Disclaimer: It's George's Sandbox; I'm just wrecking the sandcastles.

Title: Deception

Author: JadeMax

Genre: Drama, Angst, Character Death

Timeframe: Dark Nest Trilogy AU

Summary: An unexpected secret has been revealed and Zekk must now deal with the consequences.



The Killiks are swarming over the galaxy. Commanded and controlled by Raynar Thul, they search for a place to call their own; one that is beyond War and suffering. Engaged in a bitter battle for survival against the Chiss, Jedi Knight flock to the battle field to try and advert disaster and to bring those errant Knights who have succumbed to the Killiks back.

Zekk of Ennth, Jedi Knight, has escaped both. At the behest of his friend, Jacen Solo, he traveled to Hapes to speak with Queen Mother, Tenel Ka, regarding more aid than had been given. After successful negotiations, and armed with additional ships, Zekk travels to the front lines to begin assisting the recovery of the retrieved Jedi Knights.

Time has passed and Jacen Solo has been informed of his new, secret status of Father. Determined to prevent darkness from reaching his baby daughter, Jacen sets in motion events that could lead the Galaxy and himself towards the very thing he is tying to prevent.

On Hapes, Queen Mother Tenel Ka harbors a terrible secret; one that could shift the balance between light and dark...