Thirteen Years Later


Zekk turned from the food prep unit as the exuberant ball of energy plowed into him with a hug, her red hair flying every which way. He chuckled, catching her, and ensuring she didn't knock their dinner all over the counter. "Well hello to you too, sweetie."

Allana pushed her hair from her face, looking up at him with two toned eyes caught somewhere between emerald and shadow, a wide grin on her face. "You won't believe who called me pretty today!"

Zekk arched his eyebrows. His daughter was fifteen now, a dangerous time; and one where she was starting to notice boys. "Who?"

"Ben Skywalker!" She squealed, wrapping her arms about her waist and spinning in a circle.

Zekk's face darkened. Ben and Allana had been friends for years, Ben going so far as to help with her training and pitch in to help her study. It had led to Allana having a crush on her tutor - Ben was also several years her senior. "He's a little old for you, Allana."

"I know." Her grin wasn't diminished at all despite the fact. She'd grown into a bundle of energy with no regard for discretion. She was her mother's daughter; speaking her mind and didn't care about what everyone else thought of her. It helped her in many areas, especially with her Jedi Training. Thanks to Zekk's guidance she also believed there was nothing she couldn't achieve if she worked hard enough for it. "But he's not that much older; and I won't be a kid forever!"

Zekk watched her spin excitedly around the room, a sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach and suddenly he knew what Corran had gone through.

Ben Skywalker.

Oh boy.


Notes: Don't ask me where the idea for this bunny came from; I haven't a clue. It just bit me one day - and hard at that - and begged to be written above all else. Now, maybe, I can get back to my other stories ;) And now, for those of you who are Benlana fans, you have a jumping off point in which they're not cousins :Þ laughs. Have fun!

Oh, and yes, there's an e-mail chapter, since what Zekk remembers isn't suitable for site. Remember - you have to be over 18 to get it! e-mail: if you want it :)