Title: Payment of a Life Debt

Narrated: TorringMay

Typed by: Sorringmay

Pairing: Harry/Draco

Rating: PG13 / Teen

Disclaimer: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by JK Rowling, various publishers including but not limited to Bloomsbury Books, Scholastic Books and Raincoast Books, and Warner Bros., Inc. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.

Warning: This story contains SPOILERS from all seven books. This story also disregards everything about the DH epilogue (19 years later)

Summary: When the Ministry arrests the Malfoy's, the only way Harry can save Draco from the Ministry's attempts to make an example of the former Death-eater, is to call upon archaic laws embedded in life debts Draco owes Harry.




Chapter 7

Amber eyes look up through dusky brown bangs staring into his godfather's eyes. Harry laughed as the child's hair changed suddenly to a brilliant green color.

"He does that a lot," Andromeda said with a sad smile. "His mother use to do that as well. Any color they find intriguing." The last was said with a small shake of her head.

"I think its brilliant," Harry said as he continued to lie on his stomach watching his godson. "You're sure you don't mind leaving him here?"

"I'm sure Harry. It will actually make our shopping trip easier seeing as Cissa is shopping for Draco's birthday."

That comment had Harry looking up at her startled. "His birthday?"

"He will be eighteen this Saturday," she commented as she checked Teddy's bag yet again. "Well I think you have everything you will need. I really appreciate this Harry?"

A light blush spread over his checks. "I should be thanking you for letting me spend time with him."

Andromeda chuckled as she knelt and kissed the top of Teddy's head then patted Harry's shoulder. "I would never stop you from seeing him. I am grateful that he will have a good influence in his life."

Harry picked Teddy up keeping his head bowed to hide his blush. "I'll make sure he is taken care of," he commented as they walked Andromeda to the floo. "Bottle at eleven, nap at noon, make sure he is awake by two," Harry repeated the instructions that he had been told. "Anything else?"

"Yes," Andromeda said with a mischievous grin, "make sure you changes his nappy too when he needs it."

Harry smiled back at her nodding his head, despite the fact that he was not looking forward to doing that particular task.

Heading back to the middle of the room he set the squirming bundle down on the blanket watching as Teddy giggle while he kicked his feet. He grabbed a hold of a toy, immediately sticking it in his mouth. After gumming it for several moments the little fist slammed it against the floor laughing at the noise it made.

"You are fairly easily entertained aren't you?" Harry commented, brushing green locks out of the baby's eyes.

"No doubt a future Gryffindor with that mentality."

Harry started as he looked up at his consort. His jaw dropped, though he wasn't sure if it was from the teasing expression of the Slytherin's face or the muggle outfit he was wearing. Swallowing he snapped his mouth shut not sure how to reply since he and Malfoy had never teased each other before.

"Uh…probably his dad was a Gryffindor." Even to his own ears the comment sounded lame. "Did you sleep ok…I mean…I didn't wake you last night did I?"

"No Potter you didn't wake me," the blond said as he sat him self down on the sofa to watch his associate play with his cousin. "It's almost ironic," he said after several moments of watching the embarrassed Potter entertain the gurgling bundle.

"What is?" Harry asked looking up in confusion.

Draco sighed knowing that saying something would bring back memories he did not wish to face. "The Dark Lord asked me if I would be watching my cousin's cubs, and here I am." Harry watched as Malfoy's cheeks turned a soft pink. He wondered briefly if it was due to the confession he had just made or if Malfoy was truly that insecure about sharing things with Harry.

Harry cocked his head to the side watching the expression on Malfoy's face. There was obviously more to the story if the look on the other boy's face was any indication. "Why would he ask you that, you and Tonks never had anything to do with each other?"

"Because Potter he was trying to humiliate me…my family." There was vexation in his voice as he spoke but there was also honesty. Harry had to wonder if perhaps Charlie and Robbie's suggestion with the roses may have worked.

"Well if you are going to be helping me," Harry said with a playful smile, "Then you get to change his nappy."

"Not a chance Potter." The words were clipped but there was a tentative smile playing at the edges of the Slytherin's lips.




Draco lowered his book when he realized that there was no sound coming from the other two occupants of the room. The sight that greeted him was one that had his brows furrowing together in contemplation. Potter was laying on his back sound asleep with Teddy resting on his chest in an equally deep sleep.

He watched the slow rise and fall of the Gryffindor's chest trying to figure out what the Gryffindor had to gain from the current situation. He was in a position to take advantage of the whole wizarding world, and yet here he was watching a child.

Then there was the situation with Draco himself. No matter how the blond turned it over in his head he could not see what gain Potter had made in taking Draco as his consort. There were far too many rules placed on the Associate to make in advantageous in Draco's opinion, and yet Potter had chosen the right of claim above the others.

During one of his trips to the library Draco had come across the book that he figured Potter had used to locate his claim on the life debts. Not only had it been carelessly left on a desk, but Granger's notes had been left beside it. It had appeared that Granger had been trying to mesh several claims together obviously oblivious to the archaic magic that would prevent such changes.

After studying all the information he had at hand, the Slytherin was grateful that the self sacrificing Gryffindor had chosen that particular right. It had given all of Draco's prestige and even some of his pride back, if he ignored the fact that he was bonded to Potter. There were numerous advantaged that a sly Slytherin could make use of.

One thing that truly mystified Draco though was the restraints Potter had placed himself under, specifically the sexual ones. While the blond may have blushed a brilliant pink while he read over that section of the bonding, the fact still remained that neither of them could have sexual relations with anyone else. After reading over that section, and taking in what he knew of Potter, he pretty much resigned himself to dieing a virgin.

Absently his fingers ran over the scars on his right wrist where the Dark Lord had bled him. Virgin blood, free of the hormonal contamination, was very powerful. It was the possibility of that power that had led Lucius Malfoy to put a powerful chastity charm on his son, a charm that had kept the Slytherin from ever having any sort of sexual response.

His silver eyes traveled to the sleeping figuring wondering how Potter was taking that aspect of their contract. From his reaction their first night, the raven-haired boy was not interested in Draco. Then there was the blaring relationship he had been in with the Weasley girl, what had happened to that, had Potter grown tired of her?

Cold tendrils of fear ran down the blonde's spine at the thought that Potter might become tired of him as well. It did seem rather likely with the stipulations put on him, and if Potter did decide that he was ready to move on that meant that Draco would either end up in Azkaban after all or dead. Neither was on option that the blond preferred.

Resting his elbows on the arms of the chair, he placed his chin on his hands considering his current situation. If Potter had already dumped the little Weasley and he had liked her, then there stood an even greater chance that he would tire of Draco even faster.

No, he thought bringing his head up, he could not let that happen. While his current life was not the ideal life he had once dreamed of, it had potential, and that was not something he wanted to give up for a cell in Azkaban. A sneer graced his lips as he thought of the dreaded prison. Malfoy's did not belong in such a place.

He watched as the baby shifted, his small hand lodging itself in his mouth. Potter stirred slightly tipping his head to the side so that his glasses sat askew on his nose. Draco's eyes ran over the sleeping teen's face once more, noticing that there was no sign of the broken nose Draco had given him at the beginning of their sixth year. At the time he had been so please with himself and his moment of bravado, now though he was glad that there was no lasting evidence of his assault to remind Potter of it.

No he needed to stay in Potter's good graces. Sighing he chewed on his lower lip as Potter's hand knocked his glasses off his face. Rising quietly, Draco picked them up and folded them shut before placing them safely on the table. Now without the glasses Draco could see how straight his rival's nose was. He could also see why so many thought the boy-who-lived was so attractive.

He supposed it wasn't the worst fate, being stuck with the wizarding worlds wonder boy he thought as he sat next to Potter. There was nothing else for it; if Draco wanted to continue living some what comfortably he would need to make Potter fall in love with him.

Reaching out his hand, long slender fingers brushed dark locks away from Potter's eyes. Draco took a moment to notice how the soft locks contracted with his own pale skin. A smirk formed on his lips as his mind began to formulate plans.

"You won't know what hit you Potter," he whispered quietly brushing the back of his knuckles over Potter's cheek. Rising gracefully the blond made his way back to the library determination shining in his pale gray eyes.




Harry dropped onto the seat in the kitchen unceremoniously letting his head fall to the table with a thunk. He knew it was still the wee hours of the morning but after the latest nightmare he had no desire to stay in a dark room and try to sleep.

The first few nights after defeating Voldemort his nightmares a consisted of the memories of the war, over the last few nights though the nightmares had changed. They usually started with their capture and trip to Malfoy Manor, but from there Harry would end up locked in a small dark room with the sounds of his friends being tortured. He would frantically try to escape the confines, even going as far as clawing at the walls, but nothing did any good. Then a cold voice would speak the words of the killing curse and all would go quiet. Harry would wake at this point in the dream, drenched with sweat and shaking.

What unnerved him the most was that the last voice he would hear screaming was Malfoy's. More than once after waking Harry had to restrain him self from going into the Slytherin's room and checking to make sure he was ok.

That was another point of frustration for Harry. At first he had thought there must have been some kind of magic involved from the claim, but Hermione had quickly dissuaded him of that idea (thankfully without Ron hearing their conversation). He had then made a comment to Charlie who had simple smiled and said there was nothing wrong with him viewing his Consort in such a manner. The problem was Harry didn't know if he wanted to view Malfoy like that.

He had to admit though, Malfoy was attractive. His mind often wondered back to the morning he had gone to wake the other teen, and how beautiful he had looked that morning. Last night he had gone to sleep with the image of Malfoy's hind-side sashaying up the stairs when Andromeda had come to pick up Teddy.

Running his hands through his hair in frustration Harry gave a slight tug, wondering if the nightmares were worse than contemplating the attractiveness of Draco Malfoy. For some reason he didn't think so.

"Really Potter, your hair is messy enough as it is."

Harry jerked his head up to find Malfoy standing in the doorway smiling shyly. Added with the nervous way the blond kept shifting his weight from one foot to the other, sent Harry's mind right back to his bizarre growing fascination.

"Bad habit," Harry finally stammered out, "I didn't wake you again did I?"

"No," the other boy said as he sank into the chair across from Harry. "I have my own nightmares to blame for that."

Seeing the haunted look in the stormy gray eyes and knowing how much he him self disliked discussing his nightmares, Harry only nodded to show he understood. Again he received a small tentative smile, making him wonder if Hermione missed something. After all while else would Malfoy be acting so bloody friendly?

"Is there any tea?" Malfoy asked quietly as he glanced over at the stove.

"Not yet," Harry said pushing himself up. "I hadn't gotten around to it yet." Using the distraction of making tea, Harry tried to figure out what Malfoy was up to. The Slytherin was defiantly acting out of character. Then again, since he was a Slytherin perhaps he was just adjusting to the circumstances.

"Potter it's no wonder you were so horrid in potions."

Harry looked up sharply at Malfoy only to notice that the other was staring at the tea he still held in his hand. It occurred to him then that he had been standing there thinking instead of adding the tea to the kettle of boiling water.

"Distracted I guess," he mumbled adding the tea to the strainer.

"Of course you are," Malfoy smirked, "I'm in the room, who wouldn't be distracted."

Rolling his eyes dramatically Harry grabbed to cups aware that the smirk on his rivals face was yet again a teasing one. "You really are fond of yourself aren't you," he replied jokingly giving Malfoy a small smile in return so that he would know Harry was teasing as well.

"Who wouldn't be fond of me," Malfoy relied taking the cup Harry offered him. "I am after all stunningly handsome." Malfoy flipped his head so his blond locks caught the candle light making it glow. "Not to mention I am charming, suave and debonair."

Harry looked over the top of his cup to see the other teen's nose stuck slightly up in the air. "Hmm, and just where have you been hiding it all this time?"

Malfoy looked back at him through narrowed eyes, but Harry noticed the curve of his lips. "Probably with your wit and intellect," the Slytherin shot back though his voice held none of the heat it normally would have.

Rolling his cup in his hands Harry gave Malfoy a crooked smile, "In other words it's almost nonexistent."

Malfoy set his cup down sharply, "I will have you know that I can be…" the blond gave him a confused look cocking his head slightly. "Did you just call yourself stupid?"

Harry's bark of laughter seemed almost too loud in the quiet house. "I am well aware that I am not the smartest or most cunning of individuals, that Hermione's department."

"Granger? Cunning? Please Potter don't make me laugh."

Harry opened his mouth to defend his friend when Malfoy raised a hand to forestall him. "I'm not saying Granger is stupid Potter, I'm just saying that she is far too honest to be cunning and underhanded. Now if you had had a Slytherin with you…" Malfoy shrugged his shoulders before sipping his tea.

Harry took several minutes to contemplate the Slytherin before setting his cup down. Placing his palms flat on the table he leaned over so he was closer to his Consort. He held back a smile as Malfoy's eyes grew round as he brought his face closer to Malfoy's own.

"What Potter?" he said almost panicky.

Harry drew back to his own seat picking up his tea casually. "Just checking to make sure it was you and not some poly-juiced intruder. Though now I'm worried that someone might have cursed you into being nice."

"Potter, don't be ridicules you can't curse someone to be nice, that's absurd. Besides I'm acting completely normal." Again the pale nose was pointed into the air. Harry gave him a disbelieving look as he shook his head. "What I am acting complete normal." The comment was ruined however by the smile that had spread across the pink lips.

"Master Harry and Consort Draco should be in bed asleep." The gruff voice of the house elf startled them both.

They turned to look at the elf who was wringing his hands looking at them with both worry and disapproval.

"Sorry to wake you Kreacher, it was just a nightmare," Harry said in way of apology.

"Master Harry should not be up, he needs his sleep." Harry gave the elf a baleful look. "Consort Draco is needing his sleep too," the elf snapped when the blond began to snicker.

Quickly both teens deserted their seats and headed for the stairs.

"Potter we are going to Diagon Alley tomorrow so I can get potion ingredients."

Harry only nodded trying to keep his eyes from traveling up the long lean legs in front of him.




Stepping out of the floo Draco bit his lip to keep the scathing words from escaping. He had already screwed up once this morning with Potter making a comment about his that unruly mane of hair, and while Potter took it in stride, Draco did not want to take any chances.

Lowering his head respectfully to the raven-haired teen, Draco looked up through his lashes shyly as he slipped his hand around Potter's forearm. If Gryffindors liked to play the part of conquering hero then he could act the part of damsel in distress. He found no shame in using this to his advantage.

"Where would you like to go first?" Potter asked as he gave the many eyes in the room a dark look.

"The Apothecary first, the ingredients will be fresher." He watched as Potter wrinkled up his nose like he had smelled something bad, likely remembering the odor from his last visit.

Potter held the door open for him before leading to Diagon Alley leading the way onto the wizarding street. As they ventured into the bustling crowd, a tan hand came up to rest against the pale one that still remained holding his forearm. It was then that Draco realized he had tightened his grasp on Potter's arm. He knew he was slightly nervous about being in public, especially when he was still unaware of how people were reacting to the situation between him and Potter. Half expecting to be cursed or jinxed he stayed close to Potter hoping anyone with a mind to, might not try it for fear of hitting their savior.

The apothecary stilled smelled like rotten eggs, but with a hint of mint this morning. Upon seeing no one other than the shop keeper, Draco let his hand fall from Potter's arm before picking up a basket. Slowly he made his way through the shop picking out the ingredients he needed.

"Do you have a cauldron and scales still Potter?" he asked quietly watching the other teen out of the corner of his eye. Potter thankfully was not paying any attention to what was being put into the basket, and with the added distraction of the question, Draco felt fairly certain that he was in no danger of the extra ingredients being found out.

Potter wriggled his nose as if trying not to sneeze before nodding. "I still have my school supplies. Will those work?"

Draco nodded once placing two more items in the basket. The last item he would need would be behind the counter but it was thankfully needed for both his and Potter's potions. "They will. I will need a silver rod, bamboo spatula and a silver knife if you don't have them. Also I will need vials and stoppers to store the potion."

Potter nodded in affirmation as they made their way to the counter. After requesting his last ingredient, Draco watched Potter pay for it all without batting an eye. He was beginning to wonder if Potter had received some sort of reward money for the destruction of the Dark Lord.

Grabbing the bag Potter opened the door for him once more and quickly Draco took his secure place on the Gryffindor's arm. They strode quietly through the crowed, people openly staring, some even pointing at them, but Potter just ignored it, as if he was hoping they would go away if he did.

They reached the small stall that sold a menagerie of potion accessories. Finger several silver rods, Draco picked up one before picking out two spatulas.

"Do you have a silver knife and vials Potter?" he asked quietly, intentionally ghosting the words over Potter's ear. To his satisfaction Potter tensed and gave a small shiver.

"Umm, yeah I think…oh wait, no Hermione borrowed it."

Smiling inwardly, Draco moved away from his Associate, letting his hand glide along Potter's arm as he did. Slowly looking over the merchandise he made his way around the stall looking for the perfect knife. He was so intent on his search that he did not notice that Potter had remained rooted where he left him.

Feeling the hair on the back of his neck stand on end he stood up straight, conscious of the larger body behind him.

"You should be more careful Malfoy…"




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