Standard Disclaimer: A Nasicaä of the Valley of the Wind drabble collection, based loosely from the movie by Miyazaki, which I don't own

Part I - Alive

All her life she didn't care what people thought of her.

She looked the way she wanted…


"I like your hair like this." Asbel said quietly as he laid next to Nausicaä on a grassy slope in the valley, feeling a soft orange lock of her hair.

She turned to him with a questioning look on her face. "I was just about to cut it again." She answered, a slight confused frown on her face.

"You shouldn't, it makes you look really good." He countered, a big smile on his face, trying to further convince her.

She got up, making her slightly past shoulder-length hair fall out of his fingers.

"Come on, we should try and do a little more work before the day's done." She said in a quiet voice, still not facing him as she walked off.

He sighed in defeat as he followed after her, who was already mounting her white wind plane and taking off, wanting to feel the cool wind on her burning cheeks.

I guess this length isn't so bad…she thought to herself, deciding that she would wait to cut it.


she acted the way she wanted…


Nausicaä watched the young girls play tag not far off, laughing and giggling as they ran around in circles, trying not to be caught.

She glanced down at a dosing Asbel next to her, his arms behind his head as a pillow and his chest rising and falling as he breathed deeply.

Would he think I'm childish if I go and play with them? She questioned in her mind as she looked out back to the girls, longing to join in their pointless, cute game.

"Wanna play?"

She jumped in surprise before turning to Asbel who had just woke up and was currently rubbing the sleep from his eyes. She remained silent, but turned back to look at the girls, their faint laughter was the only sound for a few seconds before...

"Tag! You're it!" Asbel exclaimed as he lightly punched her shoulder before dashing away.

Nausicaä didn't think twice before bolting after him, nearly knocking Teto off his perch on her shoulder, and joined in the playful game just between the two of them.


and she did what she wanted, by herself if need be…


"Need a hand?"

Nausicaä jerked her head up to see Asbel's face hovering on the other edge of the windmill she was trying to repair.

She hesitated before nodding her head, his eyes sparkling in happiness at the chance to give a helpful hand.

She watched as he worked on the mill, quickly fixing it and having it running better then it had in quite a while.

"There ya go." He said in confirmation as he watched the constant rhythm of the turning mill, a smirk on his face.

Nausicaä rolled her eyes, knowing his teenage ego had just boosted up even more.


...she was independent. And she always thought that that was the best choice…


"H-Hey Nausicaä." Asbel stuttered, waving his hand nervously as he walked up to her.

"Oh, hello Asbel." She answered with a smile, turning her head back to the sunset that she had been watching alone.

He stood next to her, fidgeting slightly as he kept glancing over at her illuminated face form the setting sun, her red hair looking even more vibrant and brown eyes glittering.

After a few moments of silence, Nausicaä couldn't help but notice how he was fidgeting and blushing.

She smiled before taking a step closer to him, closing the small gap between them. He looked down at her shyly when she took his hand in hers, squeezing it lightly.

At the soft contact, he gave her a big, goofy smile. She smiled lightly before turning back to the sunset, lightly leaning against him.

They stood there in a peaceful silence until all the light was gone, and then they walked, still holding hands, back into the castle.


but now she cared what he thought of her and she wasn't as stubborn to accept his help.

She was surprised when she realized she wanted his company, almost depending on him to be there every day at her side.


Nausicaä smiled as she saw Abel running towards her down the hill, waving his hand, hat flaps bouncing around his face. When he got close enough, she cut off whatever he was going to say by grabbing his hand and dragging him over to their matching gliders.

"Come on, I wanna show you something in the forest I found yesterday." She briefly explained as she got ready to mount her custom made plane.

In the air, she looked down at the forest, looked across to Asbel's smiling face, and she couldn't hold in her large smile.


And just like her on an glider, her heart flew into the sky, happy, content, and free.

A/N: When I saw the movie, I got the impression that Nasicaa was a strong, independent woman who doesn't take crap from anyone, so I don't mean to give the impression that she's a spoiled brat from this drabble, just that she's really strong minded. Anyway, hope you enjoyed reading the first one! So please review! I'd really appreciate it!