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The Adventures of Littlefoot and Ali


The desert wind blew sand around the traveling migrating herd of nearly a hundred longnecks total. The leader of the herd, who was very old with age, braved through the sandstorm as she guided the herd to the next destination. Within the herd of longnecks, one of the young ones was walking right behind her mother to keep as much sand as possible out of her eyes. She grunted against the wind and spat out in disgust at any sand that got in her mouth.

She really didn't like the idea of traveling through a sandstorm. It was nothing new to her, but the storm was getting rather relentless. It was near a point where it would be foolish to continue, and the young female seemed to sense this somehow.

"Mother, could you tell the Old One to stop? I think the 'sand wind' is getting too rough!" She yelled in a pleading tone.

"I'll try, Ali!" Her mother promised to her.

The adult female walked as fast as she could to catch up with the leader. It didn't take her long to reach the Old One.

"Old One!" She yelled, getting the leader's attention. "Little Ali thinks the wind is getting too rough to continue! Perhaps we should stop!" She suggested.

The leader known to the herd as Old One started to consider her thought. She wanted her herd to make it to the next destination quickly, for they were within the area where getting attacked by sharpteeth was highly possible. Even though the sandstorm was good cover for them, it indeed seemed foolish to continue.

She nodded at the suggestion. "Listen up, everyone! We're going to stop until the storm settles! Rest until then!" She commanded.

The rest of the herd gave a silent sigh of relief and settled down to rest.

"Thank you, Old One!" Ali's mother sighed, feeling grateful.

"We can't risk losing the children. They're the future of this herd." She said as she went away to rest herself.

Ali sighed in grateful relief. While within dangerous areas, the herd would circle around the children when they rested. This was mainly for the purpose of being protected from predators. However, it also provided protection from wind and heat.

Ali looked around at the other longneck children within the protective circle. Some were younger than she was and some were older, but all were strong enough to keep up with the herd.

"Hey, Ali!" A young male voice called to her.

Ali looked in the direction of the voice and smiled when she saw her friend. "Hi, Ret!" She greeted back. "I'm glad we got to rest. I really hated getting all that sand in my mouth. Ugh!" She complained in disgust.

The leaf green-eyed male laughed at the turquoise-green eyed female. "Yeah, so did I!"

They were about to continue in their conversation when they suddenly started to feel the ground rumble beneath them. The shaking within the earth and the fear in the two longnecks started to intensify. The ground started to shake beneath them.

The entire herd was stunned by fear as the earth shook vigorously beneath them. Cracks started to appear on the ground, ripping it apart with unknown strength. The cracks came towards the herd of longnecks.

"Everyone, run!" Old One commanded.

The order knocked the herd back to their senses and they started to run, kicking up sand in their wake. Ali and Ret were in the path of the dust and it got into their eyes and mouth, causing them to cough while rubbing their eyes. Being temporarily blind, the two longnecks could not see the crack that was headed towards them.

"Ali, Ret, run!" Ali's mother called out.

However, it was too late. The ground split beneath the two. Ali's mother could only watch helplessly as her only daughter fell into the depths of the earth.

---End Prologue---

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