debt
Narrated: TorringMay

Typed by: Sorringmay
Pairing: Harry/Draco
Rating: PG13 / Teen

Disclaimer: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by JK Rowling, various publishers including but not limited to Bloomsbury Books, Scholastic Books and Raincoast Books, and Warner Bros., Inc. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.

Warning: This story contains SPOILERS from all seven books. This story also disregards everything about the DH eulogy (19 years later)

Summary: When the Ministry arrests the Malfoy's, the only way Harry can save Draco from the Ministry's attempts to make an example of the former Death-eater, is to call upon archaic laws embedded in life debts Draco owes Harry.




Kingsley Shacklebolt led the aurors Gawin Robards and John Dawlish toward the trio that was sitting separate from everyone else. He felt no satisfaction in what he was about to do, despite the fact that he knew it was necessary.

The small family sat at the very end of the Slytherin table, mother on one side and father on the other side of their only child. He noted the way the father held his son's hand while the mother carded her fingers through the boy's hair as her rested it against her shoulder.

He sighed once before taking the last few steps towards the table, knowing his aurors were flanking him.

"Lucius Malfoy, Narcissia Malfoy, and Draco Malfoy, you are under arrest for breaching the laws of the Ministry of Magic of Great Britain." There was a twisting in his gut as both mother and son looked up at him with tear streaked faces, but he had a job to do. "Please present your wands."

He watched warily as the senior Malfoy sighed in resignation. "We no longer have wands," he said softly, probably aware that there was no way for them to escape the situation.

Kingsley however was startled to find all three of them already wandless, especial the patriarch of the family. "And where may I ask might your wands be?"

"Mine was destroyed when the dark lord took it to face Potter," replied Malfoy Sr. who gripped his son's hand tighter.

Kingsley noted that Draco glanced up at him quickly before returning his gaze to the table once more, as if he was looking to see if it was his turn to speak, but frightened to do so. "Potter has my wand," he replied quietly, "and my mother's was destroyed by fiendfire."

"Fiendfire," scoffed Robards, " You expect us to believe that."

Despite three wands instantly training on him, Lucius Malfoy stood and slammed his hands on the table. "My son is no liar."

"This from a death-eater," Robards snapped back, but Kinsley held a hand up to detain his auror.

"Mr. Malfoy, you have to admit that it would seem unlikely since fiendfire is hard to contain."

"Ask Potter, or Weasley or Granger, they were there," Draco said his voice urgent.

Wanting to avoid a conflict, Kingsley nodded his head.

"What you can't honestly believe them, their – "

"Sir if I may," Dawlin said calmly. Kingsley nodded for him to continue, but instead the auror pointed his wand at the three in front of him quickly casting a spell. "Accio wands." Nothing happened and Dawlin shrugged. "It would seem that they are telling the truth, no wands."

Looking back at the Senior Malfoy, he expected to see the usual arrogant sneer, instead he found the same resigned and defeated man. He could not get over just how unnatural it seemed to see this once proud family now crushed.

Ordering Dawlin to secure the magically enforced manacles on Malfoy Sr. while Robards kept guard, he took the other pair and walked over to Lady Malfoy and assisted her to her feet before gently securing her manacles. Once he had assured that the older Malfoy was secure, Dawlin waved for the youngest to stand.

"Hands behind your back son," Dawlin said gently placing the first cuff around a pale slender wrist shaking his head as he saw how bad the boy was shaking from fear. The other wrist was secured with a loud snap,, giving a since of finality.

Kinsley was sickened as he watched the two aurors lead them trio towards the front of the school. Yet another family, no matter how wrong their choices, destroyed by Voldemort.




Walking down the stairs yawning loudly as he ran his hand through his hair, Harry Potter, savior of the wizarding world was truly ready for breakfast. He couldn't remember when the last time he had eaten was but he was sure it couldn't have been more than a day. Scratching the back of his head as he entered the common room, he tried to figure out exactly when the battle had started the day before and when it had ended. Realizing that he didn't know right off hand he shrugged considering it unimportant.

Looking around the common room he found several of his friends sitting by the empty fireplace chatting quietly as Mr. and Mrs. Weasley dozed in one of the far corners.

"Hey Harry," Ron called softly, waving him over. "How are you feeling this morning?"

Harry nodded as he set next to Ginny, "Tired still and a bit sore, but over all ok." He sat back in the cushions as conversation resumed once again, watching the way people were handling the aftermath of the battle. Neville was no longer acting shy and insecure but now held self-confidence about him. Luna seemed to be off in her own world yet again, but the looks she kept giving Dean were rather obvious even to Harry. They all seemed rather content except perhaps Terry Boot who was sitting on the other side of Ginny. Every few minutes Harry noticed that Terry would look at him, and Harry would not say the look was a friendly one.

The opened admitting George Weasley followed by Katie-bell, both looked like they had spent most of the night crying.

"They arrested the Malfoy's." George said before the portrait was completely shut.

Silence filled the room as they all stared at the remaining twin. Suddenly Harry was hit by the realization of what had been said.

"Not all of them?" he questioned.

"What do you mean not all of them?" Ron asked looking horrified. Harry however ignored him as he looked for confirmation from George.

"All three of them mate," the red head replied getting the impression that his good tidings may not have been so good after all.

Harry was out of the seat and pushing the door portrait open when an hand tugged on his arm.

"Come on Harry," Ginny said in a pleading tone. "You can't save everyone and the Malfoy's are as bad as they come."

Harry jerked his arm away from her grasp as he looked at the others in the room. Ron still had the horrified look on his face, but now there was a touch of confusion. The others looked curious, all but Ginny who looked at him with annoyance and anger.

"You have done enough for everyone else," she spat quietly, "It's over. Now I get you."

Something about her tone rubbed him wrong as he stared into her brown eyes. Normally he would have told you that those eyes were soft and warm, but right now they looked dangerous and wild.

"Narcissia saved me," he said calmly addressing everyone. "She didn't have to but she did. I'm not going to let that act of kindness go unnoticed."

"Not enough of a hero yet Potter?" Terry snarled at the black haired Gryffindor. If Harry didn't know better he would have thought he was actually talking to Draco Malfoy.

"Being a hero has nothing to do with it. I'm only trying to do the right thing and that is acknowledging what Mrs. Malfoy did for me. If she hadn't Voldemort would have killed me." He watched as everyone else agreed with Harry, even surprisingly, Ron. Ginny and Terry were still looking at him as if he had just declared himself the next dark lord.

"No Malfoy would ever help someone else, they are vial, despicable – "

"That will be enough Ginny." Somewhere during the conversation Mr. and Mrs. Weasley had woken. Mr. Weasley was standing looking at his daughter as if he expected her to ignore his admonishment. Mrs. Weasley was still sitting in the sleeping bag with a look of astonishment directed at her daughter.

Ginny huffed crossing her arms over her chest as she stomped back to her seat flopping down next to Terry who immediately whispered something to her.

Harry shook his head before turning to the portrait entrance once more. He had just stepped into the hall when he heard Ron call to him.

"Harry wait up." the red-head was stuffing his arm into the sleeve of his jacket as he made his way to the entrance as well, Hermione right behind him. "If the lady was willing to save you, then I'm all for helping her," he said with a smile as he held his hand out to assist Hermione through the entrance.

"Thanks," Harry said relieved that his two best friends were on his side.

"Well if we can save old ferret-face for no reason, can't see why it would hurt to help his mom, especially if she saved you."

Harry smiled at them as they made their way to the Great Hall.




"I'm sorry Harry, but I am not going to allow it." Kingsley watched as the young man in front of him put on the most stubborn of looks.

"Mrs. Malfoy saved my life and you expect me to just sit here while she is taken to Azkaban?"

"Harry I know you want to protect her," he ignored the snort that came from the dark haired young man, "but right now the best way to help is to stay away from her."

Harry jumped out of his seat and pagan pacing, oblivious to the concerned looks he was receiving from his two friends. "I can't just do nothing."

"I'm not asking you to do nothing Harry," Kingsley said calmly. "Just wait for the trial. You can speak on the behalf of Mrs. Malfoy then."

"But she shouldn't even being going – "

"Harry," Kingsley voice rose to get the Gryffindor's attention, "She needs to for her own safety and well being."

That stopped Harry's pacing as he turned to give the dark skinned man an unsure look. "Why would she be safer going to try?"

"Oh Harry."

Harry turned and gave Hermione a look that implied she best not use that tone with him. With a huff she continued.

"If Mrs. Malfoy doesn't get a trial most people will see her as a Death-eater that slipped through the system. This way she can be proven innocent before the masses and they wont be able to hold it against her."

Dropping back into his seat feeling dejected, Harry considered Hermione's words. Finally sighing in defeat he looked up at Kingsley again.

"May I see her?"

"Again Harry I am afraid the answer is no. The less you see of her before the trail the better. That way people can't accuse her of influencing you in any way."

"Fine," he said slumping further into his seat, "When is her trail?"

They watched Kingsley as he ran a hand over his bald head. "We thought it best to give everyone time to pay respects," he said in a weary tone. "Most of the funerals will be over by Saturday, so we will begin on Monday."

Harry stood and nodded his head. "I will be there. Is there anything I should know prior to?"

"I don't think so. I will owl you with the time as soon as I complete the reports."




After the emotional turmoil of the last few days, Harry would have thought the trial of Narcissia Malfoy would have been easy. He was however nervously smoothing out the invisible wrinkles in the emerald and black dress robes he was wearing.

"Harry, stop it," Hermione said as she grabbed his hand. "Everything will be fine. You'll see."

"Yeah mate," Ron chimed in as he leaned around his girl friend, "once you vouch for her they are sure to let her go."

Harry gave them a crooked smile resisting the urge to run his hands over his robes again. He swallowed as the stone rang through the court hall announcing the proceedings were to begin.

"The Ministry of Magic and Wizengamot do here by call this court to order." Kingsley's voice was clear and authorities as he spoke. Silence reined as the Current Minister of Magic took a deep breath. "The court calls forth Mrs. Narcissia Malfoy."

There were breathy whispers throughout the courtroom as the doors opened allowing the tall graceful form of Lady Malfoy to enter. Harry bristled as he saw the heavy shackles binding both her wrists and ankles. Two Aurors escorted her to the seat in the center of the platform were she sat gracefully, head held high.

"Mrs. Malfoy you are here by charged with aiding and abetting Tom Riddle, aka Voldemort, aka he-who-must-not-be-named, aka you-know-who. You are also charged with being a Death-eater and aiding and abetting Death-eaters. How do you plead?"

"Guilty, under extenuating circumstances," the blonde lady said, her head still held high, her face daring them to say otherwise.

Kingsley Shacklebolt had a difficult time keeping the smile off his face as he continued. He was beginning to see why Harry was so earnest in his attempts to help her. "Could you please explain what those circumstances were?"

"Of course," Mrs. Malfoy said as she politely inclined her head toward Kingsley. "The Dark Lord was holding my family hostage. He held no qualms about using my husband and particularly my son's life as motivation for my cooperation. Since nothing he requested of me directly endangered anyone, I found no reason not to acquiesce to his requests."

"Mrs. Malfoy," a short plump witch from the Wizengamot called out, "could you please tell us why you feared for you husband and son?"

Mrs. Malfoy had tensed at first, but hearing the truly curious tone of the older witch's voice she relaxed, closing her eyes for a moment as if to chase off an unspoken fear or memory.

"The Dark Lord was rather graphic in details to us what he would do if we failed him."

"And you expect us to believe that the Malfoy's only obeyed at of fear for each other," called a man's voice from somewhere within the Wizengamot.

They watched as the beautiful woman before them turned cold, her blue eyes darting towards the direction of the voice as she sneered. "Family means more than anything to a Malfoy," she snapped.

"If family meant so much why did you allow your son to become involved?" came another waspish retort.

"There was no matter of allowing him. The Dark Lord's return was sudden. We did not anticipate him arriving at the manor shortly after his 'return' and most certainly did not expect him to but a possideo curse on our son."

Again there was much murmuring as Harry leaned closer to Hermione. "What is a possideo curse?" He notice even Ron was leaning in to hear her answer.

"It's a dark spell," she whispered ignoring Ron's duh comment, "It allows the caster to hold a person's soul."

"So you-know-who had control of Malfoy," Ron whispered in a horrified tone.

"No, it's not like that, but it would have allowed him to rip Malfoy's soul from his body." Both boys looked at her wide eyed. "It's a horrible curse; it leaves the soul writhing in pain till it's either reunited with its body or the body dies."

"Did You-know-who ever activate that curse?" another called from the court.

"No." There was obvious relief in Mrs. Malfoy voice at this admission.

"Then how can you say that he would have done harm to your family if he – "

Narcissia Malfoy lost her patience at that point. "Do you know what it is like to see your child convulsing on the ground in agony as the cruciatus curse is placed on them repeatedly? Do you know what it's like to see your only son bleed because he has virgin blood? Do you know what it's like to watch them steal your child's innocents a little bit at a time and knowing that anything you do would result in the destruction of his soul?" Tears were steadily pouring down her face as she finished, her eyes darting over everyone in the room as they all stared back in stunned silence.

"D-does an-ny one step forward in defense of Mrs. Narcissia Malfoy?" Came the stuttered call of one of the Ministry workers.

"I do."

Heads quickly swiveled towards the determined voice. Gasps resounded around the room as the Minister motioned the dark haired young man forward.

"Please state your name for the court record," Kingsley said smiling.

"Harry James Potter."

"And Mr. Potter," Kinsley continued, his face showing pride in the young man before him, "Do you give testimony on behalf of Narcissia Malfoy's defense?"

"I do sir." Harry waited till Kingsley gave him a nod to begin. "While I do not know all the circumstances surrounding the happenstances with the Malfoy Family, I can attest to what I have personally seen." He took a deep calming breath before looking over the members of the court as well as those in attendance.

"Though I may not care for Mrs. Malfoy's husband or son, I have seen how important they are to her. On several occasions I saw Mrs. Malfoy protect her son with her own body, I am also aware that she had a family friend make an unbreakable-vow to protect her son, know that if Voldemort found out, it would cost her, her life." He paused making sure that he still had everyone's attention before continuing.

"Once during the war I was even captured and taken to Malfoy Manor. While Mrs. Malfoy did nothing to aid us, she did nothing to further her deranged sister's quest…or that of her husband's. Before I was able to apperate out I was able to see how much control Voldemort had over Mrs. Malfoy and her son."

He stood there, back straight, eyes piercing everyone in the room before finishing his statement.

"Then during the last battle, not only did Mrs. Malfoy show just how much she cared for her family, she showed that he loyalties were not with Voldemort by saving my life."

Harry's mouth twitched as he tried not to smile by the immediate uproar his words brought.

"Order," Kingsley called half heartedly, "Order." Slowly the room returned to a buzz of whispers. "Thank you Mr. Potter, I do believe that will do." Kingsley waited while Harry made his way back to his seat, please to see his comments had even startled the Lady Malfoy.

"I do believe Mrs. Malfoy that there is only one remaining question. Where is your wand?"

"I gave it to my son to use," she replied evenly.

"Did you?" came the same snappish voice from earlier, "or do you have it hidden so that we can not see what spells you have cast with it?"

"I gave me son my wand to defend himself, it was destroyed while he had it," she snapped back just as waspishly.

"And just how did that happen?" continued the sneering voice.

Harry was startled as Hermione suddenly stood.

"If I may Minister, Wizengamot?" she called to Kingsley and the court.

"The court acknowledges Miss Granger," replied a kind-faced witch in the head Wizengamot seat.

"Ma'am" Hermione said nodding her head to the witch in respect. "I happened to be present at the destruction of Mrs. Malfoy's wand. It took place at Hogwarts, in the Room of Requirements. Draco Malfoy, along with Vincent Crabbe and Gregory Goyle confronted Harry Potter, Ronald Weasley and myself. Where as Draco Malfoy and Gregory Goyle were inquiring to what we were doing, Vincent Crabbe attempted to capture Harry Potter in hopes to turn him over to You-know-who."

An angry hiss filled the room at these words.

"While Draco Malfoy attempted to stop Vincent Crabbe from Attacking Harry Potter, we were able to stupefy Gregory Goyle. I am not sure if it was during that brief struggle that Draco Malfoy lost his mother's wand or if it was moments latter when Vincent Crabbe carelessly cast fiend-fire, and Draco Malfoy had to pull an unconscious Gregory Goyle out of harms way."

"Miss Granger, can you attest that Draco Malfoy did not leave the room with the wand?" asked the same witch.

"I can ma'am," Harry said standing up. "When the room caught fire the only way out was by broom. From the time the fiend-fire was cast, to the time Ron and I were able to rescue them, Malfoy was pulling an unconscious Goyle around."

"And you are positive that the wand perished in the flames?"

"I can attest to that as well ma'am," Ron said as he stood taking Hermione's hand in his.

"Very well then, we conclude that Mrs. Narcissia Malfoy's wand was destroyed and that the destruction was due to circumstances beyond her control, and not a deliberate act."

"Very well then." Kingsley said taking over once again. "Does anyone step forward in opposition of Mrs. Narcissia Malfoy?"

There was quiet as no one dared step forward, even if they did have grievance with they Lady Malfoy, they all seemed petty now.

"Then we will confer." With that the sound of quills sounded around the room.

"What are they doing?" Ron asked quietly.

"I'm not sure," Harry said shaking his head. "They didn't do this when I was brought here in fifth year."

"Honestly you two, don't you ever read. They are discussing verdict, punishment and sentence."

"But why all the writing," Ron continued.

Hermione rolled her eyes at her boyfriend, "because they are writing what they wish the outcome of today's trial to be. What ever the majority is that rules."

"We have come to a verdict and standing." Kingsley's voice called out.

"That was fast," Hermione said a bit bewildered. "Normally it takes hours."

"We the Ministry of Magic and Wiengamot find Narcissia Malfoy guilt of all charges, however due to the extenuating circumstances; we find the penalty shall be as follows. The defendant, Mrs. Narcissia Malfoy shall be put on probation for a period of five years, in which time she is forbidden from leaving Great Britain without proper authorization. Furthermore, she is forbidden the use or ownership of a wand for one year, in conjunction with the seizer and holding of all estate, funds and properties of the Malfoy family, she will be give a stipend of 250 Gallons a week. Lastly, she is required to inform the Ministry as the where she will be living and has twenty-four hours in which to inform the proper authority of any change of address."

"Mrs. Malfoy," the plump witch from before called out, "Might you know where you will be staying since Malfoy manor has been temporarily confiscated?"

For the first time that day, Mrs. Malfoy looked unsure. "I'm not sure, I will…I don't – "

"She will be staying with me of course." Harry, Ron and Hermione all shared shocked looks as they looked as they stared at Andromeda Tonks. "I have lost enough family to this war, I will not lose another."

As they turned back to Narcissia Malfoy it was to see tears once again falling freely down her face.

"The court concludes the case against Mrs. Narcissia Malfoy."

Conversation once again broke out as the aurors led Mrs. Malfoy away, Mrs. Tonks joining them as they exited the room.

Again Kingsley rapped the stone calling the court back to order. Harry had begun to stand when Kingsley's next words froze him.

"The court calls forth Mr. Draco Malfoy."

The doors opened once more as Aurors lead the Malfoy heir forward. Head bent, face hidden behind filthy blond hair, the former Slytherin took the seat his mother had just vacated. For one quick instant his silver-grey eyes darted upward before being obscured by his hair once again.

It was enough though, enough for Harry to see how absolutely terrified Draco Malfoy was.




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