Title: Gateways
Author: Artemis Rain
Fandom: Spellbinder
Spoilers: Season 1
Warnings: Non-graphic slash.
Pairing: Paul/Alex
Rating: G
Word Count: 518

Summary: Things have changed for Paul and Alex since their adventure with Riana, and not in ways their families would be able to understand. Slash.

A/N: So, I guess you can add Spellbinder to my list of obscure fandoms. I have no idea how this came about. Written for the LiveJournal community Taming the Muse's prompt: Ayers Rock.


Ashka had been defeated, and Riana was safely back in her own world. For the most part, things returned to normal in Paul's area of New South Wales. Or at least they did for everyone but Paul and Alex.

Finally back to keeping regular school hours, they tried to work with Katrina to create a new Powersuit, but eventually the covert touches, glances and whispers became too difficult to hide, and they knew they had to either tell Katrina the truth, or abandon the project altogether.

The day they told her they were giving up, the day they watched her unspoken attraction to both of them shatter across her face, was the day they learned that fighting people from parallel worlds and fighting your own fears required two very different types of courage.

They told her to keep working, if she wanted to; that this way she wouldn't have to share credit. It wasn't nearly enough, and they knew it. She drifted apart from them, and they were sorry to see her go, but she hadn't, they were reasonably sure, guessed their secret.

It was so strange, that they had been together as best friends, despite their differences, for so many years without either considering the possibility of something more.

They supposed that lives which had been shaken down to their foundations could be rebuilt in many strange new ways. Suddenly, the world was full of things they wished they could have been able to see sooner.

Or maybe it was simply time.

In any case, the trip Paul's father had planned for Ayers Rock seemed infinitely more appealing once he had decided that Paul could invite Alex. Uncharacteristically, Paul offered Christine the front seat without complaint, and spent the day's drive with the length of his body pressed lightly against Alex's in the small and cramped backseat.

They watched the sun set over the rock, Paul's father and sister exclaiming breathlessly at the display of colours in the sky beyond the great and massive formation. The two boys, distracted, feigned looks of wonder, their attention on the way their hands were almost not quite touching.

When Christine complained of cold, her father took her back to the hotel, leaving Paul and Alex alone at the rock's base.

Unable to resist, they climbed swiftly and recklessly up the side, racing each other to the top, the soft sandstone providing perfect hand and footholds. Neither boy a winner, they sat together on the top of the world, fingers tracing patterns on each others' hands, watching the dazzling display of colour as the sun cast a glowing blanket over the park, and slowly pulled it back.

Though neither boy spoke, they both wondered, looking out over the land, how many other worlds existed between flashes of lightning and old steel cables, between whispered breaths and heartfelt glances.

How many doors existed beyond the scope of their eyes, just waiting for someone to come along with the right key?

And they both knew that together they had saved an entire civilization, and in the process, somehow, they had even saved themselves.