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Title: A Wrinkle In Time

Author: JadeMax

Genre: Vignette

Characters: Any green eyed male and his daughter.

Summary: Daddy, where do wrinkles come from?

Notes: Written as a response from a Movie title Challenge on another site.

Wrinkle in Time


"Yes, sweetie?"

"Why does your face have lines?"

"Lines?" Green eyes danced, amused, as he settled himself on the edge of his daughter's bunk. "You mean these lines?" He smiled, tracing the laugh lines that radiated from the sides of his mouth and eyes.

She nodded, a mop of brown, curly hair bouncing with the movement. "You have lines but mommy doesn't. How come?"

He chuckled, leaning forward to tuck his daughter in. "Your mother's the cause of most of my lines."

Small green eyes, a carbon copy of his own, widened with dismay. "Mommy hurt you? That's not very nice of her."

He chuckled. "No, brat," he ruffled her hair affectionately. "Your mother has given me cause to smile, and laugh; which is where they come from. They form naturally if you smile a lot."

"But I don't want lines!"

He ruffled her hair again, gently easing her back to the pillow and tucking her covers in around her shoulders with a grin. "Well, when you're as old as I am, it's nice to have some reminders of where you've been."

His daughter's brow furrowed. "How do they remind you?"

He smoothed the skin gently, brushing her hair away from her cherubic face. "Each one is a memory. See?" He pointed to the deepest crease. "This one is when your mommy said she'd marry me. And this one," he pointed to the next one, almost as deep as the first. "Is when she told me she was going to have you."

Small hands moved up, pointing to the ones around his eyes. "What about those ones?"

"This one," he pointed to the longest one. "Was when I found out that your mother had intended to surprise me when we first got married, but managed to burn dinner."

The child's nose wrinkled. "Mommy's not a very good cook."

"She never has been." He agreed in a stage whisper. "But when it was over, we were able to laugh about it."

"So lines on your face means you have lots of good memories?"

"That's part of it." He agreed. "But you only get them when you're as old as I am; when you need reminding of all the good things that have happened to you because you can't do a lot of those things anymore."

The girl sat up and threw her arms about her father's neck for a tight hug. "When I grow up, I hope I have a face full of deep lines!"

He chuckled softly and stroked her hair, placing a gentle kiss on her forehead. "So do I, sweetie. So do I."


Author's Notes: I'd intended to do something completely different with this when I'd first seen the title I'd drawn, but then I couldn't resist and had to do something like the above because it wouldn't be expected. I was going for sweet - I hope you enjoy